Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VDH on the Postmodern Cultural Elite.

He wants us to pity them. Since they're the ones who are about to kick off the next American civil war, how about we shoot them first and pity them later?


Justin said...

An excellent plan.

Pity is a commodity I am tragically short on, these days.

Keep training.


Concerned American said...

The civil war on individualist America began a LONG time ago.

Only difference now is the prospect of meaningful opposition, in all flavors suggested by that term, to that war of conquest and subjugation.

Acknowledging that

- the civil war began a long time ago, and
- it was started by the Bad People

is the first big step towards the readership grasping all that will need to be done in the coming years.

Hourglass is about empty.....

Anonymous said...

I'm all for it. They are already tyrants, the patriot act, the "bailouts", the healthcare-service-purchase-requirement act, and those are just the recent violations of our rights.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Of course he wants us to pity them. He works with them, lives among them, drinks and socializes with them. He pretty much *is* one of them. He's just a little more clear-minded than most.

Defender said...

Not bad, but not new. They're the philosophical descendants of Marie Antoinette, who, when told in grave tones that the common people had no bread, bubbled "Then let them eat cake!" Historians argue whether she was THAT out of touch with the reality of the 99% of people, or really that cruel. Either way, we hear the same tones in our modern leaders at all levels.
They grade each other's papers and get straight As, as it were.
If the Internet had existed when they inflicted the First Great Depression on us, the revolt would have happened then. So many didn't understand the causes and effects THEN.

Anonymous said...

America's ruling class has done everything in its power to destroy our culture, our economy, and our very ability to survive as a nation--all for no better reason than to assuage their existential guilt, wallow in some imagined moral superiority, and sate their overweening lust for power. I can pity them for their sickness and their folly, and mourn for what they could have been had they not given their souls to evil, but none of that will stay my hand for a second when their hubris forces me to defend myself against them.


Bad Cyborg said...

Marie Antoinette wasn't being stupid or cruel. She was telling the people in charge of the granaries to open the storehouses of finely milled (cake) flour so the people could eat.

BTW, the French people were starving because they had refused to adapt when the "medieval climate optimum" swiftly turned into the "little ice age". They would not grow the crops suited to their "new" climate.

Our elites are prisoners of a world view that is pure imagination. They will pay with their lives for their isolation. Wouldn't want to be them when our side starts using Kosovo ROE. The left's declining birthrate is clear evidence that their world view is survival negative. Killing them would be a service to our species.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Marie Antoinette's cake was not the delicious pastries we think of to-day. Cake in the 18th C. was the crud "caked in to the corners" of the bread pan.

No wonder they were pissed enough to have her ignorant head!

Anonymous said...

not meaning to be smart-ass, but do you really think they would have gotten it then (1929)? The NFAof1934 went through and no one raised a finger, right along with the gold ban in '33.
99% of my friends and family refuse to understand it today. They want to stay in denial, it's a safe place. For years I've sent them e-mails and blog articles, they don't want to know about it. There is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed in an election or two.
We are giving people way too much credit for having or using the grey matter in their cranium. There are very few of us who question the where and why of things, get used to working alone.

Defender said...

Glad to get the straight scoop on Marie, and also climate fluctuation, another lever the elites use against our rights and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know a few of these people. These elites come from both ends of the political spectrum, and could just as likely be a globalist, cloaked in so-called conservative politics as a progressive, liberal or whatever they call themsevlves this year.

No need to worry, I have ammo stored for tyrants of all kinds...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Defender said...

Not bad, but not new. They're the philosophical descendants of Marie Antoinette, who, when told in grave tones that the common people had no bread, bubbled "Then let them eat cake!" Historians argue whether she was THAT out of touch with the reality of the 99% of people, or really that cruel. Either way, we hear the same tones in our modern leaders at all levels.
They grade each other's papers and get straight As, as it were.
If the Internet had existed when they inflicted the First Great Depression on us, the revolt would have happened then. So many didn't understand the causes and effects THEN.

