Saturday, October 16, 2010

A message that Eric Holder understands perfectly well: No more free William Colbys.

William Colby when he was CIA station chief in Saigon.

"But I'm a superstitious man. And if some unlucky accident should befall him - If he should get shot in the head by a police officer, or if he should hang himself in his jail cell - or if he's struck by a bolt of lightning, them I'm going to blame some of the people in this room, and that I do not forgive." -- Don Vito Corleone to the other dons of the Five Families, The Godfather.

In a comment to a previous post on "Zorro" I indicated that there would be "No more free William Colbys" either. I see from my email that this requires some explication.

In an article on the controversy about the Waco FLIR tape and the evidence that FBI or Delta shooters were killing Davidians as they fled the fire out the back of Mt. Carmel (See Mike McNulty's two documentaries on Waco -- Waco: The Rules of Engagement and Waco: A New Revelation), Texas-based lefty journalist Dick Reavis discusses Gordon Novel and how the Davidian defense counsel received the assistance of William Colby, former director of the CIA.

Shortly after Novel claims a team sent by Colby helped him with the FLIR tape analysis, his body washed up on the banks of Maryland's Wicomico River after he had been missing for nine days. The Baltimore, MD medical examiner's office in Baltimore concluded that the seventy-six-year-old Colby had fallen out of his canoe as the result of a heart attack or stroke, suffered hypothermia, and drowned.

Colby had a summer home in Rock Point, Maryland on the banks of the Wicomico River, a tributary of the Potomac. April 27, 1996 was a cold, blustery night, an odd time for Colby, who was 76, to go canoeing for the winds were gusting up to 25 miles per hour.

Colby's canoe was spotted the next day on a sand bar -- without Colby.

A US Coast Guard investigator who searched Colby's home said that Colby had left his radio and computer on when he went canoeing, saying "There were dinner items on the table." The house was unlocked.

Colby was alone in the house that night, for his wife was visiting her mother in Texas. There are differing press accounts of what Bill Colby told his wife in a phone call earlier in the evening:

The Associated Press reported that Colby told her he didn't feel well but was going canoeing anyway--The Guardian reported that he phoned his wife to say he was going to eat dinner, take a hot shower, and hit the sack. A third newspaper account stated Colby told his wife he wasn't feeling well and yet went canoeing nonetheless, but the article didn't state whether or not Colby conveyed to wife that he was going canoeing.

The day Colby's canoe was found Coast Guard crews started to search the Wicomico for his body. The Coast Guard ultimately scoured the river for eight days with divers, sonar equipment, and drag-lines, and dogs rummaged the river's banks--Colby's body was never recovered. Then on May 6, Colby's body washed ashore close to where his canoe had originally been spotted--it's odd that Colby's body materialized so close to the canoe even though the Coast Guard had scoured the vicinity with divers, sonar, and drag lines.

The Associated Press reported that Colby's body was clad in khaki pants, a blue and white shirt, and a red windbreaker, but he wasn't wearing shoes. So if the Associated Press' account of Colby's canoeing apparel was accurate, and the Maryland medical examiner's account was accurate, Colby went canoeing on a cold, blustery night without shoes--it was cold enough for him to wear a windbreaker and yet he opted not to wear shoes.

Missing from the account was his life jacket. He wasn't wearing one, despite the fact that his wife insisted that he never went out on the water without one, the result of his experiences in the OSS during World War II.

Now Gordon Novel is not the most veracious of witnesses. Yet Mike McNulty verified that Novel did have help of some kind with the FLIR analysis, and it is certain (I have been told by someone who is familiar with both the men and the case) that Gordon Novel and the CIA of the William Colby era were, as he claimed, "a mutual admiration society."

Certainly Novel had acted as a cut-out in the CIA's secret war with the FBI for years, and he both despised and was despised in turn by agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

I have personally confirmed that Colby and Novel knew each other. Certainly Bill Colby had been involved in a lot of controversies -- both seen and unseen -- over his career and thus had made a lot of enemies. So if he was killed -- as seems likely to me -- then the list of suspects is a long one.

But his list of friends was long as well, and it happens that I have known a couple of them over the years and neither of them believed that Bill Colby died in a canoe accident.

But even if the list of enemies is long, and you're working your search for suspects backward from the date of Colby's death, the first thing you notice is that last people that Bill Colby both pissed off and frightened -- a bad combination -- were the Clintonistas responsible for the Waco massacre and its cover-up.

