Thursday, October 28, 2010

Request for We Are Everywhere sticker Avery template.

Just received an email from Spencer in New Hampshire. It says, in part:

I am a follower of your blog and I was wondering if you could email me the template for the avery labels. I know this was started last April, but better late than never I guess. I hope to put some in the area around the capital building of my state this weekend.

Somehow, I have lost this file in my database and I sure don't have time to look for it at the moment. I seem to recall that someone posted a copy publicly where anyone could download it. Can anyone who knows the address please post it here?




The Packetman said...

Just uploaded my copy to scribd -

eddymatthews said...

Mike, for some reason I can't copy and paste it here. Send me an email and I will reply with it. It is in gif.

TPaine said...

You can download it set up for WinWord and Avery 5164 labels at:

Anonymous said...

Mr V....check your e-mail. I sent you several templates about an hour ago.


Anonymous said...

I just printed it and took it to a friend who runs a print shop.