Friday, October 15, 2010

"Man up or get out of the way." Womenfolk sneer at male Threepers.

In the spirit of "Mad Anne" Bailey.

From Pete at WRSA.


PioneerPreppy said...

As I posted over at WRSA. When female penalties come on par with male penalties I will feel sufficiently shamed.

The ladies did well but while they would get a simple wrist slap some white boy like you or I would be charged with felony defacement, beaten, and sentenced as a domestic terrorist to 2 years minimum.

You save your heavy arty for the fighting not the propaganda campaign.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Pete at WRSA. I'm all weepy. Tagging and vandalism just ain't my style. Shame on me. But with 2 combat tours out front and not a REMF, guess I'll have to bear the burden. Wow, what a bunch of powerful women.


Anonymous said...

They have a point, MV offered a challenge and they were the first to meet it.

I am reminded of (name forgotten) who fought in the Revolutionary War. His wife heard he had behaved cowardly in battle so she sent him a letter. If the rumors were true, she offered to come and take his place with the assurance she would fight bravely. I can't tell you what happened next because I don't know the rest of the story, but I suspect he fought more valiantly after reading that letter.

Maybe its time we read Mike's challenge again and take it more to heart lest we live in the shame our women have more courage than we do.

Mike in KY said...

Really? Last time I got double-dog-dared for something of this caliber, it was in junior high.

I'm with Pioneer and Jarhead. If I'm going to risk arrest, for a freaking FELONY no less, it's going to have to be for something more substantial than defacing a stupid road sign... or breaking a window.

I don't know about those brave sign bandits, but when I get arrested, it's going to be for something worth getting arrested over.

Jayne Cobb said...

Ladies, give us at some credit!

I'm fair certain that when conducting asymmetrical warfare it would behoove a threeper not to brag about his actions in such a public forum; I would submit that may be the reason we haven't heard much about defaced signs...

Mark Matis said...

For Mike in KY:

What makes you think they have ANY interest in ARRESTING you? Do you REALLY fail to understand?

MamaLiberty said...

I'm sure not doing any sneering, fellas. I'm always looking for a few more good MEN and women to stand beside me when the crunch comes.

Sadly, there are not many willing, either men or women.

Anonymous said...

It makes me smile and it is a beginning. We will need everyone and I don't feel shamed, I feel proud of them!

Now, where can I get one of those banner programs to make a bigger sign out of water proof plastic?

Doc Enigma said...

I find the, "Man Up!" comment disingenuous at best.

At worst, it's a ploy to get some insecure male to take action without much thought and bear the consequences.

How ' bout, "Woman Up!" to all those women who give their men sh$t about purchasing supplies, training, etc?

Wouldn't that be more to the point?

Defender said...

A brave woman and a fascist policeman.