Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rachel Madcow's non-retraction retraction of the Big Lie about the OKC Bombing.

Hey, Rachel, you lying collectivist cow, here's a hot flash:


McVeigh wasn't one of ours and the Aryan Republican Army wasn't any of ours. All the federal snitches inside the Aryan Republican Army support structure -- Andreas Strassmeier, Kirk Lyons, Carol Howe, Robert Millar -- were not paid by us but with taxpayer dollars through their federal paymasters.


RJIII said...

Cow or Steer?

Defender said...

"A fax touting the bombing." She refers to it that way AGAIN, in her "apology." (Sorry she GOT CAUGHT, just like any habitual offender.)
Tout. A verb meaning to commend or praise.
I saw Mark Koernke in his videos shed tears over the dead at Waco, and his voice quavered in his shortwave programs as he lamented the children at Oklahoma City.
"Touting"? A terse analysis intended to aid the government in its investigation is "touting" and speaking out against oppression makes one a violent extremist?
I made the right choice in never watching this vindictive ____.

Brock Townsend said...

The pig met her match when she interviewed Dr. Robinson who called her a liar twice.

Dr Robinson, Dixie's Homeschooler, Parries The Witch, Rachel Maddow

Brock Townsend said...


Just saw this.
Bring me the head of Elizabeth Moon

Anonymous said...

Geesh,get a load of that adams apple.....


Boge said...

Anyone else notice that it said "INTIMINATION" in the screen behind her?

David Codrea said...

We're now to believe her original statement "Mr. Stockman actually received advance notice that the Oklahoma City bombing was going to happen" was an "editing error"?



"was going to happen"

sound more like three very deliberate and intended assertions.

But what do I know?

Allen said...

I think the contents of the fax was: "we didn't do it, and we will help you hunt down the bastard that did"

I don't know anyone at the time that wasn't thinking that.

a few days later I was at the cornish,NH patriot rally. we had more reporters than patriots. the only guy that didn't say what I said above was the guy everyone knew was an FBI plant. bob something...had a "company" out of maine where he would sell you damn near anything at cut rate prices.. military-grade night vision, RHIB patrol boats, LARC amphibious vehicles..of course, he never delivered. and a few years later anyone that tried to buy from him got a "visit" from the local FBI.

we used to feed the guy crap information as a joke "joe got hisself a tank. an old pershing. got it runnin too..has 'bout 300 rounds for the main gun on it. hides in this old barn out in the west side of town"

of course, the old barn has a rotten floor and about 2 week later the local rescue teams would be hauling some ATF idiot out of the cellar hole.

ah, good times.

Snappy Sammy Smoot said...

Besides, what kind of name for a man is 'Rachel' ?

Defender said...

Since Islam has come up...

Two years in prison and a $1,300 fine... for eating.

I remember when the priest at St. Patrick's used to lock us in the basement all day for having breakfast before Communion...
Just kidding.
The difference between Islam and Christianity is about 1,200 years.

Defender said...

One begs "Give us space where we can pray."
Another: "No one moves to the Middle East looking for a better Christian life."

Solaris said...

Query: How can these jackasses fight so hard to draw a line between the moderate Muslims and the jihadists, but they completely fail to grant people who wouldn't just as soon kill them as look at 'em the same courtesy?