Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another country heard from. . .

Time Magazine LTE declares my "hypocrisy."

So Mike Vanderboegh is antigovernment to the point where he would kill U.S. soldiers representing our elected government, but he doesn't mind cashing government disability checks. Craig Wright declares he would fight U.S. soldiers attempting to enforce martial law, so that he himself could impose it and "rule the countryside." The hypocrisy of these two is astounding.

Ian S. Mayville, BOCA RATON, FLA., U.S.


W W Woodward said...

Out of the mouths of rats - Boca Raton.

GARAND said...


Concerned American said...

Wow, that's awesome. 100% of letters in favor of the article.

How Soviet.

PHXIIIper said...

For real Concerned...I especially enjoyed the hand wringing eunuch bedwetter from Oslo's comment.

Anonymous said...

Ian Mayville should know those disability checks are from the $%^& social security system, which Mike paid into dearly all his working life. Therefore, he is OWED that money. It is HIS money. Mike is not taking a damned thing from anyone.

drjim said...

And they conveniently forget to mention that you'll NEVER get back but a fraction of what you put into it for all the years you were working!

Anonymous said...

"Craig Wright declares he would fight U.S. soldiers attempting to enforce martial law..."

Don't declare Martial Law and we won't have to kill government gunslingers. Simple.

Really, I am almost hoping for the day when these booboisie are eating Martial Law in this country. And then hear them say, "But I never thought that could happen in America!" As they are relocated for their safety.

Hopefully these idiots will have their homes foreclosed on by "mistake" and sing a different tune.

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

Since I was unable to find a way to reply, confront or rebut, I wonder if the 'letters' of loud approval were all fabrications of the writer.

Had I been able, I would have asked for answers to two troubling questions.
One - If the disability check is an issue, then WHERE does the inbred cretin think that the 'government money' comes from? Is he unaware that the government does not have ANY money? And that the money which is spread around comes from the taxpayers, those who have spent years of their lives paying INTO such programs as disability?
This manner of negative intellectual analysis is the same kind that we se when people rejoice at getting an income tax refund... it was THEIR money to begin with, the government illegally demands a large amount of it and then throws back a scrap or two for the peons who earned it. And as expected, the peons praise the generosity of the government. MBV has paid into the programs and now he takes back. The government can NOT create wealth.

Two - the same pinhead, apparently writing under a different alias, states that he bought a gun for fear of the militias. I would ask him how many times in the last year or two has he seen police reports of murders, assaults, rapes,thefts and arrests for illegal drugs and prostitution, in which militias were involved? In the major cities in which crime is rampant, Chicago, NY and DC, how many of the crimes are charged to militias? And finally, who has committed more attacks on American citizens in the last few years - muslims, or militiamen?

who hijacked the airplanes on 9/11... militias, or muslims? If the coprophage who wrote that piece of excrement which passed for a 'letter' did not arm himself after that event, then he can save the money he would invest in defending against militias and buy his wife a burka and himself a diaper for his head.
I was expecting to see a letter from Morris 'Pervert' Dees and his little buddy, but maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

They're certainly ones to talk. I'm willing to bet they've got a whole truck load of hypocrisy.

Defender said...

They object to you getting YOUR OWN money, confiscated under threat of armed violence, BACK, if you do not show the proper respect to your self-appointed "superiors."
They don't have the wit to see that it will probably be them someday soon.
It's like the treatment of an Illinois man who was charged with a gun crime for taking his legally-owned handgun into the city to protect himself and his mother when he stayed with her. He dropped out of the lawsuit against the city because he works in the Chicago school system and has been told he will lose his job if he persists. One has NOTHING to do with the other, except that he has unpopular ideas for a slave on their plantation.
No SERFing.

Anonymous said...

On 5 October I attended a county council meeting in Pennsylvania. Once again, in violation of both state law and county law, the county legislators again, under the color of law, illegally changed the published meeting agenda. I, in accordance with PA state law objected to this illegality. What did I get for my effort to force compliance with the law ? I was removed by an armed deputy sheriff and threatened with arrest ! The county council continued with their illegally added amendment and the print and electronic media ignored this travesty.

Running for office, making "democratic" efforts to "fix" government, writing letters to the editor of one's local Pravda has become so much an effort in futility. The elected elite, royalty, continues to foster self-service while the sheeple continue to allow these people to control their lives.

Like Time and every other media entity....the government, i.e., the elected elite will always be right. The citizen, the Patriots, will always be "radical", we will always be wrong !

Time will tell....


Mark Matis said...

For Concerned American:

It's Time Magazine, fer Chrissakes! WHO do you think bothers to read them these days? Why would anyone be surprised that THEIR customers would march in lockstep with that position?

The GOOD thing is that THOSE customers are unlikely to be armed. When TSHTF, DO NOT worry about them. Take care of the bad guys with weapons first, and THEN the housecleaning can begin. The herculean task of flushing the Augean stables, as it were.

David III said...

Time still has a magazine? I can't recall seeing anyone read a time magazine in the last 5 years! Not even at the dentist's!

Anonymous said...

