Monday, October 18, 2010

Demonic BHO?

Rush Limbaugh seems to think so.


Anonymous said...

I did not see any thing strange that a wooden stake would not solve.

Defender said...

Making Clinton AND HOWARD DEAN ("Eeeeeaaaahhh!!!") look stable by comparison.
Also Mussolini.

EJR914 said...

You don't reckon that someone inside the White House has turned on Obama and is releasing these demonic photos on purpose, do you?

After all, We Are Everywhere.

Anonymous said...

"It is strange that these pictures would be released ... it's very, very, very strange."

Playing on the religious symbolism theme, the moon (an Islamic "icon") is pictured hovering over our President--The One True Light.

POTUS/TOTL is valiantly combating the forces of fear (colonial imperialism, capitalism, Tea party revolt, militia uprising?) through the long dark night of American hegemony.

HOPE, CHANGE. Never fear True Believers, the Lightworker will arise from the ashes of electoral defeat to smite the infidels.

You have Allah's promise on this. ;^)


Radiowave said...

"Brains.........BRAINS... I NEED BRAINS.........."

Dedicated_Dad said...

Other recent stories indicate he's under a "profound depression" and taking meds to help it.

Coincidence that he looks like this? Methinks NOT!

Look, the pathological narcissist is being given his comeuppance. His adoring crowds have abandoned him, his speeches no longer work, and his campaigning for someone seems to be the magic ticket for them to LOSE.

His Highness is having a *VERY* rough year!

And - like most tyrants - he's going to make "his people" pay for it, too...


Sean said...

Not demonIC. Demon. He hath a devil. And it's name is Legion.

Dedicated_Dad said...

There's something ***VERY*** serious afoot!!

Have a look at this:

I commented on the previous thread about the "insider" spreading stories through the blogger known as "Ulsterman" - things now seem to be taking a *VERY* ominous turn!

(1) "Insiders" being fired or abandoning ship at levels not seen since Nixon
(2) Ulsterman's "revelations" of Dear Reader's deteriorating mental state
(3) Rumors that Hillary has been offered the VEEP spot
(4) Rumors of a possible invocation of the 25th Amendment's 4th section
(5) Release of photos making The Messiah look like an utter lunatic

They REALLY seem to be trying to prepare the public for Dear Reader's departure!

Of course, with over 90% of a certain demographic still 100% supportive of The Won, and said demographic having a long history of burning and looting cities when something upsets them, this has the potential to involve MUCH MUCH more than an orderly hand-off of power in Sodom-on-the-Potomac.

What's the "October Surprise"?

This scenario - and its inevitable aftermath - has the potential to fill all of the criteria!

Frankly, I believe We The People would be in **INFINITELY** more danger if this scenario were to play out.

Panderin' Joe is an utter moron. If he were to be "promoted" into the big chair, he'd literally be a human ventriloquial figure for G*d-knows-who.

With Her Filthiness in the VP spot, and likely the one with her arm up the aforementioned idiot's @$$, we'd find out quickly what things look like with a REAL tyrant in charge.

God help us -- and God Save Our Republic!!


Anonymous said...

Forgive my bluntness, but Limbaugh is a retard.

Bad pictures exist everywhere.

Limbaugh is a dead elephant cheerleader who pretty much limits his criticism of Republicans to times that aren't critical for election prospects.

When elections approach, he then drops his "principled" pretext and ramps up the "DEMON-crat" rhetoric.
This is just a more obvious example of that.


ParaPacem said...

Most of us have fwelt that the Kenyan was posessed long before any photos were released; the main speculation has been whether he was the final forerunner of the Antichrist or the one sent to prepare the way.
As far as the Repuke-icans, yes, they too are paid whores with the morals of a demented goat in rut. But compared to the dhimmicrats, thye are mere lapdogs having a bit of dyspesia.
The Repuke-icans only want to have power for the sake of growing richer, fatter and more in control of big business; the dhimmicrats want power in order to destroy the country, the capitalist free market system, the Constitution and the rights of the individual.

Looking at the photos, I expect to see the PRetenrder begin spewing gree pea soup and turning his head in 360 circles at his next town hall meeting.

Capt45 said...

Let's pretend for a moment that there is a plan afoot to relieve the watch of the one, using the 25th Amendment section 4.

Who would initiate such a thing? And when would the timing be optimum?

Cui bono?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Cui bono? ALL OF US, possibly - but I don't think that's what you mean. Quite possibly the DNC, wishing to cleanse themselves of the stench of him and redeem themselves in the eyes of We The People.

My thoughts aren't so much that it would be a "coup" - from the rumors flying it would be a case wherein the male (not "man") is truly incapable of discharging the office due to mental breakdown.

As I said, the ramifications could be truly horrible - especially in urban areas - so I doubt it's a decision that ANYONE would lightly make ...

Capt45 said...

Dedicated Dad, you're right. I wasn't clear.

While I agree that we'd all be better off if he was long gone, I get twitchy pondering the motives of anyone around him who would be willing to head him toward the door.

Would it be courage or opportunism?

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

I notice in recent pictures D'won has shown a fondness for making fists and striking boxing poses, as if he is getting ready for a fistfight.

I wonder if he's ever thrown a punch in his life.

I've no doubt he's taken a few from his spouse, Commander Worf.