Saturday, October 30, 2010

My speech at Horse Pens 40. "Deal with it."

Turn out light. Had a couple speeches and turned the rally into a teach-in so to speak. Good time had by all, I think. Here's the speech. Video later this week. Alvie D. Zane's speech better than mine.


Speech, Chandler Mountain, Alabama, 30 October 2010.

It is hard to believe, standing as we are here, in such a beautiful and historic place on such a brilliant fall afternoon, that anything could be wrong with our country.

Chandler Mountain is a rarity among geologic formations, it is a “free standing mountain.” Punched up as if by God’s fist from below, it contains some of the oldest rock in Alabama. The isolation of Chandler Mountain from the valley below has protected many endangered species that are no longer found lower down.

It is then appropriate that we meet here today, for as free-standing and free-thinking citizens who insist upon being free; who insist upon their natural, God-given and inalienable rights to life, liberty and property; who insist that rights unexercised are rights you do not have; who refuse to tolerate any longer the long train of abuses and usurpations of those rights by a government seeking to find its inner tyrant . . .

We stand here defiant to the appetites of that government -- a government that has grown so far from what the Founders intended -- a government which the Founders themselves would have long ago grown impatient with and overthrown -- we stand here defiant -- as Chandler Mountain stands defiant to the valley below -- and insist we are here, we are free, and we intend to stay that way.

And to those who do not like that. To those more servile persons who are made uncomfortable by that. To those whose appetites for our property, our liberty and our lives are thereby frustrated and curbed, we stand as citizens, arms close to hand, calmly, confidently, ready for a handshake or a fight -- to those people who complain, to those people who threaten us, we say, as they say in the hills of north Alabama, “Now ain’t that too damn bad. Deal with it.”

Deal with it.

For we are free men and women, we are at liberty -- given free will by God Himself -- and we insist upon that liberty, yes, but we are also are willing to “undertake the fatigues of supporting it” as one of the Founders put it. We are willing to accept the responsibilities and duties that go with being a citizen and are unwilling to assign them to any third party, for we know, as the Founders knew, that you cannot trust any other entity to secure your property, your liberty or your lives -- and those of your countrymen -- and you sure as HELL cannot trust any government made by man to do so.

One of the principal reasons we are in the mess we are today it that there are too few citizens and too many serfs -- people who have surrendered their inheritance for a mess of pottage, or, in modern terms, some government USDA cheese.

Americans who understand and accept that title, citizen, as you do here today, are members of an elite fraternity, perhaps the highest order of human association yet invented.

Many talk about “heroes” today, assigning the name to athletes, or someone who discovers a cure for some disease. Such people may be worthy of note, but they are NOT heroes. A hero is someone who throws himself on a grenade to save his buddy in the foxhole with him. A hero is someone who suicidal stands up in the middle of enfilade fire and takes on a bunker that is killing his fellow soldiers or Marines in order to save their lives at the expense of his. That is a hero.

That is a hero.

And yet a hero is just a citizen who has taken his duty seriously and moved with it to a higher plane.

As for myself, I am no hero. But I’d like to think that someday my tombstone might read. “Here lies Mike Vanderboegh, citizen.”

That would be sufficient. It would be the highest compliment anyone could pay me.

Of course my wife Rosey will probably have something else engraved underneath it, something like “He was not proficient in the diplomatic art.” Or maybe, if she‘s feeling less charitable, “He had a life-long tendency to piss people off.”

But I would be willing to accept that home-spun truth about me, for it beats the more likely alternative -- an unmarked ditch filled with bodies of other citizens -- with some lime thrown over us.

I am sorry my friends to speak of such things today, here in this beautiful place on this beautiful day. But the fact is that I must speak of them. Like everyone, I have hopes that the election on Tuesday may be the first step in the reversal of the long march of the collectivists to destroy the Founders Republic.

I have hopes.

We ALL have hopes.

But being an historian, I know that’s not the way to bet.

Especially given that the Democrat party seems intent on stealing an election they’re afraid of losing honestly. I won’t waste time with the headlines -- there’s a new one every day. Selwin Duke’s article on American Thinker entitled "The Democrats' Final Recourse: Massive Vote Fraud," lays out the indictment pretty clearly and observes that, first and foremost:

“If you're an average bright-eyed conservative and you really want to understand leftists, begin by viewing them as aliens. Because they really aren't like you, and the difference isn't simply ideology, either.”

He’s right.

Remember folks, I am an ex-collectivist. As a revolutionary communist in the 70s I was taught how to lie, taught in fact how to think in such a way that truth was subject to Marxist dialectic and thus any lie was in fact "objective truth."

The ends justify the means, there is no higher power which they are subject to except the dialectic, and every one else is either an “enemy of the people” or a “useful idiot.”

Believe me as an "ex-alien" escaped from the Borg, these peoples' thought processes are alien to common sense folks like y’all. I don’t include me in that category because if I had any common sense I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing --

At least that’s Rosey’s opinion.

Duke concludes:

And the truth is that in this election, as in every one, some races will be close enough so that vote fraud can be a factor. So how should we proceed once results are in? First, conservatives need an attitude adjustment: They have to understand the nature of their enemy (as outlined above) and become warriors. We mustn't for a moment entertain the notion that the best thing for the nation after a suspicious loss is to concede the race graciously. Rather, the best thing for the nation is to oust the alien vote-snatchers from power by any moral means necessary.

Second, we must recognize that razor-close races almost always go Democrat for a reason (think Al Franken in Minnesota) and view every such loss as a probable vote-fraud scenario. Then we must analyze exit polling -- which has become a very precise science -- for discrepancies between its findings and election results. And when they are found, the matter must be sifted to the very bottom.

