Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DOJ all worried about Sipsey Street and Chicago Daley machine candidate for ATF Director.

Some of you no doubt remember my breaking the story about Andy Traver, the Daley machine candidate for the next ATF Director.

Just received this email from my friend John over at OnlyGunsandMoney:


I did a post back on July 3rd regarding your post on Andy Traver as the potential new head of the ATF.

See the attached for who visited my blog this afternoon and the search words that they used in Google to find the post. Very interesting.


Very interesting indeed. I have similar hits here. Note that it only took the DOJ almost a month to react. Note also the search terms "andy traver atf and joyce foundation." They understand that Traver's links into the virulently anti-firearm Joyce Foundation (and by extension, to the head Obamanoid hisself) is Traver's fatal weakness if it comes to confirmation hearings. Look for another "acting director" in a long string of acting directors.


Dennis308 said...

And Lamestream Media still tries to claim that nobody wants to take guns away from the public.

UN Small Arms Treaty
Bloomburg´s Mayors Against Liberty(er I mean Gun´s)
The California's Ban on Lead Bullets and Fire Arms of .50 cal. and larger.
And the LEGAL Need to have a Licence to Carry Hand Gun IN TEXAS!
An to many more to list In fact if I were to list PENDING legislation against guns and ammo I would run over the space limit on this comment.

So to keep if short when they Think that they want my guns all they have to do is Come And Take It, a-la Alamo Banner.


Rhodes said...

In One Week we have seen a "Financial Reform" bill passed and signed that all but destroys private property rights at the discretion of what ever regime is in power.

In one week we have seen yet another blue state pass legislation to corrupt the presidential election process on their way to insuring the only voices heard will be their own.

In one week we have seen a state stripped of its power to protect and defend its own citizens from invading forces.

In one week we have seen the right to vote removed from many of our troops while prisonors are given the ability to decide who runs this once great land.

In one week we have seen the SEC place itself above the law and your right to information destroyed at the whim of this regime.

In one week we have seen more damage done to the ideal that was America than in the entirety of the lives of the last generation.

Do you still believe playing politics will fix this or in any way restore the liberty that is being devoured right before your eyes? Do you still believe you live in a free country?

Dare we wonder what we will see next week...

Had enough yet?

Dennis308 said...

That´s it Mike. NOW you REALLY PISSED them off I bet they put us ALL on the LIST....L.O.L.

Wonder if they have realized that some of us Have a LIST. I call mine the ASSHOLE LIST, And yes Mr.Traveler is on that list Not at the Top But He might be able to Work His way up the ranks. He has to get past a few Congress Critters and Shitators Not to mention a couple of Justices and Well the ASSHOLE LIST is rather Extensive.


Defender said...

Fifteen years ago, we were talking about their multi-level strategy. It's straight out of the Handgun Control/Brady Coalition "secret memo." I think even the healthcare records system was mentioned.

aughtsix said...

Texas Shooter said...

John 3:20 "For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed."

Keep on shining the Light, Mike.....

July 28, 2010 6:04 PM

Shine the Light, indeed.

It's hard to shoot what you cannot see.


tjbbpgobIII said...

All of this crap, they want us to shiver in our boots because they're looking at us and taking names, but we all have our own list I'm sure. If not you need to get one. Mine is the first one through the door.
Something a little different, Did anyone see that little pussy on the view chatting with all the hens. Real leadership appeal that. The other day a picture of Putin on a motorcycle, looked like a nice one too.

Anonymous said...

>>> Mine is the first one through the door. <<<

You might want to consider making your life, a bit more expensive than just the first one through the door.

If you think about it, there are all sorts of things you can do, to make it very expensive. And when you consider the alternatives, in that situation well, let's just say that their deterrent fear model looses a great deal of it's potency.

Better yet, start thinking about winning the war, and what your little or big part of that, can be. The plug is still in the drain, for the moment although there are big leaks but there is still a little time left. But not much.

Dennis308 said...

If we all wait for ¨the first one through the door¨ the price that they pay will not be great enough to keep them from their task. Now the price of 100 heads or more is a greater deterrent to their agenda. And even greater if those heads are theirs.