I do know this: the man I received information about Andreas Carl Strassmeier from -- the Virginia driver's license and Social Security number provided him by Vincent Petruskie, a CIA employee -- the information that pulled me into the private investigation of the OKC bombing, was a friend of Bill Colby's and he was perfectly happy to embarrass the Clintonistas and the FBI through the cut-out of an Alabama militia leader.

And it wasn't just the Waco tape that placed Colby on the White House mortal enemies' list. At the time of his death, Bill Colby was still a world-traveler and consultant to many corporations. He had recently became an editor of a financial newsletter, Strategic Investment, which covered the Vince Foster "suicide" in detail.

Its editors hired three renowned handwriting experts to investigate Foster's suicide note, which hadn't been found when his briefcase was first searched, but later materialized, torn into pieces, with no fingerprints on any of the pieces. Upon comparing this document with others of Foster's writings, these experts declared it was a forgery, and a not very good one at that.

So, the Clintonistas had good reason to want him dead.

I tell you all of this to get to this point:

When we become concerned that the Clintonista cover-up artists of the 90s (one of whom is now the nation's "top cop", Eric Holder) might take retaliatory actions against the several ATF whistleblowers who are now threatening to make that agency's many scandals an item of public discussion, it is important to remind them that we are in a new day.

Just as there will be no more free Katrinas and no more free Wacos, just as there will be no more free Oklahoma Citys and no free stolen elections, there will be no more free Bill Colbys.

They understand exactly what I'm talking about, even if some of you, gentle readers, do not.

So if the Holder crowd -- the Obamanoid Clintonista Cabal -- is tempted to fall back on old habits and make the "Zorros" and the "Waldos" who threaten the exposure of their wrongdoing go away in a traffic "accident" or while canoeing they had best understand one thing up front -- There will be no more FREE William Colbys either.

Unfortunately these are the kinds of unpleasant topics which must be discussed when the "cops" are in fact criminals themselves. If the rule of law no longer protects the people, it no longer protects criminals operating under color of law either.

So, if you are an "official" scofflaw, it is still safer to mend your ways and to stick to the rule of law, even if you and your administration are both embarrassed by it. Better to be embarrassed than terminally embarrassed.



Frederick H Watkins said...

Speaking of those FLIR tapes, I ran across them on YouTube almost by accident while clicking links from one place to another. I don't remember how many separate videos there were but I watched all of them. I am convinced by what I saw that I witnessed available evidence that a mass murder had taken place. And just like the old man in the movie "The Ten Commandments" while Moses holds up his head says, "I had hoped to see our salvation before I died" I hope to see some justice in that matter and others before I go the way of all flesh. Of particular interest to me is to see justice concerning Lon Whoriuchi.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't everyone understand what these FLIR tapes actually showed? The FBI & the PTB explained everything away very clearly I thought. It was just the sunlight flashing off pieces of broken glass laying on the ground from when the FBI drove their tank over the Branck Davidian's cars! How could anyone in their right mind think that these very regularly timed flashes of light were, in fact the muzzle flashes from the firing of automatic weapons???

And if anyone honestly believes what I have just written, above, then I would very much like to talk with them regarding the sale of some swamp land ..... I mean ..... vacation property that I own in North Florida.

All the lies of the various administrations are finally catching up with the PTB. The people are finally waking up to the fact that the little boy is right and the emperor really is walking down the street stark naked!

I am presently enjoying the hell out of myself watching Barkie Obungle and his administration trying frantically to keep the whole mess afloat a while longer.

We do live in interesting times! God Bless & good luck to all ....... we're going to need it!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Colby died. I always thought that it was a strange death. It was another one that simply happened and then disappeared from the radar and the news. The time line falls right in with other happenings and I don't see a way to avoid the obvious conclusions and ramifications. The ever present WHY, of things.

You don't leave much room for sunshine mike. It's definitely starting to rain.

Anonymous said...

Threats of retaliation from folks who have not to date projected force (and thus likely cannot) do not impress the government, I fear.

Especially members of the Senior Executive Service.

It's akin to the screaming fit of a three-year old. Somewhat loud, but meaningless.

Put another way, would the disappearance of Waldo and/or Zorro warrant action contrary to the sacred "No Fort Sumters" writ?

If not, people are just pulling on themselves.

Jerry Shriver's Ghost

Anonymous said...

So if the Holder crowd -- the Obamanoid Clintonista Cabal -- is tempted to fall back on old habits and make the "Zorros" and the "Waldos" who threaten the exposure of their wrongdoing go away in a traffic "accident" or while canoeing they had best understand one thing up front -- There will be no more FREE William Colbys either.


