Monday, October 25, 2010

Jesse Walker's dose of history (and reality) about defunding National Proletariat Radio.

Of course the collapse of the economy and much of civilization will "defund" them anyway in the long run. Absent that, just don't look for it anytime soon.


Bad Cyborg said...

BINGO! Mr. Walker hit the nail SQUARE on the head. That boy is GGGOOOOOOODDDDDDD.

Besides, it IS only fair that the lefties get ONE radio station that sings their tunr what with all the commercial radio stations that play talk radio.

And Mr. Walker is also correct that the fall of the current republic will effectively defund them. And wouldn't talking heads like Cokey Roberts be proper targets under Kosovo ROE?

Bad Cyborg X

Chuck Martel said...

I always have made it a point to listen to NPR. That way you always know what the OPFOR has in mind for you via "Morning Edition".

The Robert Reich commentaries on "Marketplace" let you know where not to put your money i.e. do exactly the opposite of what he says. "Fresh Air" continually confirms that there will never be peace between patriotic Americans and so-called "progressives".

I will miss "Car Talk", "The Thistle & Shamrock", and "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" though.

MamaLiberty said...

Since NPR only gets about 3 to 5% of its funding from government, don't look for that to make a lot of difference.

Never forget that there are a lot of people willing to privately fund socialist programs and propaganda too.

Anonymous said...


I've heard about defunding NPR for years. Nothing ever happens to them or at best, any movement to do so is the least impact-full that it can be.

I'll believe it and them, when I see it happen. The Republicans know of these issues and have done very little, just as they have on so many other issues.

They have only one chance left, to do what they must and if they don't, it will be out of their hands. That doesn't mean it's win for us. The left wants a 3rd party (actually a new 2nd) because they know that it will split the vote as it does in Europe where they are almost guaranteed to win every time.

This is how they intend to relive us of our freedom and prosperity, that and by importing voters, when they aren't outright stealing elections. The cool thing is that we don't get to hear about what they are doing (oh but we get to pay the bills, don't we?) because the gatekeeper Marxist media, "protects" us from that kind of information.

Say, all that kinda sounds like some sort of conspiracy doesn't it?


Mattexian said...

I find it interesting the comment in the fifth paragraph, "those Republican meanies might pump CS gas into the Morning Edition compound and set the place on fire." Is this a veiled reference to the Branch Davidian siege, with the denied allegations of FedGov arson?

Anonymous said...

Quote: The establishment Republicans know how this script ends, and it doesn't wrap up with a great big cut. As Ben Wattenberg is alleged to have said when he heard the Gingrich Congress was thinking of defunding PBS: "What! Just when we've taken it over?"

Or as Henry of Navarre would have phrased it, "Paris vaut bien une messe (Paris is well worth a mass)."

Evidently, establishment Republicans believe the tired old chestnut that socialism would be a workable economic system if it had better (Republican) managers.

This will be a long fight.

As Mike suggests, the end is not in doubt. Socialism will collapse but it will also pull much of civilization into the vortex when the end comes.


Pat H. said...

Defunding NPR, No People Required, won't have much effect, they get few funds directly from the U. S. government.

What needs to happen is to remove the tax deduction granted to corporations and individuals to sending money to them.

No tax benefits incur to those who might send money to your local station carrying Limbaugh or Beck, none should be available to NPR.

If we successfully eliminate tax funding for NPR, perhaps we can move to derestricting broadcasting in honor of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.

Uncle Al said...

There another subsidy not mentioned which I learned about reading Gary North at
( )

Back if FDR's regime, the feddlegummint reserved the radio frequencies from 88.1 to 91.9 MHz for non-profit broadcasting. Cancel the reservation, auction the frequencies, and we can be confident that would end "public" radio once and for all.

Pat H. said...

The U. S. government can't auction the frequencies, it doesn't own them

Just like most of the "federal lands" don't belong to the U.S. government either.

Neither the FCC nor the BLM have Constitutional authorization.

MamaLiberty said...

Neither the FCC nor the BLM have Constitutional authorization.

And, to throw a monkey wrench into this discussion, I'll ask:

Would anything and everything be ok if it WAS spelled out in this "constitution?"

Where does "constitutional authorization" come from? I didn't sign it or agree to it... did you?