Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be advised that at least one story about the ATF Garand Importation Scandal and Coverup is now working and about to break.

A disparate coalition of the willing Lilliputian freedom fighters versus the ATF Gulliver Beast. That's me standing near the ATF's chin. (I live rent free between his ears.) Waldo is crawling around in his shorts placing tiny C-4 demolition bags.

At least one. Or so CPT R. A. Bear tells me. Here's David Codrea's latest take on the story along with the official ATF document that was invented to justify the ban. And I do mean INVENTED. That's what the scandal is about.

It may one day be entitled, "The Legend of Zorro."



Anonymous said...

This is nice but how much noise was made on the first import ban that prevented us from buying FALs and Daewoos?

Is the situation different in this case?

The players are different for sure but the outcome is the same, namely that Americans have been prevented from buying low priced semiauto rifles.

If we fix this does that mean that we can open the door again for the import of more semiauto rifles from abroad along with parts, kits, etc?

Dennis308 said...

It will be nice if ATF get a new collar and muzzle if not outright disbanded, Hopefully heads will roll.


Defender said...

I read that along with M1s, reimportation of 1911 Government Model .45 pistols is a concern. The weapons that kicked fascist butt in WWII. The symbolism isn't lost on us.

Son of Liberty said...

it's perfect that the firearms in question are AMERICAN ICONS
and direct symbols of American exceptionalism.

EJR914 said...

I sure wish they would be disbanded.

SiGraybeard said...

It's such a stupid paper, it seems like someone (the Hilldebeast?) said, "The answer is no, you can't let those guns into the country. Now go find me a reason".

Anonymous said...

Keep up the pressure, Mike. I know several are working on this and I would dearly love to see this blown open. There is no good reason why those guns cannot be brought back in. As many know, almost any semi-auto out there can be modified to perform FA in one form or another. We're just not stupid enough to actually do it. What's the dang difference between what's already here and what's in Korea? Nuthin', not a dang thing.

Maybe it's all the training those guns got while in Korea? Heaven forbid guns trained to kick collectivist a$$ would get back in the country. Now there is a threat to Obamie and his horde.

Wanting an M1 just for fun. (Fun is still ok isn't it?)

Anonymous said...

If this stands, is it not the "one more inch" that we arent willing to give? Well, I shouldnt try to speak for everyone, but it will be for me. Ban us from getting these weapons? Time to go hot......what good is the threat of force if They are the only ones willing to use it?

This is more firearm restriction, anyway you slice it. Its time to 'Cry havoc' and all that. Or, you can all just keep backing up, while swearing that you wont. Your call. Me, I said no more and I meant it.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys heads up, RangerMade has the Threepercent patches back in Desert. The flags and tabs are looking great on my desert and multicam! Thanks for the tip!!!


Anonymous said...

Aside from the obvious answer of "it's not", how is this legal? I'm seriously asking, how can you enforce a law that doesn't exist? Or does it? Is this tied to the '89 import ban in any way? This is the one area of Second Amendment violations I'm spotty on.

JayeRandom said...

Who wrote the "Effects of Granting Retransfer Authority" memo? It looks like it was written by VPC, not BATFE.