Thursday, July 28, 2011

David Codrea: Appropriations Committee calls for independent Gunwalker investigation.


The Congressional Research Service recently released another in a series of “Gun Control Legislation” reports by William J. Krouse, Specialist in Domestic Security and Crime Policy. While the entire report is an invaluable guide for understanding the scope and nature of related firearms control issues being considered by Congress, the report references a recommendation of particular interest to those following the “Project Gunwalker” (Operation Fast and Furious) story. From page 30 of the report (page 34 in the pdf file):

As called for originally by Senator Grassley, the House Appropriations Committee included report language in the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill (H.R. 2596; H. Rept. 112-169) that recommends the appointment of “an outside, independent investigator,” who would be charged with conducting “a thorough investigation of the allegations against ATF with respect to Operation Fast and Furious and policies guiding this and similar operations.” In addition, the House committee called on both DOJ and ATF to cooperate fully with related oversight investigations, whether they be conducted by congressional committees, the DOJ OIG, or an independent investigator.


Aiken Patriot said...

What does it take to get an independent investigation? The administration is going to continue stonewall and delay. There needs to be a process with supoena power and authority to cut through all the smoke. What will it take to get this???

Anonymous said...

This farce is like watching paint dry. When does Issa and Grassley get out of first gear ?