Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who do you want for a neighbor? An FBI agent or a militiaman? "Mad Bob" gives his opinion.

FBI Sniper school. "Howdy, neighbor!"

From Willowtown comes this comment from Dave.

Dave Says:

If I had a choice between having an FBI agent as a neighbor or a militia member as a neighbor, I´d take the militia member, here´s why.

A militia man can´t kick in my door.

A militia man can´t tap my phone.

A militia man isn´t motivated to arrest me on something in order to advance his career.

A militia man´s salary, benefits and pension aren´t coercively deducted from my pay.

And in the end, if the federal government becomes oppressive and tyrannical, the militia man will be on my side, whereas the FBI agent will side with the federal government in order to continue my subjugation and cash flow for his income.

A different country heard from . . .

LATER: Just got a cell phone call from "Mad Bob," commander of the fabled hardcore but shadowy Alabama constitutional militia formation known as the Dogtown Rangers, who signs his emails "MOS 1372." His answer to the above question is somewhat different:

"Hell, the FBI man, of course."

"Why's that Mad Bob?

"So I could tap his phone, seduce his wife, corrupt his kids and piss in his swimmin' pool every morning when I got up."

For reasons of operational security, Mad Bob has never had his picture taken. He consented to provide this old family portrait that he claims is his grandfather on his mother's side, "Mad Bob" Nethergate. (Mad Bob has, amongst his many other gifts of demolition prowess and slippery field craft, a definite facility for the blarney.) That said, the image does bear a striking resemblance to our own, present day, fearsome nemesis of the ATF (but much beloved by the people) Mad Bob.


ParaPacem said...

Besides which - if a militiaman lived next door then the two houses would be marked a "cadre" and put on the daily grid for FLIR flyovers.
Good to hear that the Dogtown boys are still active. In fact, the scuttlebutt is that they have added about thirty more followers since the SPLC began its harassment. That's what J3 tells me. So say hello to Bob for us.

Anonymous said...

I got to admit that I "don't get out much' but, I'd have to agree. There is something about "knowing your enemies better" that rings in my head. Of course, there are those of us who are just 'over it'. What will the jack booted thugs use as an excuse against those of this mind set.

With Honor: III

Happy D said...

Next door makes range calculations Easier.

Anonymous said...

Very, VERY rough desision, They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but what would you really learn from an FBI agent living next door to you? He's not going to be holding briefings at his house! And I grew up on a Farm .......with "pigs" They stink something horrible especially in the summer! Who in the hell would want to wake up to that smell everyday?