July 20, 2010 4:13 PM

I agree however the rapidity of acceptance and rejection on both fronts has a velocity and explosiveness that could mesmerize the most astute watchers. It will cook off fast, apparently.


Dedicated_Dad said...

No need to worry about shooting them.

As soon as Whole Foods runs out of frozen veggie-burgers and organic edamame most of them are going to starve to death anyway.

Since not one of them has any comprehension of how **ANYTHING** works, they won't survive the first hiccup.


Dan III said...

As my HS history teacher told it, 'cake' was a contemporary term for the crap and road grime accumulated on the wheels of and under the carriages. It was 'caked' on...
Not an actual, edible product in any way, shape or form. That's what pissed 'em off.
Least' that's what I learned, and not having been there, I would say, based on the reaction of the people, it's probably accurate.
Bad Cyborg, you're answer just doesn't fit. She wasn't benevolent.
And how could they, in that era of ignorance, have "refused" to adapt to a "swift" change in climate? They didn't see it coming.
But I wholeheartedly concur with your closing statement.

Defender said...

I just made a connection between this and the Shirley Sherrod thing. She has resigned from the USDA after a speech to the NAACP in which she admitted long-ago racial discrimination against a white farmer. She begins with how a sheriff lynched a relative and was only convicted of violating his civil rights, but not of murder. The entire speech is online at the NAACP website.
She goes on and on about the BLACK farmer losing his land. Federal regulations and Big Agra and Third World imports and real estate taxes are putting almost all family farms out of business. The key phrase that led the Odministration to demand her resignation seems to be "I saw that it wasn't about race, but about the poor vs. those who have."
The OBodysnatchers turn and point and scream. Government tunnel vision is supposed to be a SECRET.

Defender said...

Anonymous at 5:12:
You caught me trying to be optimistic. You're right, that generation DID tolerate Prohibition and its ugly offspring the National Firearms Act, and a lot more. I wonder about that. Maybe compared to the oppression they fought against in WWI, it seemed like a small price to pay. I see the same syndrome here: "Why are you griping? Look at other countries. You wouldn't have even THIS much freedom if you lived anywhere else." My family wants to keep their heads down and live happily ever after. It is indeed a lonely fight.

Knuck said...

"Some people prefer cupcakes,I for one care less for them!" One of my favorite people ever to walk the face of the earth,Frank Zappa,said that. We need a little more levity here. We know that we are in a giant tub of shit,but we cannot allow ourselves to be miserable or lose our sense of humor. The collection of lead and it's instruments of dispertion should continue,along with other preparations.Include the whole family,have fun doing it,and know that you are doing your best to survive and hopefully prosper. Listen to people who live in a manner that fits thier rhetoric.There are a lot of posers out there.A day of reckoning will be upon us soon enough. The quality people will appear, with great clarity.

Anonymous said...

Prohibition and the NFA was easy. What was done in Washington DC took days to reach the Family Farm in 193X.

So it was a different time, all the way around. The sheeple in the cities had long since eschewed firearms so it really didn't matter to them, the ones it did matter to were too spread out and there was virtually no means for a group in Iowa to co-ordinate with a group from Indiana.

In mho, that is exactly why "get shortwaved". The internet makes it too difficult to hide the lies and institutional disinformation.

IE. I knew some of story behind "Jekyll Island", however, never had enough resources to piece together the puzzle. The resources were there all of the time, but when you went to look for them it was buried under a mountain of bullshit.

Now a simple search engine strips away layers of "cake".

Is it enough to counter entitlement mentality?

History might judge us, but I believe that god will forgive us.

Anonymous said...

>>> "There is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed in an election or two" <<<

Ok, I have to ask. Do you know who you are dealing with here?

This is the international radical left, and they control almost exclusively, what they need to in order to seize power. Some would say, they already have that power.

We will soon, know.

