Monday, October 25, 2010

Janet the Second issues "warning" on "domestic terrorists" but who is it really she is talking about?

Napolitano Issues Blunt Comments on Domestic Terror Threat.

Read this:

ABC News' Jason Ryan reports:

Speaking before the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Florida today Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano provided a more stark assessment of the domestic threat to the United States and the emergence of homegrown terrorism domestically.

Although Napolitano has been discussing the issue of homegrown terrorism more frequently over the past several months her remarks today were blunt: “We’re operating under the premise that individuals prepared to carry out terrorist acts are in the country, and may carry out these acts of violence with little or no warning,” Napolitano said before the police group.

One month ago Napolitano had painted a similar picture before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee when she testified about the rise in homegrown terrorism threats. At the September 22, hearing Napolitano said, “A new and changing facet of the terrorist threat comes from home-grown terrorists. And by which I mean, U.S. persons who are radicalized here and receive terrorist training either here or elsewhere, and bring knowledge of the United States and the West to terrorist organizations. A clear trend in recent attacks has been the role of English language and online propaganda from operatives like al-Awlaki, a United States citizen, based in Yemen.”

In her speech today before the police group the DHS Secretary again stated the concern of individuals that may be radicalized and recruited to support terrorist activities or undertake attacks here in the US, but cited the concern that many of these individuals may not be known to the US Intelligence Community or law enforcement, “More and more, we’re seeing the increased role of Westerners, including U.S. citizens, engaged in terrorist training, planning, and attempted attacks …and many of these individuals are unknown to the Intelligence Community and unknown to Federal authorities. And that means traditional Intelligence Community efforts and travel analysis may not be enough to identify domestically-inspired terrorist planning and attacks.”

Napolitano cited a recent push to involve the public and raise awareness among the public to be on the lookout for suspicious activity with the, “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to have people notify law enforcement if they view something that seems suspicious. In an effort to try and get more information to state and local police officers Napolitano also said that DHS would be expanding the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting system to push new information about trends and items of interest to law enforcement agencies across the country.

They had a Homeland Security "anti-terror" drill in Memphis last week and the "bad guys" were "Sovereign Citizens" who had detonated a massive IED on the second floor of a public building. Which is just about as ridiculous a scenario as I can think of. Back in the 90s we derisively referred to such folks as "writ writers" and they couldn't organize their way out of a paper bag.

So when Janet talks about "domestic terrorists" she may be using Jihadi examples but she's thinking about "right wing extremists." You know, like you and me.


Anonymous said...

Well, it IS close to Halloween...she's just in the holiday spirit of scaring folks.

Defender said...

She's talking about those of us with that opposition-to-authority "disorder."
I heard the part about "EVERY police department needs to consider itself part of the national front line defense against terrorism," and international, feds, state and local law enforcement agencies need to share information much more easily. I nearly ran off the road.
A national police force -- in name or in practice -- is one of the last signposts. My state police are well into the "fusion center" spirit, and HAVE shared information unlawfully already. If you've ever submittted to an instant criminal record check to buy a gun, they know your name. Destroy THOSE records, are you kidding?
he fellow statist, Rep. James Moran of Virginia, said recently that "government spending is what has made America as strong as it is." Not freedom, government tax-and-spend.

Anonymous said...

The recent increase in public, or home local terrorists, might be a prelude to:

1) A false flag attack before the elections

2) A false flag attack after the elections, if the govcorp weenies find that they have lost, and need an excuse to stay in power.

Brock Townsend said...

you and me.

Yes, and I'm proud to follow in the footsteps of my "terrorist" ancestors such as my 6th great killed in the Tuscarora War while serving in the MILITIA, my 3rd great who saved the flag at Brandywine and my 2nd great KIA at Chancellorsville. Just continuing in a long line of right wing extremists........

Defender said...

An analyst says it out loud: Jihadists aren't "Muslim extremists" or "plain old Muslims;" they are considered "Allah's perfect soldiers."
But Time and Newsweek say to watch those constitutionalists...

BoazArch said...

I see Border Patrol Green and White Tahoes on traffic Patrol on I-10 hundreds of miles from the Mexico border. Are these BP NHS teams playing a zone defence on terrorism? By the time the islamist terrorist gets to Schulenberg Texas, it is a bit too late to stop them. Also, if we are admitting 80,000 islamists per year as legal immigrants, how are they vetted in advance to not be terrorist islamists (or is that just a redundant redundant term?).

Alvie D. Zane said...

You hit it from the left, and I'll hit it from the right:

[a href=""]Proposed U2 Shootdown[/a]

Pat H. said...

Janet "Bull Dyke" Napolitano is attempting to fluff her way through her job, about which she knows nothing.

No one needs to attack a government building, one only needs to know where the inhabitants of a U.S. government and their families live, to "take care of business".

The U.S. government established the ROE in 1992, women and children are legitimate targets by their own definition. After all, they gassed and burned to death over two dozen children at Waco.

John Richardson said...

The IACP is another recipient of money from the Joyce Foundation.

I guess having Obama as President of the US is safer for gun rights than if he took the job when offered to be the President of the Joyce Foundation.

Cause of Liberty said...

Hmmm... We've had three attempted jihad attacks this year, organizers biting and beating TEA partiers and throwing things at the Speaker of the House but she is worried about right-wingers. And of course Al-Awlaki has conveniently slipped beyond Uncles reach and is now making the Bin laden videos...

Real or Fake this is a prime opportunity for a strategic manuever.

It maight be prudent to make an ammo purchase this week.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that ANYONE questioning or challenging the ruling elites will be and ARE the enemy ! It's that simple. The media at all levels, print and electronic, are involved with the conspiratorial gang of people in government making villains of Patriots.