Alien vote-snatchers are worse than murderers. They not only steal votes, but also our future; they undermine the rule of law and threaten the republic itself. In a saner time, they would probably be hanged. And if it becomes apparent that the government -- the Eric Holder DOJ, judges, and others -- has become so corrupt that it will preserve its power by negating the votes of the people, then we should consider our Founding Fathers' words: "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

First, let me repeat what Duke said above:

“(T)he best thing for the nation is to oust the alien vote-snatchers from power by any moral means necessary.”

Now, let me be a bit plainer.

We don't have the death penalty in this country for simple thievery, except in the case of federal elections. Election thievery strikes at the heart of Republic, tattered and battered old girl that she already is. Election thievery is TREASON. So yes, the penalty for simple election thievery IS the death penalty.

The fact that law isn't on the books yet does not overturn the fact that under the Law of Unintended Consequences it DOES exist and it is in full force. How do I know?

Try it and find out.

I say to all the Democrats across the country-- all the corrupt political machines who are now engaged in it, or plan to engage in it this coming week -- try it and find out.

Try it and find out.

For when federal elections are stolen -- when democracy turns to tyranny -- when the entire basis of a free society becomes a corrupt joke -- well, just remember that the citizen with a rifle can still vote.

He. Can. Still. VOTE.

And he can do it a considerable distance from the polling place.

And there are millions of such citizens.


Deal with it, you collectivist election thieves.

Deal with it.

For we are DONE backing up.


Even if we must fight.

Even if we must fight.

And I am afraid that we will be made to fight by people -- grasping, tyrannical people -- who, because they are not Americans themselves, at least not Americans the Founders would have recognized -- because they are not Americans themselves they do not understand that because we ARE Americans, because we remember who we are and where we came from, that we will fight to refuse their “humane” offer -- their “privilege” -- of becoming involuntary European Marxists. They offer, they threaten, to enslave our children and their children after them and we refuse, even though it might mean our deaths. Even though it might mean their deaths.

For would-be tyrants should always remember that if the Constitution and the rule of law no longer protects us -- the people -- then it doesn’t protect them either.

Deal with it.

Deal with it.

We refuse.

If I may paraphrase Michael Collins,

For we have a weapon more powerful than any in all the arsenals in all the world and that weapon is our refusal. Our refusal to bow to any order but our own -- any institution but our own.

We refuse to bow to their tin-pot secular gods.

We refuse to accept any more infringements on our lives, our liberty and our property.

And with our refusal must also come our insistence.

We must insist that the gradual infringements of these things tolerated by our fathers, our grandfathers, and yes, even ourselves, cease. We insist that they cease and desist. And not only do we insist that they cease, but we insist that they be rolled back to the original meaning of the Founders.

We must insist.

We must refuse.

And it is they who must deal with it.

Deal with it, Nancy Pelosi. Deal with it, Barack Obama. Deal with it, “dude.”

Deal with it GOP compromisers.

Where the Tea Party says “let us be free, please,” we say

“We are already free and you have no power over us that we do allow you to wield -- we are already free, leave us alone, or else.”

Deal with it.

So here we stand today, free citizens on our free-standing mountain in North Alabama, and we say to those who seek to take our liberty, to destroy our children‘s futures, to enslave us in some collectivist tyranny encased in a velvet nanny state
glove --

We refuse.

We insist.

Deal with it.



Scott J said...

Even with the low turnout it was beneficial to me for this reason: It got me more comfortable with more folks in the movement.

I'm not a trusting soul. I have to learn to manage that so we can all hang together.

God bless and looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...


EJR914 said...

Great speech, Mike. I wish I was there to hear it. I was at the Atlanta Rally. We didn't have any speakers, but we had a lot of passer-bys give us positive feed back. Many had questions and were really polite.

May have even changed some minds today.

We did it in a liberal area, so of course we got the finger and some rude things yelled at us, but that's to be expected in such a place of the sheeple.

Again, thank you, Mike.

Shrugger said...

Outstanding speech. Wish I had heard it live.

Defender said...

Well said.
Thanks to the elitists on both sides of the aisle, and on Wall Street and Main Street, a lot of us have a lot less to lose.

Anyone aware of this apparent Ruby Ridge copycatting in Tennessee?

Anonymous said...

I am weary but still standing with you Mike. I will stand and die if need be a free man, I would rather live but I would rather die than live as a slave. One day us who bow our knee to the Lord Jesus Christ will rest from our labors but in the mean time we who cherish the freedom that God has given us and his servants our founders fought and died for need to fight fiercely and violently, or we spit on the gift of freedom we have been given.

Your brother in arms
standing by.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

While the number of boots on the ground may have been low,the number of those who attended in spirit surely covered the mountian that day!Many from Mich. thank you for the chance to read what we missed. Shane M. Ross IIIper

eddymatthews said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Every day our numbers grow. Every day one or more people see the light and tell a friend who sees the light as well. This is one reason you're so popular! And popular as well, with those who conduct this war against our rights, Constitution and country.

Imagine the resistance they would be facing if we actually had a moment with the people of this country unimpeded by the media.... Imagine a black patriot explaining all this to the black communities around the country. Imagine a Latino doing the same...

It probably gives them nightmares. And their nightmares are just beginning. No one likes being lied to or abused and they generally have a bad reaction to the news, which is why facts and investigative truths are in short supply for the masses. The enemy hopes to keep it that way but there are leaks and pressures that they didn't count on. Their time grows short and they know it. They must move with speed to accomplish their goals and keep a lid on news and information.

It has always been the case that they will use force and they have already justified it in their own minds. That and a lot more.

Anonymous said...

I was rather hoping a video link. Alas!