Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snitches get the best deals.

Read this and then let's chat.

Among the ironclad rules of gun coppery:

1. If you've got a case involving a felon ALWAYS prosecute it because it is a slam dunk that looks good in the headlines and on your agency resume.

2. The only reason you don't prosecute a felon with his dick caught in your ringer is if he's snitching for you.

Now, I don't KNOW that that is what is happening here, but it sure smells like it.



Anonymous said...

It appears they have him on a leash and he is a government pet, what he must remember is that they can yank that leash anytime they want breaking his neck, Don't make deals with the devil.

Sean said...

Somebody has got the feds in deep, and means to go as far as he can. The govt. we have are mostly a bunch of crooks and scumbags anyway. Rule of law? What rule of law?

Anonymous said...

I remember Detonics from when I lived in Seattle. It's a shame the company got ruined.

Anyway, there's no other way this poser could have done everything he did without being on some agency's control list as a snitch. I'd be willing to bet there were more feds than just the IRS agent who were frequent visitors to his work/home, but we'll probably never find out about them.

As an aside, it's a modern testimony, that con men/frauds can get away with so much deception, and men with integrity such as Mike-and most of us-have to endure the burden of being spied on because of the resentment of those who seek influence or control driven by ego.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't surprise me.

MamaLiberty said...

Hmm... If the guy actually did kidnap someone - the real deal - ideally he ought to be dead at the hands of his intended victim. Other than that, I don't see a big deal. Nobody is guaranteed safe in any case.

Anyone who can't be trusted with a gun needs a keeper or a very deep, secure cell. All of this blather about "the law" and prohibited persons is a pile of horse apples.

Mark Alger said...

If you read the linked report, the guy was incarcerated for a misdemeanor. At least, it reads that way to me, whatever impact THAT has on his fitness to manufacture firearms. So right away, getting all het up about "felons owning guns" (not that, with aggravated jaywalking being made into a felony if there's a hate-crimes specification, there's anything right with that) strikes me as a bit of a tempest in a teapot.


Ltcl J.R. said...

What I figured typical Cheese Dick

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they have compromised him for use as a set up, in order to perpetrate some nefarious scheme? Naaaaa. That would never happen here. That would never be allowed to happen. Bravo Sierra.

Whatever they're up to you can be sure that it's unconstitutional, unethical except by soviet standards, and benefits the Marxist cause. I just checked my watch and midnight is approaching fast.

I think you can plan on the worst case scenario.

Anonymous said...

Guy up in North Jersey was arrested for kiting a $26MM check. Fed postponed the trial 17 times, because they wanted him to work as a snitch for them, which he did. Feds busted 44 people on numerous charges.

He's a snitch for some agency.


Anonymous said...

So he's the reason Detonics USA folded?

All this time I thought it was because of a squabble between Jerry Ahern and his top pistolsmiths regarding cutting corners in production, using temp labor people instead of skilled labor, and a lack of QC... I guess an incompetent CEO could be responsible for those things.

EMWONAY said...

The best comment on the site where the article is at is:

"And the Feds killed Randy Weaver’s wife and kid over a few inches sawed off of a shotgun barrel.
There is not better argument against the powers of the Federal Government than their own incompetence."