Friday, October 15, 2010

In memorium SFC Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver

From Pete at WRSA comes some links recalling Studies and Observation Group SFC Jerry Shriver. (Note silenced M-3 submachine gun above.)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is talking about MAD DOG, I read an Soldier of Fortune article about this warrior years ago still have the copy too!
Any man that would come home to buy a .444 Marlin lever action rifle and carry it back to combat with him, "too shoot through improved fighting positions, ie. logs, branches etc.", is alright with me!!!

Jimmy2Times said...

Wow, an amazing story. Thanks so much, Mike, for linking to it.

It turns my stomach sick to think of all the liberals and piece of shit politicians who dishonor men like this, and their sacrifices, with every stinking breath they take.

The storm is brewing, my brothers.


Anonymous said...

We all need to be thankful that men like Shriver lived and did what they did. That there were, are and will be many more who similarly sacrifice a more comfortable life (and even life itself) for our freedom is cause for celebration, thankfulness and reverence.

That such men, with such dedication, exist and will always give their all for our liberties should make for many sleepless nights among the statists who give orders. May the Lord be merciful to them after any general gun seizure order, because I'm quite sure that men like Mad Dog Shriver won't. Nor will many more of us of lesser skill, but no less determination to pass on our liberties.

Dennis308 said...

Anon 08:29;


Defender said...

A true warrior.
I hope visitors here from .gov and .mil take note of how American service members were casually sacrificed on the gilded-desk altar of diplomacy to appease tyrants, liars and dictators. Could as easily be you. Choose your alliance wisely.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder how in the world a North Vietnamese spy was able to operate in the headquarters of an outfit like this supersecret operation. They didn't even tell each other about operations that were planned or ongoing, yet many of Amerika's elite most gifted soldiers were killed thanks to this person (male or female or what?)

Sorta the ultimate disgrace of this war where congresscritters apparently provided support to the enemies of our soldiers but not of all of our goobermnt...

Pat H. said...

I'm sorry, guys, there were thousands of guys like "mad dog" in Vietnam, all of whom sacrificed their lives for the leviathan state.

It makes me sick that they did what they did, having been lied to about the cause.

We needed "Mad Dog" doing what he did in America on University campuses nationwide. Really, did we want Francis Fox Piven, Richard Cloward, or the sexual sleaze bag Herbert Marcuse loose in America? Take a long hard look at Piven in that 1979 photo, any doubt about how she accomplished her goals?

ParaPacem said...

* Pat H - must respectfully disagree with one part of your statement, though.
There were indeed thousands and thousands of American warriors, unsung heroes in that Southeast Asian hellhole.
But there was never one quite like Jerry. Ask anyone who knew the man.

But I DO agree that someone with similar talents could have cleaned up a lot of the leftist crap that infected campuses then ( and now)... commie teachers and profs, indoctrinating students and turning out more crops of commies.

Anonymous said...

Defender writes:

"I hope visitors here from .gov and .mil take note of how American service members were casually sacrificed on the gilded-desk altar of diplomacy to appease tyrants, liars and dictators."

Here's a current news story about how one American service member was almost casually sacrified on the gilded-desk altar of diplomacy. (Courtesy of the Rebellion blog.):

"Operation Northwoods", anyone?

Anonymous said...

I also must disagree with Pat H. Yes there were indeed many unrecognized hero warriors in Vietnam but as someone else said there was no other like Jerry Shriver. Everyone I have spoken with who did serve with him is adamant about that