Sunday, October 31, 2010

Juan Williams, call your office.

I'm sure NPR will fire Nina Totenberg over this.


Defender said...

Bill Maher notes that the No. 1 name for baby boys now is Mohammed, and asks "Does being concerned about that make me a racist?"
Waiting for the heaping of contumile on his head. Waiting. Still waiting.
Don't know the context, but I'm sure he was obliquely referring to US. HE'S probably not concerned at all, because fascism is the product he sells.
Speaking of false paradigms, imam Choudary says Barack Obama is the leader of the world camp that says Man is the highest creature, and Osama Bin Ladin is the leader of the side that says God is.
What a loon.

Defender said...

This one's well worth the time to read. "Peace Train" singer/songwriter Cat Stevens was guest of honor at the Jon Stewart rally in DC. He, soon after becoming Muslim, said author Salman Rushdie should be executed for insulting Islam. I think I read that he retracted that statement -- after his imam told him, in effect "No, Yusuf, not in Britain. It's too early."

III more than them said...

Maher was talking about *GREAT* (cough) Britain. Mohammed is the new #1 name there.

GB is SUNK. "There's no England any more...."

Bad Cyborg said...

Ah, Defender? Just so you - and everyone else - will know the facts; Mohammed is, indeed the most popular name for boy babies - IN THE UK! It isn't all that popular here.

I could not care less what a total simpering numbnuts pinko like Maher thinks. The fact that he is still pumping out CO2 - instead of CH4 - is the real problem. I would not be hurt to hear he had suddenly become a producer of CH4 along with cadaverene and putrescene.

Note, I bear the redoubtable Mr. Maher no personal animus. I just would not be unhappy to read that he was no longer exhaling.

Bad Cyborg X