Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WND latest: Witnesses to ATF gunrunner operation to name names

'By the end of this, they'll prove that orders came from the very top'


Dave said...

Not really directly related to this post, but kind of humorous - this is the Google map image of the border between the United States of Apathy and Juarez, Mexico (one of the most violent cities in the world). Alert viewers will notice the sign that ATF missed as travelers enter Mexico...


TPaine said...

Good going, Mike! The expose' is spreading, the word is getting out, the indignation is growing. It'd be nice if Holder got his walking papers because of this, even better if Obama got dragged into it. One can only hope.

Dennis308 said...

This Scandal Goes higher up the Food Chain than Brewer or Holder in the Justice Department. A Operation THIS BIG involving a Foreign Country would have to have the OK of The State Dept and Hilary Clinton. And in order to coordinate all the LEO Agencies involved it would have to go through DHS and Napolitano. So now we have to have Brewer, Holder, Napolitano, Clinton.... Where is Obama hiding with all these big names HE Has To Be In this FIASCO.

They Dare to do this because they have NO RESPECT for YOUR RIGHTS and even less Respect for the Constitution of The Republic.

Death to TYRANTS and Their MINIONS.


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Keep swinging, Mike. Words cannot express how impressive your and David's efforts have been.

I've got much to disagree with WND on, and vehemently, but it was encouraging to see this. Of particular note was to hear the escalation in your words:

"...upon that truth, the Obama administration will fall..."

Firebrand though you are, you have not made any of your claims lightly, nor without cause. That is a big one--one that many have suspected as simply self-evident, perhaps, but a big one nonetheless.

If it comes to that, then I hope you're right.

It may not, of course. There is certainly precedent. Just last night I read these words from Solzhenitsyn:

Certain agronomists failed to put into effect the profound instructions of Lysenko-and in one such wave, in 1931, Lorkh, the so-called "king" of the potato, was sent to Kazakhstan. Others carried out the Lysenko directives too precisely and thus exposed their absurdity. (In 1934 Pskov agronomists sowed flax on the snow--exactly as Lysenko had ordered. The seeds swelled up, grew moldy, and died. The big fields lay empty for a year. Lysenko could not say that the snow was a kulak or that he himself was an ass. He accused the agronomists of being kulaks and of distorting his technology. And the agronomists went off to Siberia.) Beyond all this, in almost every Machine and Tractor Station wrecking in the repairing of tractors was discovered-and that is how the failures of the first collective farm years were explained!

As Grigg might say, roll that around in your mind for a while. (All of it. There is so much more in there than the point I'm on now!)

What Gunwalker represents, especially as it gets bigger and bigger, is just exactly the sort of creative propaganda strategy that served to morph the 1929 purge of the "kulaks" into the gigantic witch-hunt for the so-broad-as-to-be-anyone-and-that-was-the-point podkulachniks.

Interesting, isn't it, how we are taught that the Bolshies "purged the kulaks," which is evil enough on its own no matter how distasteful a real "kulak" is, but we kinda gloss over how the very word, itself, so quickly changed from its original meaning into something that could be...anyone.

And that it happened--was allowed to happen--because people were willing to toss the "unsavory" under the bus in the first place.

Liberty is either for everyone, or...we're all podkulachniks.

Please do watch six, Mike. I know you know this already, but you're swimming with some big, er, highly-self-empowered fish here.

Your work matters.

Pete said...

Whether you like WND or not, they are certainly several cuts above Media Matters (nothing is lower), and at least one cut above Faux News. To get that much coverage, and with Larry and Col. West (one of my favorite freshman congress critters) is a big f***ing deal, to quote our moronic VP. You and David may get the credit you deserve, yet. I pray that you do.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I was pleased to see WND giving you some credit for all of the leg work you have done on this matter.