Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How many times can a breathless collectivist puke writer use "extreme," "extremist," and "radical" in one story?

Here's the latest entry from Alaska.


Anonymous said...

It's the same old broken record bullshit!!! The division in America is very clear. We cannot remain as a house divided.

Live Free or Die!!

Newark, Ohio

Defender said...

The commenters are really good at conflation as well. I learned that we militia members are all big-government Republicans; want poor people taxed, not the rich; we want to destroy the environment by (gasp!) drilling where there's oil(!); WE *love* the PATRIOT Act and the surveillance state and are, of course, neoNazis who start wars in foreign places. Dang, now I'm scared of me too. They didn't even get around to our alcoholism, gay-bashing, wife-beating and pet and elder abuse... Don't even start them on sacrificing babies in our arcane rituals at the hunting cabin.

I remember in "Monty Python's Life of Brian," someone asks about Jesus and is told that he was born in December.
"Capricorn, then."
"He is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Savior."
"That's Capricorn, is it?"


drjim said...

Gee, they even referenced one of your favorite groups, the SPLC!
Just more bird-cage liner from the MSM.

Defender said...

Liberal media shill Rachel Maddow is dredging up the Big Lie technique in talking about a supposed militia conspiracy-OKC bombing connection again, saying a Republican congressman got advance notice. The Michigan Militia explained that THEY ARE IN the CENTRAL TIME ZONE and this was reflected on their fax machine header when they sent the analysis to DC (Eastern Time Zone) 50 minutes AFTER the explosion.
But why let the truth get in the way of a good smear, especially at election time?

Anonymous said...

Don't use the term "Liberal Media" because it is in-accurate.

The main stream or Lame stream media as Palin puts it, follow the most specific rules of propaganda and indoctrination at every turn. They support protect and defend all things and all people Marxist. They attack anything good, wholesome, patriotic and perform the service of informational gatekeepers in order to limit truthful facts and information to the public and if given the power, would terminate it altogether.

They are Marxists, not liberals. This is another term they have seized and corrupted because you see, one must be a liberal if you believe in individual freedom and they do not.

Anonymous said...

It is a "goodness thing" that Norm Olson is making his mark in Alaska.

If he is on the Joe Miller security detail, the Alaska tea party candidate is in good hands. :^)


Defender said...

Republican congressional candidate in Texas says if the federal government doesn't straighten up, "alter or abolish" shouldn't be first option but should remain "on the table."