Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poking the wolverine with a sharp stick . . .


"Fifteen Missouri Counties Have More Voters Than Population."

Note how the wolverine grabs onto the timberwolf's belly and hangs there, digging into its flesh and biting soft parts of the underbelly. My great-grandfather blundered into a wolverine's territory in Michigan and had one do that to his left leg. My dad said it ripped his grandfather from crotch to calf and damned near killed him. Unable to reload and use his empty double-barrel (he had only raked the wolverine's back, the attack was so sudden) he used the stock to beat the wolverine off his leg and stained the snow with his blood as he half staggered and half crawled back to the house. The wolverine got the better of the exchange by far.


Anonymous said...

I just watched End of Liberty by the National Inflation Association. That scared me more than any cheap Halloween thrill. Only question is, which had more patience, the wolverine or the rattlesnake?

Oldfart said...

I have no doubt the liberals will use any underhanded means neccesary to win this election, including outright fraud. But I think it wise to remember that a lot of conservatives chose not to be completely honest and forthright with the recent census and could very well be undercounted. On the other hand, they'd all want to have their votes counted and would therefore be sure to register.

Allen said...

"Only question is, which had more patience, the wolverine or the rattlesnake?"

rattlesnakes look for food, not trouble. they'll warn you long before hurting you. and if you stay where you are odds are it will surrender the territory to you.

a wolverine patrols his territory and gets up in the face of anything who even LOOKS like they're thinking of trespassing. the only warning you get is when it's climbing up your leg pissed off. and you have to kill him because he doesn't back down.