We do know, that they have conspired to determine the outcome of a presidential election/s but I suspect we know only a small portion, of this effort on their part because indications are, that they badly want, to seize control of ALL sources of information and communication. (the soviets proved how successful that control can be)

If you extrapolate the meaning of this information, your conclusions must lead you to believe that the actors/perpetrators, are intent on achieving their goals, are extremely dedicated & are Marxist/socialist/communists. Viewed through the backdrop of history, what would they not do for their cause?

It will be by the grace of God only, that we avoid another civil war, and revolution in this country, of their making.

Elections are becoming irrelevant because the electoral controls, are out of our hands and new voters, who will subsequently cancel our votes, are being imported for precisely that reason and purpose.

Nothing that has happed here is an accident. Further, they have gone too far to simply let go of this, which means it will get worse from this point and they have planned for what will now follow.

What I mean by that is this. This is a tennis match where they have lobbed a ball over the net. We in response will hit the ball, not noticing the 20 or so people standing behind us, with baseball bats, who will then beat us to death. They will then lie convincingly, about the circumstances and conditions and anything else they need to, and their media arm will help them construct and tell their stories.

They have no intention of allowing free and open elections that they do not somehow control. Right now that control is the news and entertainment media.

I didn't want to believe it either but there it is, right in my face and now there is absolute proof, of conspiracy. I will believe only my gut from now on.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Am I the only one who has noticed that all the uproar about Electronic Voting Machines has disappeared now that The Enemy has an indisputable grip on power?

What has changed? How can any of us be sure our votes are recorded as we intended?

How is it possible to conduct a recount?

With all the trillion$$ we've spent on idiocy, why haven't we added "receipt printers" to said machines - allowing each voter to verify his vote and leaving the "roll" inside to be used for recount/validation?

It's not that we can't afford it - the cost would be <$100 per machine, so a billion would do every machine in the country!

Those thinking we won't have elections, or that they'll be filled with dead voters or whatever, are being suckered - manipulated like retarded children.

As I see it, barring the outbreak of open civil war, what's coming at us is going to be infinitely *WORSE* in the long run, because it will re-anesthetize the populus.

You'll get to vote. There'll be just enough talk of "irregularities" to make it seem like the rest are legitimate, but here's what's going to happen:

(1) "Reliable" (read:Globalist/collectivist) Retardlicans will win in most places where they run.
(2) "Third party" or "independent" candidates will be blamed for commu-crat victories in other places.
(3) A couple of "outsider" candidates will win, but not nearly enough to matter -- just enough to make people believe and give them something to hope for.

The Propaganda Ministries will gloat for months about "conservative victory" but the "lame duck" CONgress will pull out all stops.

With absolutely nothing to lose, they'll jam through as much of their agenda as they can - and Dear Reader will sign every bit of it.

Freshmen - elected on promises to repeal the various monstrosities foisted upon us by The Regime - will be unable to do anything, lacking enough of a majority to override Der Fuhrer's veto.

Come 2012, we'll either see The Hilldabeast elected POTUS, or some as-yet-unknown "moderate" retardlican. The functional difference will be null.

In the end, all we'll really have is a return to the previous Retardlican paradigm - the march to the left will continue unabated though slowed a bit, in order to lull the sheeple back into their high-fructose/american-idol induced slumber.

The endarkenment will continue unabated.

Defender said...

Case in point: AP reports that "Rod Blagojevich stood up in court Wednesday and told the judge the opposite of what he has been saying for months. He now says that he will not testify in his own defense to charges that include trying to sell an appointment to President Barack Obama's old Senate seat."
And then he sat down, smiling.

TPaine said...

So, may I ask a stupid question? What are we waiting for?

Defender said...

MASSIVE demonstration in Bell, California. The mayor's salary is $780,000 a year, and the police chief's, $400,000, in a city of 37,000 people. Automatic pay raises of 12% per year. City council members, PART-time, make $100,000.
The evening news showed a SEA of people coving the grounds of the municipal building.
I imagine overpeaid public serpents everywhere are getting edgy.