Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Prozac Presidency? Obama reported to be suffering from "deep depression."

"Nobody worships me anymore."

Antidepressant Medications

The kind of depression that will most likely benefit from treatment with medications is more than just "the blues." It's a condition that's prolonged, lasting 2 weeks or more, and interferes with a person's ability to carry on daily tasks and to enjoy activities that previously brought pleasure.

"I can't even make the sea level fall."

The depressed person will seem sad, or "down," or may show a lack of interest in his surroundings. He may have trouble eating and lose weight (although some people eat more and gain weight when depressed). He may sleep too much or too little, have difficulty going to sleep, sleep restlessly, or awaken very early in the morning. He may speak of feeling guilty, worthless, or hopeless. He may complain that his thinking is slowed down. He may lack energy, feeling "everything's too much," or he might be agitated and jumpy.

"I just feel so insignificant. I need a hug."

A person who is depressed may cry. He may think and talk about killing himself and may even make a suicide attempt. Some people who are depressed have psychotic symptoms, such as delusions (false ideas) that are related to their depression. For instance, a psychotically depressed person might imagine that he is already dead, or "in hell," being punished.

Not everyone who is depressed has all these symptoms, but everyone who is depressed has at least some of them. A depression can range in intensity from mild to severe.

Antidepressants are used most widely for serious depressions, but they can also be helpful for some milder depressions. Antidepressants, although they are not "uppers" or stimulants, take away or reduce the symptoms of depression and help the depressed person feel the way he did before he became depressed.

Antidepressants are also used for disorders characterized principally by anxiety. They can block the symptoms of panic, including rapid heartbeat, terror, dizziness, chest pains, nausea, and breathing problems. They can also be used to treat some phobias. --

"President Obama is emotionally shutting down. He is a terribly depressed man."

Bush, thinking to himself: ("What a wimp.")


Anonymous said...

Depression can lead to greater emotional disturbance. That can lead to very dangerous things. Be ready.

Defender said...

"I'd have achieved world domination, if it hadn't been for that dog and those meddling kids!"

Yet it is THE PEOPLE who aren't thinking clearly, he says:

That's TRUE clinical sociopathy and narcissism: doing unpopular things over and over and blaming other people for not recognizing that your brilliant mandatory edicts are what's best for them.

Radiowave said...

Yes, it’s official: Obama is channeling King George 3rd.

Anonymous said...

He thinks he is depressed now.... just wait until November 3.

Mel Torme said...

At this critical juncture, we cannot have a President in this condition. I recommend our president take 10 Valium in the morning and 12 more that night (with a full glass of water and a snack). In fact, the entire administration, incl. the V-P, and at least the majority leaders of the House and Senate should do likewise. At least 5 members of the Supreme Court should follow this same protocol, and, like, stat!

Course, I'm no doctor, and I've never played one on TV. However, I do know what's good for our country, besides the consumption of more vegatables.

Dennis308 said...

So ok send hima .38 for Christmas,
But please only send him one bullet don´t want him to hurt the wife and kids.


Anonymous said...

The man who is commander of the most powerful army in history and has willing political minions at all levels of government and especially the 'unofficial' groups like SEIU is depressed?

Can anybody say...Cultural Revolution?

Pat H. said...

He has a lot of fears.

1. His birth certificate may not show he was born in Africa, it may show that the father was "unknown". The man alleged to be his father never married the mother.

2. His actual sexual orientation may become known.

3. Michele's actual gender may be discovered.

4. His daughters adoption or other origin may be discovered.

Yep, lots of fears, all contributing to his being a dangerous progressive/fascist thug may be the most dangerous for us.


Anonymous said...

When another narcissist from history desired power and attained the highest office in the land, he also realized it was not enough. He wasn't able to do what he REALLY wanted to do because of the limitations and checks on his power. Added to the fact there was no higher office to seek, this scenario was seriously depressing to the man. He then managed to become dictator and only then was he able to pursue without restraint the fullness of his true agenda.

Despite holding the highest office in the land, Obama has been restricted in what he can and cannot do. He hasn't accomplished but a fraction of his goals and now the elections are turning against him. There is no higher office to seek. This is seriously depressing for the man.

His only recourse would be to rely more on executive orders after November to accomplish his will. He is only now, in the midst of his depression, beginning to realize what he could do wielding this kind of power. His words and the mere stroke of his pen effectively changes policy and law in the blink of an eye.

This will be Obama's dictatorship, for he will effectively be circumventing the Constitution, Congress, the People, and all other checks on Presidential power. He will be without restraint. Only then will we be able to see what his true agenda really contains.

I hope you're all still preparing.

Anonymous said...

"He may speak of feeling guilty, worthless, or hopeless." Sometimes the truth just plain suxs.

Anonymous said...

Bush had the courage of his alcohol.

Anyhow, hope you are all keeping informed of the various government shenanigans. Keeping up on the MBS/Foreclosure fraud? Denninger has:

And there is Two wrongs and the Rule of Force

Right up Bastiat's ally.

Not only does Obama know he is wrong ... he knows he is fucked. By himself and those who are pulling on his strings.

All I can say folks, is when TSHTF ... do NOT show any quarter. Being nice will just make you a pushover and dead. And you MUST always be on the offensive ... albeit ... in a controlled schizophrenic way ... just to keep them off kilter. Nothing like getting yourself killed over ... predictability.

And don't get pissed over all this. When the time comes, serve your revenge cold, methodically, and with prejudice. Make it a personal interaction. If you can look them in the eyes while doing the deed ... so much the better. And smile without emotion.

Have a nice day and enjoy it. Why ... tomorrow will only be worse ... and we are not there yet.

Andy said...

