Thursday, August 27, 2009

An interesting bit of propaganda.

But what is the message, exactly? Again, we see, this time with iconography, the false dichotomy between "left" and "right." My thanks to Wretched Dog for forwarding this. I concur with his comment:

Well – this struck me as interesting, but I have to ask what are the essential differences between the ideologies represented below – so, why can’t he be all four?.

Indeed, all are various flavors of collectivism. Your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

He can be all four...

Just not all at the same time...

Like a chameleon, he changes depending upon his environment...


Anonymous said...

Indeed, why CAN'T "He" be all four? All four symbols listed are merely four slightly different flavors of authoritarianism (or, centralized government), differing only in the details.

Muslim-government leadership by theocracy, or religious rule.
Communism-the ultimate in big government, who is in charge of everything, knows all and knows best.
Nazi (National Socialism)-Communism lite.
"Peace"-me-centered, I-want-to-do-it-my-way, reality-be-damned, (I hesitate to use the word) anarchy.

The last one is a bit of a flyer out of the four. But when you apply it to Obeyme and his current political methods, it fits.
Even though Obeyme was elected by (only a small majority of) the people, he acts as if he has an overwhelming mandate from on high. He is not listening to the majority voice of the rest of us who are against what "He" is attempting to foist off on us in "His" name. "He" acts surprised that anyone would disagree with what "He" is attempting to do for us, to improve our lives, even if against our will. And yes, since "He" is "The One", we need to give all our allegiance (sp?), powers and freedoms to "Him".

If you wanted to unitize all four symbols into one symbol, a crown would work effectively, don't you think? "Emperor Obama." Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Or better, "Czar Obama".Or, best, the Egyptian flail & sickle, with cobra, "Pharoh Obama." That would bring in the religious aspect even better, as well as unitizing all the other aspects of big central government. And don't forget Obeyme's African ancestry.

Clear as mud?
B Woodman

Crustyrusty said...

The Empty Shell assumes whichever ideology suits his purpose at any given moment.

Uncle Lar said...

For the true collectivist any ideology is merely a means to the ultimate goal, a society where the majority are drones herded by the elite. And invariably the collectivists see themselves in that role, superior to the masses, in charge, and with all the perks and privileges due them as the elite. And any reality that contradicts this vision is rejected as sacrilege or suspect as a ploy by the competition to steal control for themselves.

Dr.D said...

Mike, FYI there are/ were people in the "peace movement" who are not collectivists/ lefty, what percentage I can't say, but their there.


Mike III said...

King "O" embraces all four. He is just waiting to see which of the four adds to his power.

Prepare and be safe.

Mike III

. said...

Anonymous @ 5:51,

If your "reality" believes that forcing other people to surrender the fruits of their labor at gunpoint, and enslaving them to fight for you (even the Founding Fathers did that) then I'll keep the anarchic reality, in which it is not moral to initiate violence against non-aggressors. A reality in which "society" means "people interacting acting in mutually-beneficial ways," and "anti-social" means "initiating violence against non-aggressors."

"Government," Anonymous, even the smallest one, is the ultimate in selfish, prideful "I want to do it my way." They want to do it their way so much, that they think they have the right to use violence to force you to do it their way.

ScottJ said...

Mike, FYI there are/ were people in the "peace movement" who are not collectivists/ lefty, what percentage I can't say, but their there.

The problem with that movement is that "peace" becomes a tyranny all its own.

The movement at some point will demand that you give up your principles in the name of the almighty "peace".

Billy Beck said...

Those distinctions are utterly irrelevant, and anyone who indulges them is a fool, at best.

Steve K said...


Calling Obeyme an "empty shell" isn't fair to empty shells. An empty shell can be reloaded and still retains useful value. Obeyme is clealry an empty suit as an empty suit truly lacks value and usefulness.

Anonymous said...

For the true collectivist any ideology is merely a means to the ultimate goal,..--Uncle Lar

Well said.

Totalitarian ideology does have some value though, serving to harden the conscience against the anguished cries of those whose welfare you are seeking to improve. ;^)


Sean said...

Doesn't matter. He'll probably use his own symbol, and just use the pick of the litter as far as methods. What's more important is that the crap he's troweling out becomes defeated history, like the rest.

Anonymous said...

PO-tay-to, Po-tah-to. Coke Zero, New Coke, Classic Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Tab, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Mtn Dew...whatever.

Around heeah, we just call 'em cokes.


Anonymous said...

Anarchy..... dare I say it is for those that can follow logical conclusions :)

Re: the Peace movement Mike has the 411 on that one from the inside as the Peace movement was largely infiltrated if not downright sponsored by those of the communist influence in the 60s.

Same was true in the 80s when I was in college with all the free Nelson Mandela non-sense. We all thought this was a great idea right upon until the point that I saw the picture of Mandela in front of the ANC hammer and cycle flag (giving the fisted salute)..... Duped again.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to DEFEND The Annointed One (NEVER!), but trying (and apparently poorly, from the tone of your post) to define and find the common denominator of those four symbols in the poster. Apparently the originator of the poster doesn't think that Prez Obeyme is ANY of what those symbols represent. I think he is ALL of what those symbols stand for, and NOT in a good way.

I was also trying to snark (and apparently again poorly), hence the king -> czar -> pharoh progression.

Good grief! If Pharoh Obeyme dropped dead tomorrow, for ANY reason, I'd mourn his passing as much as I currently do the death of Senator Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy. Which is to say, none/not at all.

Clear as mud now?
B Woodman

And besides that, if you're a regular reader of Sipsey Street, you'd realize my political leanings from the "III-per" tag under my moniker.

But all is forgiven. At that hour of the morning, before the full digestion of my first cuppa, I may not have been able to make myself fully understandable. And you may not have been awake enough either.

Friends? Or at least, friendly?

. said...

Anonymous/B Woodman,

I did not perceive that you were speaking well of Obama. I perceived you were speaking ill of what you perceive "anarchy" to be. I was merely clarifying the definition of "anarchy" for those who think the term is synonymous with "chaos," Godlessness, immorality and anti-nomianism.

Leo Tolstoy was an anarchist. There wasn't a violence-initiating, Godless, or socialist bone in his body.

I'm friendly with all who believe they do not have the right to initiate violence against non-aggressors.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, thank you. All I can claim as excuse is early morning half-awake (or less) when I wrote that first post. I catch your drift now.

"Anarchy" in the original classical definition, of little/no government for the person responsible enough to take care of him/her self. Think Robert Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress."
I was thinking (??) of anarchy in a more modern sense, of the person who doesn't want government because he/she wants to be irresponsible and selfish/greedy and grab as much as they can for themselves under color of lawlessness, or, "nobody said I COULDN'T, so I did."

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

There's any number of good discussions on the alliance of the Left with Islam, e.g. Dr. Sanity's
Four Pillars.
IIRC, Hitler y"s was quite willing to recruit from the German Communists. They were competitors, not enemies.
That leave the "peaceniks." who I think we here will all agree enable
the others.