Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nations are not judged in Heaven, but on earth. Another judgment coming.

Patrice Lewis asks So you say you want a revolution?

That's why I'm still of the mind that the only solution is division. We need a Progressive States of America, or PSA, and a Constitutional States of America, or CSA. As cruel and unfair as the mechanics of separating our nation would be, what other answer is there?

So which form of government is likely to work out? Interestingly, the study of history provides abundant examples of both types of government and what the likely outcomes may be.

Examples of progressive governments include Germany, Russia, Italy, North Korea, Cuba, China and endless numbers of other countries in which people have lost their freedoms.

We need look no further than our own history to find an example of constitutional government. Riddled with mistakes as it was, our nation leaped ahead 5,000 years in terms of technology, medicine, manufacturing, standard of living and other benefits – all due to the unique freedom from governmental interference our founders laid out. "By 1976," notes author W. Cleon Skousen, "the 'noble experiment' of American independence and free-enterprise economics had produced some phenomenal results … [it] allowed science to thrive in an explosion of inventions and technical discoveries …" Communication was revolutionized, the average life span was doubled and our standard of living was exponentially enhanced.

But this isn't good enough for the progressives. They want to make over our nation in their own image. They desire power instead of freedom. They prefer to be slave masters of a bankrupt state over being part of a free society.

So let's give them what they want.

I tried posting this reaction, but I've always had trouble posting on WND.

Wishful thinking at its worst. The collectivists, being collectivists, will not give up power over ALL of us short of war. For my part, I am unwilling to cede one square inch of our nation to these tyrants without a fight. THEY are the revolutionaries, Gramscian though they may be. We simply want our liberty back under the Founders' Constitutional principles. We therefore represent Restoration, and they revolution.

There is no case in history that I know of where one country has peaceably agreed to dissolve into ideologically opposite parts. There was ALWAYS a bloody civil war. To the extent that we believe that civil war cannot happen here, decisions will be taken on both sides that make it inevitable.

Do the problems exist as you delineate them? Certainly. Can they be solved politically, without violence? Certainly not. The sooner we all embrace that unfortunate truth, the more ready we will be when it happens.

I do not wish civil war. Only an insane person would. I have done all I can to warn people of its likelihood. But know this, it IS coming, whether we like it or not.

I pray daily to God to prevent it, but I rather think this may be the punishment we deserve for turning our faces from Him.

As George Mason warned his fellow Founders when they refused to give up slavery as part of the Constitution, nations are not judged in Heaven, but on earth. He predicted that as a country we would be bloodily judged for slavery, and we were.

There's another judgment coming.

No amount of wishful thinking or facile political propositions will prevent it.

Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, AL


Tvarisch said...

History teaches that imperial nations eventually collapse, and either fragment from internal divisions, or are conquered. As collapse becomes more and more inevitable due to profligate spending and concomitant ruinous taxes, fragmentation is most certain, followed then by conquest and colonization. The nation is like a ship without mast or rudder, unable to follow any course but that which the wind and currents dictate, and we are headed into the maelstrom. We cannot hope to prevent collapse, dissolution, or civil war, only try to survive them.

Anonymous said...


I respectfully submit you pray to God that HIS will be done....not ours.

If it is His plan for a civil will come regardless of what pain it causes us.


Mt Top Patriot said...

You got that right Mike,
Like the pig, we are all committed.

I see bloody redress as not a choice but as inevitable. Not because it is desired, but the desire of a ruling class to acquire all power, wealth and liberty unto themselves.
I believe it is safe to contend those who are ruling through their system of tyranny will not willingly relinquish what they have created for themselves, and themselves only. You can call it a thousand things, but for sure this power and wealth only breeds further greed and hubris.
As the old axiom goes, what do men with power want? More power. Power corrupts, and as we are witnessing first hand, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It the same as throughout human history. No different today in America, it is just dressed up in another package through electronic media by minions of tyranny. This adventure we are on since our founding has all the same characters, suspects and saints in the constant of subjugation of humans since the beginning of time.
There is a fundamental difference that is manifold this go around with human evil, a people who not only know intellectually, but have lived first hand the beauty of Liberty, and the liberating benefits of self determination and prosperity by the sweat of ones brow. It is all the difference. For the first time in the world the folks who will stand their ground, who are going to fight like a cornered lion, know exactly what is at stake because it is something that solely and completely belongs to them, it is unalienable, and it is being stolen from them.
I'll tell you what, if I was to have to fight to subdue people who know exactly what they are about, what they are going to fight and die for, who have so much at stake, something so completely tangible and inherent, I'd give it a 100% chance these warriors of Liberty where going to hand me my ass.
Because you can not win against such fire in the belly, not without destroying literally everything so there was nothing left. And even then the outcome would be in doubt, because all those material things destroyed can be regained, made again, but the one thing that can not be destroyed without destroying every heart that holds it dear, is Liberty. These are folks who will never give in, never surrender, and will not take quarter nor give it. There is everything to win. Loosing is not an option.
It is simple really, it is Liberty, or it is none.

Miles said...


Mrs Lewis posted a link to that article on her blog

Commentary is posted there too. If you have problems posting on WND, try there!

Dennis308 said...

Is there any choice for people that desire freedom before even life except to resist.

The time for real conflict or Submission to the Collective Socialist Utopia is almost here. And although a War is not what I want, I will choose that war before a enslavement to their failed dream.


Rurik said...

I am usually leary of invoking Lincoln, the President who began the unravelling of our federalism, but this time he is apropos. A nation cannot exist half free and half slave.
Even if we separate pseudo-amicably, that will not endure. As soon as the new borders are declared, the Internationalists among the Proggies will immediately begin a campaign of cross border subversion. Even if they do not, a continuous stream of destitute refugees bringing tales of mismanagement and oppression will eventually move us to liberate our cousins and restore our natural geographic boundaries. A problem unsolved is a problem festering.

John Wayne, featuring ReaSon said...

I think there is a need to ask "Are we perhaps overdoing the rhetoric here?" As I understand it, the SPECIFIC complaints made revolve around various limiting attempts and the Second Amendment. With those, I'm with you all the way. From a purely Constitutional perspective, I am not certain that provisions that prohibit gun sales to minors, felons, sex-offenders, etc are legit. From a pragmatic standpoint, I like that those laws do exist, but I am not sure that it was a correct Constitution call.

However, there is a great deal of broad complaint concerning the "restriction of liberty" and the like. Outside of the Second Amendment concerns, what law(s) are being referred to?