Saturday, October 30, 2010

"The Ruckus" and endeavoring to persevere.


Much has been discussed at WRSA and The Cliffs of Insanity recently about one Mr. Kerodin and his plan here and here, to confront LEOs in their police stations by marching with rifles slung within 72 hours of "SHTF," as he puts it. Mr. Kerodin believes that such a tactic could accomplish restoration of the Republic without violence.

Uh, huh.

Just exactly how Mr. Kerodin would accomplish this coordinated coup de main in the streets all across the vast nation is a bit hazy, given that it has proven difficult to motivate individuals to do much lesser actions such as put up stickers, deface socialist propaganda signs and break windows, a tactic which Mr. Kerodin merely notes with a polite sneer.

Mr. Kerodin's opinion of me, from the right side of his blog:

Get your head on straight, Patriot! Following the counsel of idiots and hollow heroes regarding SHTF circumstances will get you dead...and if you can't tell the difference between serious men and hot-air machines, you're already half way to a mass grave. Growling on blogs about how you will not yield one more inch, or one more of your gun rights, then letting LEO have your pistol during a traffic stop makes you a pathetic joke, not a Leader worthy of serious consideration. Hyperbolic proclamations about what you will do to any Alphabet Agency team making a dynamic entry to your home is hardly helpful to the Patriot cause.

Man up and think for yourself, or you are wasting perfectly good air, and feeding those who depend on your intellect and common sense false hope.

Oh, my, now I am an oxygen thief. No doubt "Little Jimmy" Vann and Rachel Madcow would concur, so this, my latest critic, is in good company.

What can one reply to such force of logic? No doubt it comes from Mr. Kerodin's long experience in leading men and women in the real world in what he calls "the Patriot cause." (Although in my ignorance I must confess I had never heard of him prior to this.)

Mr. Kerodin, it seems, would like my job. Shall I let him have it? Because right now, just right now at two-thirty in the morning trying to finish my speech for the rally, I am bone-weary of all of this shit. Bone. Weary.

But, no, I rather think that I, the "idiot," the "hollow hero," and the "hot-air machine," shall just keep on keeping on, as "pathetic" as that seems to Mr. Kerodin. I shall, in the words of Chief Dan George in The Outlaw Josie Wales, "endeavor to persevere."




Anonymous said...

Hell Mike, I don't blame you for wondering if you should just quit. This seems to be yet another new genius who has "the way" all figured out and many of our breatheren are certainly excited about the newest version of the ghost dance.
Surely there is some merit in what he proposes. So lets see the plan to accomplish this.
I get so god damned tired of these folks cropping up throwing out thier version of the gospel. Insulting everyone who has been doing this for decades and then they loose interest and go back to fantasy golf or what ever, and we ae left to reassemble the debris and destruction that theyu brought and the fickle among us embraced for that brief moment.
I don't knwo who this fellow is but he probrably has no idea of your history as a patriot leader. I'm pretty sure he wasn't at any of the nose to nose encounters with the Feds back in the '90's. Can't remember him on the Border operations either. Was he part of the covert war on the Nazi's in Corona...Nah don't remeber him being there either But hell he would have done it better than us anyway.
Does anyone know who this genius is? Any one done one days training with him? Anyone been helped tactically or materially by him? Has he stood out in the public as a defender of the constitution anywhere where we might gaze upon his superior visage? Will I see on his face and body the scars of battle? For mighty does he roar, therefor he must be a fearsome warrior of some renown. You are blessed Mike that after nearly twenty years of running units( who conducted REAL Missions) in defence of truth justice and the American way, keeping a sane and mature voice operating in what often has been the hysterical ravings of the chronically terrified among us, coordinating national efforts, banging the heck out of Morris Dees and becoming a real pain in the ass to the Bat fags, you at last have a real expert with vast amounts of real world experience to guide your poor misguided self.
Same ol same ol Mike. Guarantee you ,had you committed suicide by cop as his post suggest you should of he would be writing a opinion about how big a dumb ass you were for throwing it all away of an insignifigant traffic problem (and he'd be right.) Over the years one thing has become very clear to me.
The most vicious attacks I have had to endure have come from those who claim to be on my side.
The piece this individual wrote was an interesting read. There was a little merit in his ideas. But this attack on you, for my money negates all. This unprovoked slander against a man who has put it all on the line time and again, paying a terrible price both personally and proffesionaly over such a long period smacks of a bad heart and something unwholesome in his motivations.
Hot air??? Growling?? This is how a movement defines its beliefs , its aspirations , its limits and its direction and a mature Patriot would understand that.
It is curious that this martial genius has co-opted your logos, your slogans and your philosophy of the three percent but now feels compelled to denigrate you.
Hell Mike go ahead and quit. You have done your and ten mores share in this fight. While you have stood, for years I might point out, every two by twice newcomer that can find a keyboard feels comfortable in attacking you in the most vile of ways. You would be completely justified in telling this whole manic, often foolish, easily mislead and ungrateful movement to shove it up thier collective asses.
But...Please don't... cause when the four flushers fade as they always do the need for the philosophy, the history the perspective and context will remain.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Where was the attack? I didn't see one. Did I miss your name somewhere? I did see an article that I thought was excellent and right on target. You guys paranoid or what? Are you the only ones allowed to have a strong opinion on important issues? That guy's article was the only one I thought worthy enough to pass on in six months.