Bob Shultz, whose picture graces Time magazine's cover, responds.

"The information I provided to Gellman, through more than six hours of face-to-face interviews, plus e-mails and written documentation, has been twisted and wholly taken out of context, rendering it inaccurate, misleading and libelous."


Anonymous said...

Yeah but they started it!

All we wanted was to be left alone and they haven't let up since they started this.

They have a history of millions of dead bodies and ruined lives, which is why we want them to leave us alone!

They won't.

The die is cast unless they do. What would you expect to happen?

Ernest said...

This is an argument that I see time and time again. It has no end.

"If you don't like the government you're a hypocrite for ..."

And then they list anything from collecting your VA benefits all the way down to driving on Federal highways.

So what are we supposed to do? Starve ourselves out of principle while the government lapdops grow fat on money stolen from us?

It's a tactic. This ploy of theirs either undermines our support as those too stupid to realize the ploy fall away, or it inspires patriots to completely disengage from the system and further marginalize themselves economically, politically, and socially.

They have a strategy. This is part of it.

Joe said...

TIME magazine has been outlawed in my family for thirty years. What those jackals say is totally irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

"Ian Mayville should know those disability checks are from the $%^& social security system, which Mike paid into dearly all his working life."

Social Security has always been a pay-as-you-go scheme. The money taxed from workers was paid out for government uses in the same year. There is no savings now, and there never was.

"Therefore, he is OWED that money."

Owed by who?

"Mike is not taking a damned thing from anyone."

This year's government check recipients are being paid with money from this year's taxpayers.

"MBV has paid into the programs and now he takes back."

MBV paid into the programs years ago, and that money was spent on war and welfare years ago. Anything he "gets back" this year comes from taxpayers this year.

Where do you think the government is hiding this big pile of wealth which was taxed in years ago and is only now trickling out to recipients? Government runs a deficit most years. Government is broke, and it pretty much stays broke. The government unicorn does not poop money.

What you cannibals are trying to do is wage war against your children. I think you should be honest about that.

Anonymous said...

Dan III @ 5:08am:

Good to know there are others in the Commonwealth of PA who are keeping an eye on the bad people.

What county was it? Monroe Co. is totally corrupt and needs to be purged....just my observation since moving here a few years ago. Sheriff has run un-opposed in the past couple election cycles and he is a fraud. Hey but the NRA lackeys gives him high marks lol.


Anonymous said...

No reasonable American proposes throwing Grandma and Grandpa out of their SRO room with bath down the hall to save the $279 + $259 that they collectively collect from SSI and successfully exist on. These are the people who deserve and will receive support from Church charity, local Boy Scouts, VFW (Granpa served in Korea and Grandma was an Army nurse), militia charities, fraternal org's, and friends, even if they are completely lacking in private funds.

The current system of becoming "disabled" includes self-disabled individuals who have drunk and drugged themselves into uselessness, and mental situations like "stress" and "panic attacks" which can be cured by application of hunger and distracting toy removal leading to paid work.

Our current pay/benefits system taxes the working people so much that they have trouble saving the 40-60% needed to take care of themselves without central gov programs. It's not optional to pay, so it's not a "sponging" or "taking unfairly" when a legitimate need occurs. MV has the same rights as any one else to his opinion and right to project his ideas via a cheap computer and no-cost blog site.

Because I tend to agree with Mike doesn't give him any additional rights, just as if the idiots at TIME don't bother to read/understand/agree, MV loses no ability to press on. Of course, Mike's not going to convince them of anything, but he may motivate them to think a little bit for themselves, if they can pull away from the tranquilizers of tee-bee, narcotics, leftist college seminars, anti-depressants, and heavy fast food.

How do these "victims of society" manage to keep $6/pack cigarettes on their lips, medical marijuahna in the pipe, or a strong stench of State-distributed liquor on their breath?

I eat pretty well on a couple bucks a day, and somehow they can starve on $250/mo in electronic food stamps plus whatever other money they have. As my drill Sgt. repeated often, "I can fix ignorant pretty fast, but stupid we have to PT out of you".

I'm writing from the Soviet of Portland Oregon.

No one can believe how attractive pdx is to the "I Won't Work" lazy squatters/criminals/leeches who dream of becoming officially "disabled" so that they will get a tax-free check for the rest of their lives as well as a preferred status in all gov-run activities. Many of these are sturdy 20-somethings!

One of our main problems is a lack of 90 days of good hard freezing weather every year. Anyone with half a brain can keep warm in a winter in the low 40F's and a steady drizzle. North Dakota does not have a winter outdoor homeless problem for obvious reasons.


Pat H. said...

The checks Mike receives are being paid as a result of a contractual arrangement agreed to by the US government, that applies to US government retirees, military retirees, and so forth.

The contract isn't with the people of America, it is with the US government. If, for example, people stopped paying their Social Security taxes, which they should have done decades ago, the contract would still be in force, the US government would have to continue to fulfill its obligation, perhaps by selling assets, such as military hardware or parks.

Anybody need a nice F-16, used, but in fine condition?

