Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't be having any of that freelance gun smuggling, now can we?

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agent Francisco Javier Reyes, amateur gunrunner put out of business by the pros.

The DOJ doesn't like the competition.


Rider said...

Don't be gettin in the way of the pros boy! Or we'll lock you up!

Ashrak said...

And here we have the beginning of the new GunWalker media hyped explanation.

It was Rogue agents -
See See See See See and we are busting them See See See See See.

Hey, look over here at these memo's about the "supposed" whistleblowers! Look how dirty they are, they are REALLY the ones guilty. Yeah, that's it. Prosecute THEM!

And the underpants gnomes really think this garbage will work better than blaming the FFL's, or it was a "mistake" or "didn't know" or blah blah blah excuses.

plastic cards said...

i have see that man/