"marching with rifles"? Again you get caught lying about someone YOU decide to label as your opposition. Last time was some guy with a horridly tacky patriot website. Just who do you think you are, Mike? You give yourself much more importance than the rest of American patriots do.

I've always encouraged you in the past to persevere when you contemplated quitting. If criticism, perceived or otherwise is all it takes to send you packing, maybe you ought to go. America has enough enemies and the job ahead is difficult enough without the constant divisions you make lately.

What is really the problem? The bellowing against Western Rifle Association, the unprovoked and rabid attack against Patriot Resistance and now this. Why? And to what end? This isn't the Mike I've known these past years. Have you lost your way? Or is it the youtube company you keep?

Radiowave said...

I read Kerodin. Wow, where to begin? There are so many holes in his story line; we need to be grounded in the basics in order to perceive the quality of error.

From Kerodin’s site:
“This is no place for a 15 round brawl. Restoration must be a precise and lightning-fast course correction”.
I strongly suggest Kerodin read and re-read “The evolution of a revolt” by T.E. Lawrence.

Again, from Kerodin:
“Obviously, there are many variables that will help to form the actual parameters of any restoration conflict. Who shoots first? Is it a Government move against the public? Is it an economic collapse that triggers hungry crowds to action? Is it a Citizen who refuses to let a Sheriff evict the family as part of the Foreclosure Fraud? Any of these scenarios will bring to life a different opening chapter to the conflict”.

These and many other variables are going to define a whole lot more than the beginning…. They will also define the substance of continuing resistance in a society not so neatly divided into CW2 cube style pockets. All of Kerodin’s first shots occur in a fictional social vacuum. That alone renders Kerodins narrative themes useless. The remainder which has value could have been certainly posted somewhere else, in the form of observations or even questions.
Social motivation to revolt or resist is not necessarily the same thing as political motivation, and one may not be happy with the others solution as one group decides to act. Example: Yasser Arafat once rounded up a bunch of young men in a village that did not produce enough PLO volunteers and cut their right arms off, leaving them hanging from the buildings ceiling. He then took the remaining young men into the building for a recruitment pitch and pep talk. After that, he did not lack for volunteers, although I’m certain the new left handers were ideologically in line with the PLO, pre-“dis arm”-ament.

“Concerned American pointed out the obvious truth that the Political Class is simply not impressed with the Patriot Community as a serious threat”.

CA makes good points in the post so linked, but I believe he was making as much a statement regarding authentic preparedness as he was about the impression or perception of preparedness. Kerodin on the other hand, seems focused on making believers out of the bad guys.
In any case, the elites never have been impressed with the Three Percent, not from Rev1 to this day. That’s why they are of course, elite.

One popular loyalist song went like this:
“With loud peels of laughter, you sides, sirs, would crack,
To see General Convict and Colonel Shoe-Black,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.
See cobblers and quacks, rebel priests and the like,
Pettifoggers and barbers, with sword and with pike,
All strutting the standard of Satan beside,
And honest names using, their black deeds to hide,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns”.

The culture of the elites has always been apt to spawn and maintain the myth of an ineffectual foe.
So no, they have never been impressed. And it is our job to not be insulted. Rather it is an honor to be counted among “General Convict and Colonial Shoe-Black”. Being taken “seriously” is no pre-requisite to victory, and the disbelief of the enemy may end up more a gift than bane.

Anonymous said...

Well he does have a plan,instead of taking this seriously as and affront,why not counter it with your plan.We are going to need leaders on the same page,with common cause.If words are going to be so hurt full,imagine what a bullet will be like.I'm not being critical of you,I think you are very good at what you do.

Oldfart said...

I once knew a very fine lady who taught me (the hard way) one of life's basic truths: "The only people who can hurt you are those you love."

As I said on another blog, his ideas are good, I just don't see how they can be implemented.

Hang in there Mike. I don't agree with everything you say either but you make a lot more sense than he does.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:57: Just an FYI in case you don't know: Mike had a traffic stop not too long ago which landed him in jail because of a handgun. Obviously, Mike has reason to take those words personally because they appear to be written especially for him.

Here's an interesting link about this guy from 2003:

Anonymous said...

In follow-up to the link I provided earlier, it appears he entered a guilty plea in that extortion scheme:

Here is his sentencing:

Some suspected he was trying to cash in during the post-9/11 fears. That doesn't sound like a Threeper to me, but have to admit some of his articles offer some very good points.

Now that we know about this man we have reason to wonder if he's just selling something or if his heart is really in the right place.

I would hope henceforth, if he continues to offer admittedly good points to ponder, that he will do so while keeping his ego in check and his criticisms of others to an all-time low.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, every man should go armed. And frankly, every man should shoot anyone who tries to disarm him for nothing more than being armed. But ... if the vast majority of ... men ... will not go armed, to what end would it prevail for our cause if just one man is willing to go armed and shoot those who try to disarm him, for nothing more than being armed?

