Friday, July 23, 2010

Praxis: Situational Awareness.

An excellent post at Rawles' Survival Blog.


Dennis308 said...

I have seen it writen some where

¨Be Prepaired To Kill Everyone You Meet¨

Sound good enough to me.


Defender said...

Any time, any place, even the "nice" part of town. Even in a classroom or a church.
A net loss to society when kindness is interpreted as weakness. A net gain when the intended victim acts as the author did.
Much more pleasant to live in Condition White, believing everyone is as nice as oneself. But not realistic.
It just occurred to me that criminals must believe that when one of THEM gets shot by a victim, that is "a random occurrence" the same as we view it when a victim is victimized. Wrong place, wrong time. Armed self-defense needs to become the norm again.
But correct, the first step is not looking like an easy target.
If, when they start the suspicious behavior, they can suddenly read it in your face that you're being nice, but you have a plan to kill everyone you meet --

Anonymous said...

There is only so much value in deterrence. I prefer mis-direction and mis-perception as a general rule. You never know who else may be involved and their level of cognizance and aggression. Anything to gain a second or two. People tend to behave differently when they think they've already won and that makes recycling a lot easier.

What I mean is exemplified by Iraqi combatants, facing an AH-64 with an AK. They were all smiles, like they were your long lost cousins, but you knew what they were capable of, and would do if given the chance.

ScottJ said...

Good stuff indeed. I try to practice it as much as I can. Such as choosing a seat in a resturant that minimizes the chances of being approached from behing and allows me to see the entrances. When pumping gas I try to make sure the fuel hose isn't between me and the door of my vehicle.

Jeff Cooper's "Principles of Personal Defense" is a short but great read. I review my copy every now and then.