Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Yes, you must worship me."

Barack Obama in less contentious days. (Photo forwarded by Stan.)


Sean said...

Commandment #1. I don't recall Obongo saying it. Yet. III.

Yank said...

I know it isnt but..

this looks like a scene out of some WWll Nazi occupation movie from 1940.
I assumed at first that someone had expertly superimposed his image.. then I realized it was probably some ChiTown "Church of the House Pimp" Congregation.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a scene from the Kenyan in Chief's university tour touting shills that still support him.

Funny (strange), he won't play venues where adults typically frequent.

Legal Alien said...

Yank . .. that is an unretouched photo taken the day of his 'crowning'.

He was waiting in the hallway before walking out at the Capitol for the inaugeration ceremony.

Scary to think what was going on in his mind at that time - Body language says a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Hoo Boy, you're right, Legal Alien. Body language says it all. And right there it's clear he must be thinking about feasting on baby white children, huh? Or taking your gun? Or...or...or maybe he's just saying a quiet prayer? Or maybe just trying to relax himself at a very, very emotionally powerful moment?

Nah, it must be the devouring white children, huh, Legal Alien? SCARY!!! WHOOOOO! WHOOOOO! SCARY!