Friday, July 22, 2011

Eric Holder's Curious and Unlikely Defender at Reason Magazine.

The law-breaking left-collectivist minion of the Federal Leviathan and the libertarian: Mike Riggs writes Eric Holder's only defense of the ATF's "Fast and Furious" program is that he didn't know it existed. Be sure and also read There's Still No Evidence That Eric Holder Knew About Operation Fast and Furious.


rdf67 said...

There are videos of Holder boasting about the program GunRunner and its $10,000,000 stimulus grant - turned into GunWalker - with Hillary boasting about it, Napolitano boasting about it, DepAG referring to Holder. Issa has the evidence or he would not call Holder out publicly on it. Certainly Jarrett and Emanuel part of it, too.

Remy said...

Heck, it's a two edged sword for him anyway. If he knew, he's implicated and on the hook for the operation. If he didn't know he's completely incompetent and out of touch with what his branch of the government is doing, fire him and replace him with someone that will actually do the job.

Personally I find it very unlikely he didn't know EXACTLY what was being done, since he's the type to have his fingers in everything so he can take credit when something goes right and knows who to blame if it goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak to the motivation for defending Holder, not at this point because the evidence leads nowhere but up the chain. If I were a betting man and I am, I would bet that if we were inside the circle, we'd find Obama directly involved. 100 Marxists will involuntarily jump on their swords before that would happen,

But treason, is treason and traitors can be and are both democrat and republican, it's just that the democrats seem to have the market completely saturated. The republicans sad to say, must have some of their people "owned" by the democrats.

Marxists have been using that one for quite a while and with an excellent record of success. Money and babes and plenty of recording equipment.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

"There's Still No Evidence That Eric Holder Knew About Operation Fast and Furious"

Hey, brainiac, that's why the phrasing of the accusation is "knew, or should have known". If all you can "prove" is that he didn't know, all this means is that you need to pursue the incompetence angle.

In my experience, most coverup artists are more offended at the accusation of incompetence, than malfeasance.

If anyone wants to see Holder suddenly acquire a pulse, I suggest going with "should have known" for a while.

Ashrak said...

You know it is bad for the Soetoro administration when their media lackeys are touting "oblivious" and "incompetent" as a defense.

My my, how the accurate definitions of "hope" and "change" finally start to make it into mainstream media.

As an aside - FOX news just ran a Canton Ohio video clip.