Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alabama Restore the Constitution Rally to be held at Horse Pens 40 , Saturday, 30 October, 12-4 PM.

I will have more details on this place and the event later today.


There is a $5 day use charge for the park per person (excepting children). The incredible thing is that any monies over and above park expenses are plowed back into the Chandler Mountain and surrounding communities. For example, if you buy a $5.00 bundle of firewood to use at your campsite, $3.00 of it goes into a rescue horse program they run at HP40. (They currently have two rescue horses up there.) HP40 provides money to do an elderly visitation program, supports the local volunteer fire department and other community activities.

The Schultz family lives at the park and treats it as their home. We will be welcome visitors. The history, geology and botany of HP40 is just amazing. I have no doubt that if you come there to the RTC rally, you will bring your family back again and again.

If you decide you want to camp there, using one of the cabins, for example, just contact the park for fees and reservations.

I will be there all day long, most likely.

I will have a speakers' roster posted by next week.



Anonymous said...

Look forward to meeting you, and
Horse Pens is a great place. Rode my scooter up their couple weeks ago. Alex of Arley

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the speaker list? And what are the rules for carry going to be? Looking forward to finally being able to make it to one of these events.