Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back in the saddle again. My lovely wife comes up with a solution for my glasses problem we can afford.

So she comes home tonight from work with a pair of Jake Blues style sunglasses that she bought for $3.00 on sale. Gloriosky, but after punching out the tinted lenses, they actually work with my old prescription lenses. This should get me through until my next check. Will be back posting tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Hey Mike no fair I once tried that but couldn't get mine to fit.
Good thinking on your wife's part.

Keep up the fight.

Crustyrusty said...

Have you looked at Zenni Optical or 39 dollar glasses? I get my backups from them after I burn up my insurance allowance.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have posted that, it is no doubt illegal to do optometry without a license, or a prescription for the lenses, or to convert semi-auto sunglasses to full-auto prescription glasses. The nice eye doc was just trying to help, he didn't want you getting into trouble by doing something the politicians forbade you to.

You saw that news report last year about the retired guy in Florida making dentures for his neighbors on the cheap? And his customers were happy? But the LEOs hauled him off for making dentures without being a dentist? His neighbors tsk-tsk'ed at the LEOs and expressed disapproval to reporters, but that's all they

Toaster 802 said...

Improvise, adapt and overcome. Classic praxis in using what you have, what you can scrounge, what you can fab to get what you need.

Logistics. It is all about logistics.

Wraith said...

"Do you see the light?"
"...the 3%..."
"Do you see the light?"
"The 3%!"
"Do you see the light?"
"Yes! Yes! Jesus H. Christ Almighty, I have seen the light!"

Anonymous said...

The BAND Elwood...the BAND!

Anonymous said...

Just bought 2 pair of single (distance) correction glasses for a grand total of $56 and some change - frames, lenses and shipping from -

Have bought glasses from them before and always been pleased with the products.