Every generation of Americans is sitting clueless to the attacks on our freedoms. Just watch the voter turnout next week. It will be insult to freedom. More sad will be the unbelievable numbers of scum incumbents who remain on 3 NOV.

Buy more silver, more ammo and start doing push-ups.


BD said...

The deployment of backscatter vans in our streets amounts to domestic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

NewSpeak is in full effect.

"Good" Mohammedians are those who follow the Koran as it tells them to read and understand it. It clearly instructs them to deceive, distract, delay, and ultimately destroy the infidel wherever in the world infidels who refuse to convert to Islam live. Infidels who are too strong to defeat may be traded with while infiltrating and demoralizing. No time limit.

"Bad" followers of Islam are the kind we seem to appreciate in the USA. They eat pork, watch porn-tv, drink alcohol, and pretend to be Americans. This is what should be known as a "sleeper cell", that can at any time get the "original message" of Islam and start behaving in the way of "Sudden Jihadi Syndrome" (we must medicalize this as a mental illness because it couldn't be inevitable, right?). So-called "moderate" followers of Islam support SJS actors passively and actively because they recognize that the actors are doing exactly what the book commands them to.

Islam and Communism are incompatible with Western Civilization. It really is that simple.

National authorities are completely cowed by CAIR and ComIntern (in the form of SPLC, et al.) into ignoring the big threat in favor of aiming at the microscopic threat of "domestic terrorist" in the form of Constitutional Militia, which is actually the last distributed defensive backstop of law & order in a post-ordered society.

Just one facet of the poly-threat battlespace.


Anonymous said...

"A national police force -- in name or in practice -- is one of the last signposts."

You already have a national police force run by the feds using local personnel. Oh and they're also attempting to federalize all statutory laws so that they have extended options in dealing with anything and anyone they want to target.

It really can't be any clearer where this is headed. Hitler and Stalin wished they had it so good. How long can it be before one of those shows up to take the Reins?

I know, freedom is communism, um, state capitalism, blah blah blah, rah rah rah, etc.

It's not like we haven't been here before in history. You're paying them to enslave you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I haven't studied Mao's Revolution as much as some, but this sounds eerily similar to how things went down in China about 40 years ago. That was a time when political rhetoric and slogans were the driving force behind the entire movement. Sound familiar?

The "grassroots socialism" of Mao's Cultural Revolution demanded "loyal citizens" (including many youth) to report that which was contrary to the policies of the government, even to the extreme of turning in one's own parents.

If all American citizens and police are being urged to report their suspicions about people who are (or may be) resisting current government and polices then I daresay we are following the example set forth by Mao.

Mao's idea was to stamp out an entire ideology so only one remained in the minds of the Chinese people. The U.S. government obviously intends to stamp out certain ideological views by persecuting certain "disagreeable" Americans.

Those not towing the party line were persecuted and/or killed under Mao's regime. Arrests and labor camps were common too. We haven't seen the ugly reality of this come to a head yet, but we have seen hints of it here and there. Be mindful of what is coming because history often repeats itself when men fail to learn lessons from it.

Bad Cyborg said...

the, “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to have people notify law enforcement if they view something that seems suspicious.

If ratting out - excuse me "reporting" - your neighborsbecomes de rigueur, can knocks on the front doeer in the middle of the night be far behind?

Don't reckon it's gonna be long now. Nope. Nope. Don't reckon it's gonna be long.

Bad Cyborg X

sofa said...

"Islam and Communism are incompatible with Western Civilization. It really is that simple."
- anon @ 7:20 am

It really is.

Defender said...

I bet the Odministration has created more of US, who will nod and wink at fellow free sovereigns rather than report them to the people with the boots on all our necks.
If I'm wrong about that, hey, I'm a low-profile solo operator. No one to report to, no one to report on me. I'm not the only one.

Gary said...

Keep conforming to the 'Gray Man' technique. Blend in, but stay armed; always.

Anonymous said...

I would be more impressed with that smarmy b***h and her thugs if they were doing something about the rampant voter fraud that has already started.
Of course since the fraud always benefits the damocraps, nothing will be done or said by her, the Lmsm, or anyone in authority.

That Tom That Bought The Books ;-) said...

Something FUN to do when you are on the "watch lists" and you KNOW IT. Book and cancel flights, alternately, to Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Pakistan, and India. Call the Libyan embassy and ask if there is any good fishing. (Kinda funny, because it's fishing in three different ways with ONE PHONE CALL).

They fook with me, I fook with them right back and they can chase their tails forever!

They signed up to chase their tails, be a shame not to give them a good run in their hamster wheels!

Fusion centers suck donkey balls, and I'm gonna keep proving it to them, unless they decide to kill me?

WarriorClass said...

Obviously she's not concerned about muslim terrorists since she keep hiring them to work for the DHS:


Mark Matis said...

For Defender at 5:33 PM:

And THAT is what scares them most. You should expect that EVERY Constitutionalist group of ANY significant size has Leviathan members who have infiltrated to incite and indict. It's somewhat difficult for them to do that with the Lone Wolf.


Mark Matis said...

For That Tom That Bought The Books ;-):

Beware! The Evil running this country has NO QUALMS about killing you OR ANYONE ELSE who irritates them. And they WILL be wearing Level IV body armor, so aim for the groin. Unless, of course, you have strategically emplaced and charged a howitzer:
I suspect one of those at close range might be able to defeat Level IV. Not that they tend to CLUSTER on a dynamic entry or anything like that, mind you...

Anonymous said...

Badly set up webpage no direct links
to each post.
I found the Sept 14th entry of some interest regarding "dynamic" entry
op-for body stacking.

Bravo Tom who reads books.

Add flights to Yemen,UAE,Dubai,Swat Valley and Chechnya!