Friday, October 15, 2010

Viva Zorro! (And he made some new friends this week.)

Just confirmed by Waldo. The only question now is, how soon will we see those South Korean Garands?


Dennis308 said...

Hey Mike, where´s the link to the story I want a couple or so of these Garands.


Anonymous said...

More please?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? He pulled it off?

Anonymous said...

WOOO-HOOOO 600 meters Shane M. Ross IIIper

Dutchman6 said...

Details as I can give them at the moment:

"Zorro" is a mid-level ATF supervisor who was tasked to fabricate a report explaining why the Garands could not be imported. "Zorro" rolled, reported his malfeasance to higher ups who then did nothing (usual pattern). The Coalition of the Willing Lilliputians (COWL) tried to link him up with Sessions' office in the week before the ATF "Reform" hearing. Majority (working in tandem with the NRA -- remember the whole idea was the NRA's) froze the witness list. We floated the notion that a. at least a GOP senator could ask some questions about the Garand scandal of ATF command personnel under oath. That's when the hearing got canceled. Then Sessions' office refused to follow up on contacting Zorro. So, there was a lot of back and forth behind the scenes to shove Sessions' office in Zorro's direction. Finally, it worked.

Heavy betting among COWL members as to a. how soon they fold on the Garand ban and b. whether or not Sessions is actually, finally, right with Jesus after his forced baptism.

Time will tell.


Dutchman6 said...

I should add one other observation. It would be received with great anger in some quarters if Zorro and other dissident ATF agents should get killed crossing the street before they can testify under oath.



No more free William Colby's either.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Lar said...

Last info I have we're talking something like a million Garands, carbines, and a few 1911s. Korea just wants to convert obsolete ordnance into more modern equipment, so doesn't really care how that happens.
What I fear yet fully expect to see happen is for the Koreans to demil the guns out of a concern for safety then in a totally unrelated action the US gives them something like 200 million in additional military aid.
Hope I'm wrong, but remember that our enemy seems to have an endless bag of dirty tricks and no reluctance to use them.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I just came here to read, but couldn't help noting the WV word and thus had no choice but to post.

WV="ThaPain" -- what I hope Zorro and Co. will be bringing to the traitors blocking our access to these important historical items.