Friday, October 15, 2010

"Alice-in-Wonderland defense."

How about we just knock the Red Queen on her ass and bust the Looking Glass?


Anonymous said...

Good morning sir, Mich. IIIper's would like the name of said judge to ad to shite list. Many thanks, Shane M. Ross IIIper

Pat H. said...

That was a damning ruling, not a victory for freedom and liberty.

The judge made the statement "that the health care system in America needs" some kind of progressive/fascist fixes or changes.

He should be horsewhipped, then tarred and feathered.

The meme should be, "the 100 year old progressive/fascist experiment is over", repeated often and LOUDLY.

Anonymous said...

Entire judicial is "captured/indentured" to
Don't hold you breath
for positive outcome.


Anonymous said...

That this law is unconstitutional on its face is without question to anyone that can read. It requires you to buy something, under penalty of law (a fine, and imprisonment if you don't pay the fine). If the government can force you to buy health insurance, what can it NOT force you to buy? Why can't you be forced to buy a Government Motors car - every three years? Why can't it force you to buy a house for at least $X? In another state?

The true answer is that this is the tipping point. If the government gets away with this, then there are (according to the Supreme Court, where this case MUST ultimately be decided) literally no limits to governmental power. This would be the ultimate end to our liberties, if the people allow it...

...and that, ultimately, is the central question of our times. The 20th Century was the Century of Government - and as part of the bargain we witnessed over 100 million government-sponsored murders (to say nothing of countless wars that resulted in over 100 million other deaths) and suffering on so massive a scale that few can comprehend it. Will the 21st Century also be another Century of Government, or will it see an awakening and rebirth of individual liberties? Time will tell, but either way it will not be easy on us mere peons. The good thing, at least here in the US, is that the peons have some 300 million devices that can effectively do the same as a guillotine. Pray that those in charge of armies and police forces fear their use and don't give the orders that will require it.

The Supreme Court should be cognizant that the People will not tolerate another betrayal of the Constitution like "Kelo." Do another one of those, blackrobes, and you'll have shredded the social contract and released the Dogs of War within our borders...and those dogs don't respect position.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon at 5:46, scroogled:

Happy hunting.
Wayne B

Defender said...

"When I use a word, it means exactly what I want it to mean."
Like when the Nazis sent people to the showers for "de-lousing."
There shouldn't even be a QUESTION about constitutionality, much less a court case.
I read that big gov no longer plans to jail people for noncompliance. Awww. Ruining people's lives with fines and blacklists is so low-profile. So incremental. Overseers are less likely to get dragged across their desks or confronted on their front porches over them.
Generally speaking.

Pat H. said...

I'm afraid we've had a number of "tipping points" in the post-World War Two period alone. From Brown v. Board of Education, to the US troops in Little Rock, AR, to Ruby Ridge and the murders of adults and children outside Waco, Texas by the US government gassing and burning them to death.

What will it take, one wonders?

Unconstitutional? Well, anyone that can read plain English, yes, certainly, but that's not particularly relevant. The Constitution itself was fabricated by a cabal of statists who repeatedly voted down demands to remain withihn their charter for the Constitutional Convention. Further, the ink was hardly dry before Federalist judges began to usurp power that was not permitted to the US government, primarily John Marshall who served for 30 years and affects us tremendously today.

There are those that hope to "Restore the Constitution", to them I always ask, "restore it to what, precisely"?

Last, we have over 750,000,000 million guns in America, using industry figures, not the bogus numbers from the BATFAE. Those figures haven't changed since 1968 and were inaccurate then.