Thursday, October 28, 2010

Living in their heads rent free, with all utilities paid up to date, it seems..

Maybe they should read this book.

My thanks to Aaron Zelman for forwarding this screed from the El Guapo of citizen disarmament, Josh Horwitz, a man who Aaron calls a "bagel-brained Jew." Horwitz claims I'm in league with the moron who took the bait and stomped the provocateur outside the Kentucky senatorial debate.

I am also reliably informed that I was denounced by a Democrat operative on the Larry King Live show tonight for being a "GOP hypocrite."


Brock Townsend said...

No brainer. It's obviously the gospel truth, after all, the $PLC said so........

Anonymous said...

How is it the left has sold the "head stomp" meme, when no such thing occurred? I watched the video several times. The Paul aide clearly placed his foot on the lib's shoulder to hold her on the ground. Head contact was minimal, if at all.

Now imagine what the Secret Service would have done to a protester in disguise attempting to deliver an unknown object to their client...


P.S. may make it to horse pens 40 if the better half is well enough.

Elwood P Dowd said...

PS - You keep misspelling the word... you write "El Guapo" when the word is "Guano"....

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but someone sure seems to have a beef with the government as the FBI is now linking three separate shootings (one was the Pentagon). Notice how Yahoo buried this in the financial section.

Allen said...

my reply over thre..reposting here because odds are it won't last long...

"there is only one part of Nazi law enshrined in our legal system...the gun control act of 1968, which many parts of are copied word-for-word from an english translation ordered by Tomas Dodd D-CT. the result was inserted nearly verbatim into the bill that became GCA 68

so, when we gun people talk about nazi weapons law...we are literally talking about NAZI WEAPONS LAW.

the JPFO isn't radical. they REMEMBER the Warsaw ghetto uprising, where a few people with a handful of weapons and some guts held off EVIL for 5 MONTHS. and they remember the lament of how many they could have saved if only they had done it sooner..or had more arms.

most of us just want to be left alone. people like that don't degenerate to fascism. if you have been paying attention we talk an awful lot about the CONSTITUTION..when applied as written is not particularly amenable to fascism. however, fascists can't stand people who want to be left alone. they are outside of their control. fascists understand that we have the means to resist, we will not come under CONTROL easily, or quietly. and that doesn't fit into the plan.

one side seems to talk about CONTROL. for the children. for their own good. because they're not a smart, rednecks,'s the progressives. that is where fascism has always been born from.


Anonymous said...

This is the Marxist left Mike, anything goes, and they attack all enemies no matter where or who. They do not tell the truth and will do anything to win, Obviously.

You're in a position of both leadership and truth telling and more importantly, you are an effective, thoughtful communicator. Very effective. You already know that you are entering the vortex, if not in it's grasp already. In that context, it has always meant one thing and one end, with these people. It's very much us or them and far worse than I had thought. It isn't conspiracy theory anymore. It's a fact.

I'm indebted to you sir, because you have honed a finer mental edge and resolve in many, and in me as well.

May you always be FLIR negative.

Allen said...

now, how did I guess that reply wouldn't get approved.

apparently that "speak truth to power" thing only works one way with those people....

Defender said...

"insurrectionary right."

Sometimes insurrections are necessary. THEIRS has gone on for over 150 years. We're COUNTER-insurrectionary.

Apparently we've been accused of thoughtcrime. We're in good company.

Pat H. said...

Well, that Horwitz sure has his progressive/fascist panties all bunched up doesn't he?

I'm always interested to see a progressive/fascist pull out that old communist created lie that the National Socialist German Workers Party was right wing. That wasn't true in the 1920's, 1930's, or 1940's; the NSDAP, what the fat, fraud Winston Churchill called NAZI's (alliterates with nasty you see), was a leftist, collectivist political party who were either Italo-centric or German-centric rather than the Moscow-centric Communists who opposed them. Two leftist groups fighting over control of Europe.

Naturally, Horwitz must maintain the lie that we Freedom Fighters, FreeFor as Pete at WRSA calls us, are like what he really is, a hard core progressive/fascist.

It's a shame, really, that Horwitz wasn't right next to the c**t, face down on the pavement, whimpering.

Here's hoping there's more of that soon.

Anonymous said...

Dont rise to the bait guys. Its useless to try and post a response to this on HuffPo. It will not convince anyone. Our truth is not their truth. I for one am tired of trying to set the record straight about so called "Nazi right winger".
Its to late to get wraped around the axel on that matter. Just ignore it.
Yes Mr Horowitz I do advocate the violent overthrow of the US government. I am a revolutionary and a radical right wing libertarian. If you continue to lie and push us in a corner you will actually get a first hand accounting of how violent we can be.

-radical right wing terrorist

I am just going to start using that title since I am going to be called that anyway.

Thirdpower said...

The poster 'Grits Jr' is now commenting on some of the responses here over at Horwitz's Huffpo blog.

Here's a history of GritsJr and his association w/ Horwitz:

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

The comments here have made CSGV's Twitter feed (currently displayed on their main page). The two tweets are here and here.

Thirdpower might be interested to note that the two tweets are almost identical in content to the comment made by "GritsJr."