Or else...what?

This so-called III Army won't even put stickers out, does anyone really think they will take to the streets with Arms & Go Bags because of a Colby incident?

Sure, the boards & blogs will chatter, the world will continue to spin, and those you despise will snicker...again.

Please. Save the righteous indignation and the threats. Every promise of assertive action that goes, again, unrealized, the bigger mockery is made of the Patriot cause.

Not one more inch...Ha!

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

I also remember when Bill Colby was killed. At the time, I was saddened and, for a moment, surprised. Saddened for a number of reasons but surprised that a man who had once had a reputation among his peers for being extremely perceptive and very sensitive in the execution of unorthodox operations, could be taken by the Stasi of the then-current DC regime. Yet I realize that even the best of us grow older and perhaps we are all, as humans, prone to relaxing and dropping our guard sometimes.
That does not mean, however, that those who regarded Mt. Colby, or Vince Foster, or Ron Brown, or others assassinated by the PTB, as friends or role models, will forget.
Now, I, myself, being a gentle pacifist like Gandhi, would never think of rejoicing to see harm come to anyone at all, because I would like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company. Yet I hear about people who are less enlightened and whose long memories are undimmed, and whose passion for justice lasts for a very long time. Some even keep lists, just like Santa.
I hear they are in the last stages of checking them twice.

Yank said...

There were quite a few "Strange Deaths" during the Clinton regimes rule.. what concerns me is how many " Strange Deaths" have occurred during the reign of the Obamunists and arent being reported much less investigated..
Some day Americans will finally realize we are actively engaged with domestics who are at war with us, they just havent figured out yet the extreme level its being fought. They will not go away if and when they lose and they will leave behind an infrastructure that will wreak havoc on any who oppose their agenda from within.. everyone at all levels of govt who supported this administration and their goals need to be removed from civil service permanently and all civil service unions need to be made illegal by any means necessary.

Hopefully they will before its too late.

Defender said...

That Washington madam with the list of clients whose names we recognize, with the book and movie deal and congressional testimony coming up, who impulsively "hanged herself in her aunt's toolshed"...
The other side better hope nothing happens to our outspoken.

Dutchman6 said...

It is true that the delineation of tripwires hems in the options of both sides. The anonymous critics who sneer that nothing will happen on either side as a result are already wrong.

From the start of the "No more free Wacos" letter to Holder, the man referred to in it whom some members of the ATF wanted dead at the hands of a dynamic raid is still alive. They continue to harass him in minor ways, but they have backed off the deadly threat.

If things were as you say, he would be dead by now. Such statements are usually offered by folks who otherwise risk nothing themselves, but sneer at those who do.

To quote Patton, "What did you do in the great World War II?"

But at some point, someone will have to act on the rattlesnake's rattle and bite. Wanna bet against the likelihood that it won't be those who sit on the sidelines and sneer?

That's easy money for me.


Anonymous said...

O'Ryan sends:

Additionally, the death of FLIR analyst Carlos Ghigliotti was very fortuitous to the government.

Only the Hope Diamond carries a curse equal to those FLIR tapes.

J. Travis said...

Funny, it seems not too long ago that our adversaries argued that "OUR" government was behaving in accord with the constitution, and fears of "them" coming after citizens with guns was just paranoid fantasies.....

NOW they simply assert that when "they" decide to dictate and tyrannize us at will, we have no chance, and we will be crushed without mercy.

They don't even PRETEND that government is bound by law or morality anymore.

Every day we see their real face revealed a bit more.

The end is unclear, but the near future looks grim.

Anonymous said...

for Anon 10:24,

It really won´t take much more for the STHTF. ¨bout all that holds many of us back is the no more Waco´s, Katrina´s,William Colbys, etc. If they show us that Rule of Law is finished then their ARE at least a few that will strike back. And I know of one personally.

But for you to guess who they might be is your problem they might be your neighbor, father, brother, son or sister. The D.C Sniper took how many before they where stopped.

Another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

FLIR Thermography - Infrared Cameras do not see 'glint'.

They only show changes in the 'thermal' spectrum.

Surely, the defense lawyers knew that?

Dutchman6 said...

"FLIR Thermography - Infrared Cameras do not see 'glint'. They only show changes in the 'thermal' spectrum. Surely, the defense lawyers knew that?"

The argument over the FLIR was postponed by the defense lawyers because they didn't want to raise "conspiracy" issues detrimental to their clients. As it was, the survivors were found innocent of murder by reason of self defense by the jury, but the judge came back and imposed his own vicious sentences on the ancillary charges.