I had heard two weeks ago that he was on anti-depressants and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

And yes, psychos are even more dangerous when depressed. A good enema will fix him right up. Any volunteers?

Anonymous said...

He looked a lot happier here:

Anonymous said...

There is a $0.30 self-administered solution for that type of depression. Let's hope he sees the good doctor about it.

Defender said...

Obozo shouldn't be sad. His legacy will continue thanks to Rep. Eric "PATRIOT Act" Cantor and Newton "CFR" Gingrich.

Dedicated_Dad said...

A number of the "White house insider" posts by the same writer make for **VERY** interesting reading - especially since the so-called "insider" and this blogger apparently scooped everyone else (including Drudge) by several days or weeks on a number of other recent events including rahmbo "dead-fish" decision to leave, and today's "hillary as Veep" story as well!

This "insider" has developed A LOT of credibility!


for the other entries I referenced...

Anonymous said...

If the SOB is not depressed he should be.

Anonymous said...

So, since he's been diagnosed with depression, that means he is mentally incompetent and can never be trusted to own a firearm, correct?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone imagine the turmoil that would result if he were to be the first president to leave office by suicide?

Yeah, many would rejoice but think about what the other players on the world stage would be doing.

If this article has any credibility the implications could be extremely dangerous.


Maccabee09 said...

There is nothing more dangerous than a depressed Megalomaniac Narcissist.

Pat H. said...

I received a forwarded mass mailing this morning that indicated Amendment XXV, section 4 was going to be exercised during the lame duck session of congress so that the Dems can control who gets to be Vice President and so forth.

Of course, that's very unlikely.

As a state secession advocate, removing Obama is the last thing I want to see. He is and has been our best weapon to see that the US government dismembers itself.

Obama has not done anything that at least four previous presidents have done. Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton, and both Bush's have been JUST AS BAD.

As the Declaration of Independence states, we have the right to alter or abolish a government when it becomes dangerous to our lives and liberty. The best method for that is for the government to do the bulk of the abolishing work to itself.

Bad Cyborg said...




I call bullshit. Don't know who this "Ulsterman" character is but I strongly doubt what he writes should properly be characterized as news. Satire is more like it. Here is a list of his posts:

To my ears all this sounds too good to be true. Don't misunderstand. I would LOVE for it to be true. But my bullshit detector started up shortly after Istarted reading the piece and had damned near self-destructed by the time I finished.

Personally, I figure I have a greater likelihood of scoring a couple of $million helping one of those nice African folks retrieve their frozen funds than of finding out that BHO truly is clinically depressed.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...


This Marxist has gotten everything he wants and won't have to worry about any repeals unless the Republicans can muster override majorities, and he knows it.

Meanwhile the Propaganda arm of the Marxists, the legacy media, will be spinning and tossing news and information to ensure that Marxist gains lose no ground.

You see they understand that the average American can't devote their day researching and vetting everything that is said and done. And the "news" and "entertainment" media are on "their" side, so the Marxists always win! Neat ain't it?

Tell lies long enough and loud enough and it eventually they becomes the truth. They know that they are lying. It's done to keep the lid on and achieve political results favoring Marxist power and control.

It isn't a conspiracy theory anymore.

Oldfart said...

Anonymous at 3:51 is worried that Zero might "off" himself and bring on some sort of mass reaction such as riots.

I think we should be prepared for riots in any case. If he should be assassinated we would have riots. If he's voted out of office we would have riots. If he falls down a flight of stairs in a drunken stupor and breaks his neck we'd have riots. When we voted him into office we effectively laid the groundwork for riots.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the results, I'd still like him to commit suicide.

How do we ensure he doesn't get input into NICS? Wouldn't want to put any barriers in his way.

The only good communists are dead ones.

Johnny said...

Perhaps some thoughtful world leader will present him with a nicely engraved, boxed revolver and ammunition set as a token of the whatever it is he's held in...

David Codrea said...

Perhaps some enterprising Secret Service agent will figure there's an up side to releasing a tell-all...

Bob@thenest said...

Maybe he'll choose the ultimate escape.

Oh, crap. That means Biden would...

Anonymous said...

The marxist sodomite druggie muslim allegianced foreign born usurper-in-thief has always had MAJOR issues, but sparkling coverage from the lame stream liberal media to do his bidding and his foreign and domestic puppet masters pulling strings have kept his true identity in the shadows.

Do people grasp there is still no legal record that his real name is Barack H. Obama?

We've never seen proof of a legal name change. His name is Barry Soetoro. All his records are hidden, and to this day, lead investigators still don't know his legal parents or where he was as a baby the first few years after being born in Coast Province, Mombasa, Zanzibar (modern day Kenya).

Why did Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal finance the then unknown Barry's education, admission, and appointment to Law Review at Harvard 1988-1991?

We still don't know where he was during the Columbia College years in the early 80's. He may have studied abroad, correspondence course in a foreign country. Which could also be the Commie Soviet Union. The KGB loved indoctrinating third world rising stars to foster revolution. Just look at Barry's pal, "cousin" and current Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga (Barry campaigned for Odinga as Senator [violating the Logan Act] and just sent millions for the Kenyan Constitution), who was trained by the Stasi at a "university" in Bonn, East Germany.

EJR914 said...

I'm calling BULL on this one, too!

Very good satire.

CowboyDan said...

"take 10 Valium in the morning and 12 more that night (with a full glass of water and a snack)"

Water? Wouldn't vodka be a better choice?

Robert The Shrubber said...

@ anon, October 18th 6:27

Since when was Bonn in East Germany?

it was the seat of the West German administration during partition.

Nice conspiracy theory list, but there is plenty of verifiable bad to mull over without the unverifiable and not fact checked stuff