Sunday, October 17, 2010

Militia Discount Sale Update #2

First shipments went out Friday by USPS. Some of you will not be getting your stuff for at least two weeks longer because my bank puts a hold on some checks and money orders for ten business days. Yeah, I know its a rip-off. Remember, this isn't my stuff. To repeat what I said in the first post:

"These are items that private individuals who buy surplus for their own use have picked up that is in excess of their needs. That is, they do not run a business, but don't want to give their excess stuff away. Perfectly understandable. So, I offered to post the various items on this website and provide a means by which they can recover some of their costs while at the same time allowing y'all to pick up some items that I think are pretty good deals. All conditions are good, serviceable to excellent or even new. Sipsey Street will make nothing on the exchange, so think of it as a needed public service. Orders should be directed to P.O. Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126. Make the check or postal money order (preferred) out to me, Mike Vanderboegh, adding what is a reasonable amount for shipping for those items. I will pass the money on to them and be responsible for shipping the items back to you."

Another wrinkle: in order to avoid the two-week delay, if the checks or money orders were drawn on a bank with a local branch such as Wells Fargo, I simply presented them for cashing. Problem: Wells Fargo charged me, as a non-customer, $10.00 per to cash them. I did that for the first two, but will simply deposit any others and wait the two weeks. You'll still get your stuff, just later. Again, USPS money orders are preferred.

Those whose orders are awaiting payment have been pulled and are sitting in a secure warehouse, boxed and ready to go. When I have cash in hand, they will ship.

Remember too that I am doing this so that I can pick up stuff for newbies for cheap (much as I do now with materiel I pick up at thrift stores, etc). So, if you missed the chance to order before and see something in the list below that you need, order it. You will find a couple of changes from the earlier list, Some items have been sold out, and one, the three-color desert assault packs have gone up in price to $15.00. This happened because the original item was mis-priced and was actually advertised for their cost. This was reflected in the large number of orders that I received. However, this is still a great deal and there is about half of a large Gaylord box left, so order away.

That said, here are the items still available.

Assault Pack, Large, SDS #4095, Three-Color Desert. Used. $15.00 each.

ALICE Pack, OD or Woodland. Used. Without frame, $15.00. With frame, $30.00.

Pack MOLLE II NSN 8465-01-524-5285 with straps and shoulder frame, ACU, Extra Large pack. Used. $75.00

MOLLE II Sustainment Pouch, Woodland. NSN 8465-01-465-2152. Used. $5.00

MOLLE II M16/M4 Bandoleer, Woodland, with strap. $7.00.

MOLLE II R.A.C.K. AN/PRC-126 Radio Pocket, Woodland. $5.00.

MOLLE Canteen Cover, Woodland. $5.00.

Cover (no canteen), 2 Quart, with strap, tan desert. Used. $2.00.

Cover, (no canteen), 1 Quart, ALICE with clips, OD. $2.00.

Pistol Belt, with extender, Size Large. New. $5.00.

Pistol Belt Extender, new. $1.00.

Pads, Elbow and Knee, Woodland, ACU (Coyote Brown out of stock). Set, elbow and knee: $15.00. Knee only: $10.00. Elbow only: $10.00.

(No illustration)
Utility belt with buckle, Size 44. $1.00

(No illustration)
USGI Sleeping Mats, Self Inflating. $15.00 each or 10 for $100.00.

USGI Poncho, Woodland. With liner: $25.00. Poncho Only: $20.00.

Poncho Liner (only): $20.00.


USGI, Sleeping Bag Compression Sack, Black. Used. $5.00.

E-Tool Carrier, MOLLE, Nylon, Three-Color Desert. Used. $5.00.

E-Tool Carrier, ALICE, Plastic. $1.00.


Dedicated_Dad said...


The bank should not be able to charge you for cashing a check DRAWN ON THEIR BANK.

It's IRRELEVANT whether you're a customer or not - it *IS* their customer's check and the service (ie: secure, documentable payment via check) is - in reality - being provided to said customer.

It would be different if you were at some third-party bank or storefront "check-cashing" joint, but...


Anonymous said...

10 bucks to cash a check from their bank?

Calls for more than a brick thru the window.


Anonymous said...

Good morning sir, Put my order in the mail on Friday. The price change on the assult pack changes nothing,still want/need!!! Admitably dumb on S/H, so i went with "better safe than sorry", should be enough $ left over to cover the price change. I included my E-address, in the event i come up short give me a holler. Thanks, Shane M. Ross IIIper

Anonymous said...

what should i consider 'reasonable' amount for shipping calculations ??? I want to be fair in the deal for everyone, but dont have extra to throw away...

gilbo III

Hossmiester said...

Am very interested in a few of the items, just unsure how to contact you to purchase them? Please let me know as I am a fulltime reader of your blog and 99.99% of the time in total agreement. 3%'ers all the way!

Byron said...

I saw this a bit late.
Are there any of the assult packs left?
Sustainment pouches?


Mark said...

You guys should check in at your local gun shows if you have them. One of the vendors here is selling this stuff for super cheap. Not trying to piss on the parade but I got the ACU Molle II large pack, frame, hip straps, shoulder straps, pistol belt extender, 2 avian bird flu suits, 2 quart canteen and cover for 25 bucks. The pack did not come with the two sustainment bags but it was still a steal. These are good prices also, except for the check BS. Y'all have fun.