The argument about the "glints" was made for the purposes of debunking McNulty's documentaries in the media. The excuse only had to be smarter than the media. No problem there.

Defender said...

Good point about the DC "snipers. I think those punks, an ex-Army guy and his young student who did the actual shooting, killed 14. They were extortionists, racists and haters who wanted to be recruited into Osama Bin Ladin's ranks. They were caught thanks to a truck driver who put two and two together while task force head Chief Moose was chasing ... um, white "militia members" in a white van.
We would not be fighting for money, or melanin, or to curry favor with a terrorist tyrant. We would be fighting, as Churchill said, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.

Reg T said...

Anon 12:46 said, "If they show us that Rule of Law is finished then their ARE at least a few that will strike back. And I know of one personally."

There are a number of us who suspect this will not happen - and we are not sneering from the sidelines, MIke - simply because the Rule of Law has been absent for some time now. We are already WROL, from long before Ruby Ridge, Waco, Colby, Foster, etc., etc. And yet, those who say they would act have not.

I wish I had the courage and will to act, but I know my limitations, and will not throw my life away until those I love are directly threatened or harmed. I truly would gladly give it if I could guarantee success in removing one of the high profile targets we might like to remove, but an old man with very limited combat skills, training and resources cannot bank on such a guarantee.

I have to agree that, while many of us might flock to a new Waco, stepping up to respond to the loss of an individual would be unlikely. There simply aren't that many people capable or willing to take those "hundred heads", especially for a stranger. Since it hasn't happened yet, I too wonder if this isn't simply empty bravado.

Anonymous said...

The DC sharpshooters were amateurs.

Note: I started to write "snipers". Which they were not, in any conceivable way.

50 well trained men in each of the 50 States split into two man teams would create extreme chaos and a lock down on government employees.

Anonymous said...

Bill Colby was well known as an expert canoeist. There exists not the remotest possibility that he capsized his craft and drowned.

He was murdered by the Dixie mafia.


Anonymous said...

The first link website has been hacked. If you go to the waco video site and click on the right side tab to buy the video, a giant blurb on viagra sales pops up. Nice psyop job by the boys in blue.


Defender said...

Baltimore Sun: "...[38-year-old 18-year police veteran] Det. Stevenson was out celebrating with a friend at about 10 p.m. Saturday ... when he became involved in an argument over a parking spot, authorities said.

"As the dispute escalated, a suspect pulled a rock or large piece of concrete from the ground and struck the officer with it," police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

Stevenson sustained head trauma and died at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center..."

A parking space.

tom said...

There might be more Bill Colbys.

Gun show this weekend there were a bunch of amped up "retired soldiers" that acted more like cops on speed. Real curious in their manner of questioning of gun show vendors. I came really close to asking a couple of the "sniper qualified" "grunts" and "airborne" who wanted to be overly friendly to our sort if they might provide a DD-214 because they seemed more like GS material than E or O material...Was interesting, less of a visible cop presence than in the past, but some hardcore not very stealthy DHS/BATFOO/Fibbie types.

Amped up and stupid too. What the hell kind of USMC soldier spent the past two years working around Randolph AFB? There ARE USMC in San Antonio, but there aren't any significant USMC facilities there...

Was interesting. People do odd things when they are scared, especially politicians and crooked LEOs, as they have a lot to lose and often aren't that bright.

My two pence on a weekend's observations of not very good spooks trying to be part of the "gun culture".

I've known snipers of military and police nature, over the course of my decades on earth. That's usually not something you blurt out and brag about in your first handful of sentences you speak to somebody you never met before.

Like they say, send the really stupid ones to be BATFE and FBI, as they fit in with the rest of the obvious stupids.

Was more entertaining than threatening, as none of us were breaking any laws, but a couple of them were breaking some sort of law related to how cartoonish a dumb gun.fibbie/DHS cop can look to people that are aware.

But in the final reckoning, they are also the sorts willing to zap you and your dogs and families. So it's humor, but it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Expert testimony concerning the FLIR tape.

Final conclusion:

Note that the gunflashes of item 12 are after fire has started to roar through the building. The FBI would seem to be either shooting Davidians as they came out, or trying keep them in the burning building.

Anonymous said...

1/7/2011 For all of you new federal readers, let this be a cautionary tale. The flow of information currently exceeds your capabilities to manufacture events.

I sort of like the internet, how 'bout you?

And I do like the "one hundred heads" concept.