The problem is not the concept. The problem is the "men" in this country.

And who would come to that one mans aid who willed his right to be armed and who defended his right to be armed? No one.

Again, the concept is not false. The concept has been lost in the "men".

Anonymous said...

I read "The ruckus" and was mostly wondering how Day2 would turn out.

Here's my scenario: Police and Fed's (Police turned Fed's?) hesitate to do more than hold their positions but won't go home, even when outnumbered 10:1 by Americans. They have uniforms, pay and pensions to defend, after all, and they have Police Stations which are in many cases fortified. The Cop/Fed's also have excellent comm and pretty good organization, and what they consider a monopoly on force especially "legitimate force". Day2-3-4 of a "patriot occupation" would begin to get ugly for the Pat's as names and faces are identified in the Fed database and families are rounded up. Being under siege sucks, especially with modern explosives. The Pat's will have set themselves up to be clearly identified and no longer have freedom of action or movement. They may even be comm isolated. Calling it a bloodbath might be an under-estimation.

"Dead patriots can't complain." -lockerroom slogan of the New Boss Police Party.

I am satisfied to resist in a Secret Squirrel mode. They will make the first move, on their time table, which they are beginning to make clearer. The more distant the better, but I fear that it's months not years away. The longer the Big Bad is put off, the better and deeper my stores will be. The objective being individual equipment (irregular) for 20 dismounted fighting men and sustainment for my family for a year of irregular civil order.

I really enjoy the little luxuries of hot water, clean water, food, a money economy, safe-ish travel, electricity for cheap, and first world medical care (for the rare injury or infection). Let's just call this whole oppression/revolution thing off while everyone gets briefed on the consequences, okay? No? The gravy is too tasty for the PTB to give up? They have been cautioned on the consequences.

Secret Squirrel 10%-er.

Anonymous said...

Riiiiight. Like this guy gets into a shoot out with the Cops every time he gets a speeding ticket. You simply cannot please everyone. The biggest fault here is in giving this loud mouth more internet audience then he is worth.

Endever to persevere.

Van in the Hinterland

Johnny said...

Well, the fact the various patriot notables are sometimes at odds, let alone what the rank-the-file are really up to, does suggest Kerodin's strategy seems unlikely on the face of it...

But... what about the modern telecomms enabled phenomena of the flash mob.

The situation Kerodin proposes is a much larger scale flash mob situation than heretofore observed. Perhaps it could be envisaged as multiple but concurrent independent flash mobs. I see some merit in the proposal if there are local groups that can organize as a flash mob for any given key point and these independent, local, units activate their plans concurrently nationwide in response to a trigger event.

The trigger event would have to cover the broad range of predilections internalized by these diverse groupings.

There's a lot of "if" there but we can see a mechanism for realization of Kerodin's proposal that doesn't require some kind of national organization or centralized control authority.

Organizing open carry rallies is a start, it seems to me, and maybe they should be less formal and deliberative and more flash mob style, at least where open carry is generally legal in a State. We've already identified the open carry rallies are training for individuals. Clearly we need to think on the meta level problems of a distributed headless movement and the coordination of action and that's something the open carry rallies can, maybe, be used for.

aughtsix said...

Second the first commenter, above.

To hell with the second one.



Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

Anybody know what that knothead was smoking? 'Pears to be primo shit!

I notice our favorite ANONYMOUS statist agent provocateur weighed in. I can always count on a heaping helping of nonsense over his (non) signature. Brave man, that 'n. Hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.

Bad Cyborg X

EJR914 said...

Damn, another internet tough guy weighs in.

Don't let these types get to you, Mike.

You've been doing this a very long time, and there are many new-comers that respect you and agree with you. I myself being one of those new-comers.

Keep up the good you are doing and pay no attention to these types.

Do what you do, forget about the haters and the rest.

Also, remember, you want as many haters as you can get. After all, that's the job of a hater. Its to hate. You need to figure out how to get another hater by the end of next week.

If you haters cannot find anybody to hate, feel free to hate on me.

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

Our friend in Edinburgh,
Johnny, seems to be quite forward-thinking... the idea of using instant comm like flash mobs is indeed appealing. What could Michale Collins have done with it?
As for the totally unnecessary slur cast at Mike by Mr. Kerodin, who seems to be mocking him for not engaging in a shootout to the death, such uncalled for behavior only tends to discredit Kerodin. His writing skills are above average but if the substance of a commentary must rest upon the foundation of showing arrogance toward other patriots, then the remainder of his writing falls under a cloud of suspicion as well.
As others have pointed out, if the gentleman wishes to regale us with documented tales of his own shootouts with the PTB, then we will all give him due respect.
Otherwise, forget it.

Son of Liberty said...

maybe i'm too outside the box here....

but wasn't it a "ruckus" in front of the local guard post that scared the British soldiers into firing into a crowd.....

creating the boston massacre.....

which lit a spark of righteous indignation amongst the people........

that finally brought the groups of squabbling patriots together on a common path......

i'm sympathetic to none other than my own liberty. but I think Mr. K's ruckus may a little smarter than some would make it out to be.