Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The first rock of what should turn out to be an avalanche burying the criminals in the ATF Chief Counsel's Office. Will Jeff Sessions redeem himself?

"Officials with the ATF declined to comment to WND."

I'll bet they did.

Here's the question that WND needs to ask -- If they want to know why and how that report was written the way it was, Unruh should ask the rabidly anti-firearm ATF Deputy Assistant Director for Firearms Enforcement Programs and Services (formerly ATF Chief Counsel's Office conspirator and Little Jimmy Vann's old boss lady) Teresa Ficaretta. And if Unruh can't get them to talk, perhaps Jeff "We don't want to talk about that" Sessions can prove he's NOT covering up for ATF command miscreants by sending them a letter asking that and other pointed questions about the cover-up he has hitherto actively declined to notice.

Here's an idea: why don't you, gentle readers, contact your Senators and ask them to look into this scandal? Especially the ones who have already indicated interest by signing the letter to Hillary Clinton protesting the decision. Remember when you make your case, this was APPROVED by the State Department. It was the anti-firearm agenda criminals in the Chief Counsel's Office of the ATF who decided differently and ordered that a report be fabricated supporting their prejudices. A list of these Senators can be found here.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters and charter member of the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians versus the ATF Gulliver Beast.


Anonymous said...

In the movie, "I, Robot", a master self-thinking computer concludes man must be saved from himself to ensure their own long-term survival. In the end, martial law is implemented to restrict freedom and the citizens take to arms and fight.

The three-letter agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and others are following the same natural progression seen in that movie.

Providing safety and security must always be done while fully respecting freedom and liberty. When they infringe upon freedom to provide more safety and security the end result is a physical fight. People get hurt and killed in that fight to regain freedom, which negates all the safety and security they attempted to acquire for us in the first place.

If Hollywood producers and script writers can grasp this basic concept then why can't politicians?

Anonymous said...

There's no way around it. We need to start producing our own firearms and ammunition and widely distribute the means for everyone to do so, independently.

Even so, they mean to deprive us of anything they wish to and that means anything they decide they want to.

At some point it means a fight and if we produce our own, there is nothing they can do about it except kill or imprison us and they're going to do that anyway, among other things.

Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 8:03 AM:

Hollywood producers and script writers can ONLY grasp that basic concept when it DOESN'T apply to Communist or Socialist paths to that situation. And politicians have the same "blind" spot.

MamaLiberty said...

which negates all the safety and security they attempted to acquire for us in the first place.

If you think our safety and security are the goals of anyone in the non-voluntary government, you need to smoke a different weed.

Nothing they do is about safety or security for anyone but themselves. For us, their only goal is absolute control.

I'll provide my own safety and security, thank you very much. That's the one thing they won't ever do... just leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sessions is a career politician and progressive, He has no interest in the Constitution of the United States and he won't hold any government agency accountable for anything.

Anonymous 8:11, don't currently have or can't easily make firearms of sufficient quality to at least make it possible to remove better firearms from the enemy, we are in a bigger pile of $#@t then I'd thought we were.

Anonymous said...

MamaLiberty-- Your words appear defiant on the surface, but you just agreed with the original post.

Every three-letter agency at its core was created for the purpose of providing security and safety for citizens in some way, shape, or form.

Does the FBI attempt to stop a terrorist attack because they are concerned with their own preservation as a government entity or are they trying to prevent harm coming to America and her citizens?

Does the DEA attempt to take down a drug dealer because they are concerned with their own self preservation as a government entity or do they want to stop the harm those drugs will cause in our society (e.g. addictions, overdoses, accidents, death, etc)?

It matters little what we think of each agency, each was established by government to providing some level of safety or security for this country.

The ATF believes by keeping these firearms out of the U.S. Americans will be safer. We disagree, but that is the argument they made in their recent document.

The fact each three-letter agency has evolved to be more concerned with their own power over citizens rather than respecting the freedom and rights of citizens is precisely the point of the very first post.

It is through their attempts to restrict and deny freedoms that they aim to provide safety and security for those same citizens. Their approach which treats free citizens like ruled subjects simply doesn't work here in America nor will it ever work in a free society.

We know Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said those who trade a little freedom for a little security will have neither.

Conflict is inevitable unless they back off, which they aren't going to do. It will eventually come to a fight, we're just waiting for them to start something.

WarriorClass said...

You can also thank the NRA, who's never met an ATF chief they didn't love. In the 130 some odd years of NRA history, we've lost more gun rights and seen more infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights than in the history of America. Time to de-fund the NRA and the BATFE!

Join GOA!

Dump the NRA!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:31 AM

If an English hobbyist and farmer (Phillip Luty) can from scratch, design, build and test submachine guns, and homemade ammunition under those conditions, It can be done here. That and a lot more.

By the way. I read a report today that stated that somewhere around 3000 illegals that were "other than Mexican" from counties of interest supporting terrorism were captured this or last year by Border Patrol. It hardly matters which year it was because these are the one's they caught, not the one's who got away. Think they're going to be armed with single shot .410s? I'm absolutely sure our government isn't going to do anything to stop it, so there you go.

Besides, I knew a guy who escaped from Poland just ahead of the secret police. He told me that Solidarity made some of their pistols out of plastic. I think we can do better.

Anonymous said...

"The fact each three-letter agency has evolved to be more concerned with their own power over citizens rather than respecting the freedom and rights of citizens is precisely the point of the very first post." Anonymous @ 1102 AM

A paraphrase of Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy "The people who rise to the top of a bureaucracy care more about the bureaucracy than the mission."

Off topic: get a chance to read any of his Co-Dominium and/or Falkenberg's Legion stories, do so. He discusses low intensity conflict and gives some interesting thoughts.


Dennis308 said...

Just sent a e-mail to John Coryn of Texas about the letter and if there has been any responce from ¨hilary the bitch¨and are there plan for an Investigation into why the re-importation of these Fine examples of American History was stopped in the first place.
And although I don´t like everything about Coryn he has always supported the Second Amendment as far as I know.


Defender said...

The Democratic Socialists of America -- ATF friends -- at work. Henry "If they're going to use guns to defend their rights, I'm not comfortable with their having guns at all" Waxman and Barbara Boxer greased the rails for an aid mission to the enemy in the Middle East.
No surprise to us, at least.