Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chapping the ass of the government monopoly of violence advocates.

By email, Kurt Hofmann has drawn my attention to these CSGV Orwellian tweets, here:

"Fox News uses insurrectionist militia leader as source in coverage defending illegal gun traffickers.

And here.

"Defending illegal gun traffickers"? Huh? I thought that was the Obama administration.

"Insurrectionist militia leader." Why thank you. Obviously I still chap the asses of these "government monopoly of violence" mokes.

Kurt, please forward the above form on reporting Internet butt hurt to CSGV.


Ashrak said...

That action shows just how flustered the bots are becoming as they finally start to realize just how damaging this is to their messiah and their "cause".

Saul's intentional disinformation intended to target the messenger is in full affect here. No doubt.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Sent them a tweet.

The "insurrectionist militia leader" sends his regards: And a BUTTHURT REPORT FORM:

The thing is, Ladd doesn't like talking to me or the rest of us "insurrectionists" on Twitter, after he managed to get himself temporarily banned, so he blocked my Twitter feed.

I'm pretty confident he'll check out Sipsey Street on his own, though, if he hasn't already.

BrianF said...

sorry, while it may be an honorable title insurrectionist doesn't really roll off the tongue like threeper does. I'll stick with that

Erkl Holder said...

Fwenz -
Hi, this is Bahney Fwank, asking - do YOU efah haff a bad case of tha chapped-ass? We haff it mowah offen here in wecent days, and thus we - youwah ewected wepwesentatives in Washington - we feel yowah pain. So I want to offah my new "Bahney Fwank Chap-Ass Stick", to soothe yowah tendeh buttocks. Available fwom my office, and covered by Obamacare. Call me today!"

Anonymous said...


My definition is a little different. I like the word 'patriot.' That's what it's called when you defend liberty, the constitution and the bill of rights.

But Marxists don't like liberty, the constitution or the bill of rights. They like power and control and deception and lies and intimidation and coercion and fear and division. Anything but a stand up fight. Because they can't win when the truth gets out. They have to kill it and replace it with their version of the truth, which is of course, always, another set of lies.