Saturday, October 23, 2010

David Codrea: "Will 'fusion center' accept 'militia enthusiast's' challenge?"

David takes my offer one step further and asks for your help.

"Do not let that happen in the darkness."

With this much "misunderstanding" evident about the nature of what they're briefing themselves on, it's a fair question to ask if law enforcement is truly interested in learning first-hand about the subject of their brief? Or does it serve their purpose to stick with SPLC talking points in order to justify potential future actions with the media?

Vanderboegh's not going to give them that out, at least not to where anyone capable of basic fact-checking can conclude anything other than the forces directing domestic "lawfare" are deliberately avoiding learning--and then disseminating--the truth. So he's made an offer on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog that no honest officer of the law could refuse:

I would be happy to venture out amongst the clueless heathen in our newly-federalized system of political police spying (aka "fusion centers" and "joint task forces") and give an in-service to KCTEW or any other law enforcement group who would like a direct briefing on the constitutional militia movement and the Three Percent concept straight, as they say, "from the horse's mouth.".

For free. Such a deal!

Click here to read his entire proposal.

Will they take him up on it?

I don't think there's a chance in hell. I pray I'm flat-out wrong.

So if it's a moot point, why report on it?

It's important to recall that David Koresh offered to speak with the government, too, before their murderous raid, which a peaceable conversation could have preempted entirely. They refused.

It's evident Vanderboegh is being focused on. It's imperative we--that means you too--do not let that happen in the darkness.

If you agree, please share the links to his offer and to this column far and wide, via email lists, on blogs and forums, and why not even with the "mainstream press," so the "Authorized Journalists" can't claim plausible deniability if the time comes when they would prefer to parrot the "official" line?


sofa said...

RTC Rally at KCTEW concurrent with your visit (if/when)?

Capt45 said...

Per David's comment, just shared the link on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Very wise and clever of Mike.

Anonymous said...

Listed also on

Dakota said...

I guess another question that should be asked then is .... " do law enforcement really give a shit about what the militia is or isn't"? Sounds like another waste of time and oxygen to me.

yank said...

I dont think they'll accept your invite.. that would be an outright admission on their part that you have legitimacy and that is something they never want to do these days..

they cant **** legitimate people in public.

Anonymous said...

At the time of the rain at Waco, the ATF was facing a possible de-funding by congress due to their years of poor performance and lawless behavior. The raid was to be a high profile media show to demonstrate how effective they were.

Sadly, to this day I meet people who say the Davidians got what they deserved. These people believe the lies told by the leftist media and clearly missed the real point that agents of government acted lawlessly.


TPaine said...

I laughed when I read this - it's akin to Glenn Beck and his red phone. "Call me!" Mike, you'll get an invite to the KCTEW when hell freezes over. The last thing these dweebs want is a face-off with the truth.

Anonymous said...

This was on the Austin Tx news today. Here is another place Mike can get in touch with. LOL

A look inside the Austin-based Fusion Center

Agencies across the state are working together to fight crime. The Texas Department of Public Safety held a dedication Thursday morning for what is known as a Fusion Center.

The center sits inside a building at the DPS headquarters complex in North Austin.

Anonymous said...

Just because you'd never get an official invite doesn't mean you wouldn't get an audience if you rented out a small event space and publicized it among the KCTEW and nearby LEO employees somehow. If you think you'd do that I'd send along a small donation to cover hotel meeting room rental, travel, or other expences.

300 million (U.S. population) x 3% = There are NINE MILLION OF US.

W W Woodward said...

My facebook post:

Mike Vanderboegh has offered an in-service training session to any law enforcement group who would like a direct briefing on the constitutional militia movement. My guess is that none of them will take his offer.

Remember the name - Mike Vanderboegh

Anonymous said...

They are deliberately stirring the pot. I'm no seer, but I see a serious problem in the next couple of years. We have all read what the Dept. of Homeland Big Sister and her Fusion Centers call "Domestic Ter-er-er-ists".

Funny, isn't it ... you TRUE believers ... that 911 has been used as an excuse to crack down ... on us?

Gosh dern it, I hate the government ... but I hate those Jihadi Hajji Jihads even more! At least my government has one thing right ... we're kicking Hajji arse!

Anonymous said...

Count me in to help defray Mr. V's expenses.


wry762 said...

I _really_ like sofa's idea. We probably couldn't carry on KCTEW property, but there should be someplace close where we could. We'll need a good turnout - 5-10 guys isn't going to get it. We'll need a few dozen people to send the desired message. Of course, there'll be 10 JBTs for every patriot that shows up, but this is to be expected.

Defender said...

I seem to remember that my local fusion center is in the Virginia State Poice administrative headquarters, just down the hall from the criminal records check office that illegally shared gun purchaser data with feds and local police.
No need to bother them with the facts.

Anonymous said...

I loved every word of it.

Bad Cyborg said...

"Will 'fusion center' accept 'militia enthusiast's' challenge?"

Yup! 'Bout 2 weeks after the first shipment of mukluks and parkas are off loaded at the loading dock in hell and about SIX weeks after we have to start cleaning pig shit off the roofs of our cars.

One question, though. Do pigs riding in police helos count as flying pigs? Enquiring minds want to know. ;)

Bad Cyborg X