Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gee, ya think there might be a link between these two stories?

Congress Ranks Last in Confidence in Institutions.

What Congress Bought Itself With Your $1 Billion.


Defender said...

That what Republican Whip Eric "PATRIOT Act" Cantor meant when he replied to my concern about my unemployment insurance benefits -- I had paid the premiums for 30 years -- being taxed at the same rate as my former salary? He assured me he would see that the government spent my former money wisely? Not what I wanted to hear.
Maybe his opponent Floyd Bayne will be HIS bane.

Ed said...

I am confident that Congress will find more ways to spend our money.

Can you say "kleptocracy"?

Bad Cyborg said...

I really like the fact that the highest rating congress has ever gotten was 42% in 73. Not exactly our favorite institution.

Can't remember where I read/heard it but I remember something like "Congress does its best work in recess." At least when it's in recess the pols can't hurt us.

Bad Cyborg X

Dennis308 said...

Make me think of short ropes and tall trees.