Thursday, October 21, 2010

David Codrea asks the question: "Should gun owners have their heads examined?"

Good question.

Be sure and also go to the sidebar and listen to David's radio show with Doc about the Garand scandal.


Sean said...

Any and all attempts by govt. lickspittles to examine my head will result in the loss of one or more of theirs. III.

Defender said...

They won't need to do tests on us here in the States. If you've ever been prescribed an anxiety or depression medication, much less an anti-psychotic, Obamacare will know. Psychotherapy or even casual counseling? Same. The HIPAA privacy laws work both ways. Seen the BIG notice in your doctor's office yet? No warrant needed to view your records, and doctor-patient privilege be damned. There's a war on, citizen.
Meanwhile, National Public Radio analyst Juan Williams loses his job for admitting he is concerned -- in a world of rising jihad, sounds reasonable to me -- when he's on a plane with people in Muslim clothing, who identify their identity as Muslim first, everything else second.
In 1930s-40s Europe, NOT telling horrific lies about the Jews would have similar consequences.
Almost there.

Defender said...

"You down with O.D.D.?"
"Yeah, you know me."

Little Sally Sunshine said...

Dfender - You bad! So says Opie.

Bad Cyborg said...

Ah, Defender? ODD is a disorder of childhood and adolesence. When my wife and I were living/working at a group foster home we had a child who had been labeled as ODD. The quick-and-dirty layperson's description of ODD is basically "pissed off at the world". When this child's mother described his upbringing, I came to the conclusion that this boy's was an absolutely rational response to the WORLD CLASS RATION OF SHIT he had experienced prior to coming to the Children's Home.

I'm in the process of downloading the pdf version of the manual from now. I'll check back in later to describe what I find out from the DSM-IV-TR manual. BTW, ODD is NOT "mentally ill". Nobody can be labeled as being "mentally ill" until after their 18th birthday. Until then they can only have some sort of "personality disorder". Thank God ODD isn't SUPPOSED to be applied to adults.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Personally I suspect that a better case could be made for examining the heads of non-gun owners.
Exmp - Why do they all seem to have death wishes - either for themselves or for gun-owners?