As far as the whimpering about militias defending their intrinsic rights, well, I don't really care what the pencil necked progressive/fascists say.

We're defending them regardless.

thedweeze said...

To all the commenters:

Did none of you wonder *how* this guy got his info?

If it was mentioned in the article, I sure didn't see it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if TIME understands that by publishing those, now each of those people have at least one dossier on them?

Mike said...

One of my favorite sayings comes from pre-politiclly correct Bugs Bunny:
"What a maroon!"


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you......


Anonymous said...

WARNING website contains unauthenticated content/
(that's a new one,does it have to be approved by slpc first?)

And I looked and behold a pale horse and his name what sat on him was death,..and hell followed him(its hard for thee to kick against the pricks)

When a country allows itself to be coerced it has to suffer the

(it's nearly time to pay the piper trim thy wicks)

Anonymous said...

"We pay in, and we expect to receive back. Does it matter where the money comes from, really?"

Your government didn't plan for the baby boom to retire. If you are content to financially cannibalize your children, then I guess it doesn't matter to you. The boomers set up the present German-style government, which destroyed all normal possibility of retirement self-sufficiency for ordinary people. Now their government is declaring them useless eaters. This is karmic payback.

"Are you honestly going to turn YOUR check back in when you retire"

What check? This government is bankrupt in every way. The debt is growing exponentially. All the taxes that have been collected from me so far have been spent. The cupboard is bare. If there were a social contract, then I should be collecting damages for breach of it.

The Trainer said...

Bob Schultz' quote: "The information I provided to Gellman, through more than six hours of face-to-face interviews, plus e-mails and written documentation, has been twisted and wholly taken out of context, rendering it inaccurate, misleading and libelous."

Is EXACTLY why the media should never, ever, EVER be granted the time of day, let alone an interview by any active group. The only result is helping OPFOR learn how to kill you.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the fellows are being eloquent here.

What Time and their commenters are is Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Me, I think I'll be Pithy 8-)

Fu*k Em!

-Bubba Man (one of the Bubba's of the Apocalypse)

Defender said...

People who don't understand the militia concept just don't understand much of anything.
Even the Liberty Counsel is slow getting in touch with the mood of America. Their latest email reports on the hearing Friday in federal court on the lawsuit to stop Obamacare. They say the government lawyers presented a poor case and it looks likely that health care reform will be overturned when it goes to the Supreme Court.
We going to sign up and pay up until five of nine robed statists say we don't have to? The law IS the law.
No. When the law violates the Constitution, it's just someone's OPINION.

Anonymous said...

Take the government "money" - all you can get. Bleed the beast - it hastens the day of the collapse of the Empire.

Anonymous said...

"The boomers set up the present German-style government..."
No they didn't. This present gov't style was set up during the time of the parents of boomers.
Keep posting tho', no sense in letting facts get in the way.

Dakota said...

Who the hell is Craig Wright? Dumb asses and fools .... it will never matter to these people what the circumstances are .... it will only be if it follows the "party template of the state".

I don't give a shit about this asshole and what his fantasies contain as he squeezes his puny dick, while chanting his loyalties to a group of traitorous swine.

Anonymous said...

enough said

Anonymous said...

Actually there was a "trust fund" Of a sort to cover SS up until 1964(?). That is kLBJ and his F*****G demos decided to steal the money there in order to fund their
"great society" vote buying scheme while funding the war in Viet Nam.
They just wrote and passed a law that took money collected under SS was and just dumped directly into the general tax fund.

Then just recently a wonderful judge declared that because that was what was being done with the money, your SS "contribution"(and that of your employer) was just ordinary tax revenue and the payer was NOT entitled to any sort of claim on it.

Which means that the socialists can just declare that the government is going to stop writing those SS checks tomorrow and that is that.

Defender said...

A Democrat candidate -- sorry, don't remember who or where -- accuses his opponent of being a hypocrite for urging smaller government while at the same time having accepting federal paychecks for decades.
The object of his derision is no bloated-gov bureaucrat; he SERVED IN THE MILITARY FOR 24 YEARS.

Vendee said...

It's not his money. "His money" was robbed from him and spent years ago.

Anonymous said...

""The boomers set up the present German-style government..." No they didn't. This present gov't style was set up during the time of the parents of boomers."

Thank you for catching my error. You're right, fascism was too good for Hitler to keep for himself, so the Statist Generation brought it back to America.

Actually there was a "trust fund" Of a sort to cover SS up until 1964(?).

I believe there is still a SS trust fund today, it contains promises from government to pay back the money government borrowed from the SS program and spent. Which is a fake, because SS payouts still ultimately come from this year's tax collection and this year's Treasury bond sales, no matter how the government redistributes money inside itself. The very earliest SS recipients got back far more than they had put in. SS was always a welfare system of redistribution, but in the beginning they were more honest about making the math work.

Mahatmaganja said...

I love the cheap shot about Mike V. taking disability checks.

I bet nobody at Time would raise an eyebrow about someone on SSI saying good things about the government.

Of course, a cynic such as myself might claim that said person had a conflict of interest; giving a positive review of a government from whom he receives cash benefits.