Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My tax dollars at work. Pay-day acquisitions fit to piss off the left-collectivists.

Y'all know how it sends the left-collectivists nuts that I am getting some of my almost 40 years of Social Security contributions back in the form of my $1,300 per month disability check, right? Most months I don't have anything left after paying the bills, but this month I had a little. Not much, but a little. So, I made my rounds of bill paying and then did the thrift store-surplus store rounds. I hit on these deals.

Qty 2 U.S. Army Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK), NSN 6545-01-530-0929, new, complete @ $20.00 each


Here is a description and link.

This GI issue shelter, NSN 8340-0, is truly a multi-purpose piece of equipment. A tent that can also serve as a long or short coat, poncho, sit shelter, sleeping bag cover, bivouac sack A-frame tent, lean-to, field expedient rescue litter, camouflage tarp, 8x6 foot long air marker panel or an emergency body bag. The shelter may be used as a one person tent or two may be joined to accommodate three people. The all-season tent comes with a zip-in mosquito net and has two vents which provide additional air circulation if needed to control condensation. The Woodland Camo (TMP) system comes complete with: ECOTAT Tent Multi-Purpose “Freedom Shelter”, Shelter head and foot poles (shock-corded), Extra 2 poles for use with mosquito net, 4 tough, lightweight 7 ½” wire skewer tent pegs, 4 tie loops, Mosquito net, Pole Bag and Shelter bag. Constructed of a waterproof/vapor permeable/fire retardant coating material designed to ensure a minimum internal buildup of condensation. This material is not harmful to skin and/or wounds and will not constitute a thermal hazard. Comes with a full "bathtub" style floor and requires no special tools for erection and striking can be easily and quickly erected and struck by one person. System will withstand winds up to 45 knots. The well ventilated 4-season design has quick and easy entry with at least 3 exits. Constructed from 100% Polyester warp and filling 70 Denier 34 filament material. Coating is a three pass systems of an aliphatic urethane solution which is waterproof and fire retardant. All major seams are safety stitched then double needle lock-stitched with all seams factory hot taped. All webbing is of tight weave Nylon or Polypropylene. The zippers are YKK Coil 2-way w/double non-locking pulls for side and one single pull slider at the bottom and two YKK zippers w/double auto-lock slider for the ends. The poles are shock-corded Easton pre-bent aluminum alloy 7075W with T9 temper (96,000PSI) tensile strength. The tent is 8’ long x 38” wide x 24” high. It rolls to 17” long x 5 “ in diameter and is enclosed in it’s own tent bag w/carry handle. A complete illustrated instruction booklet with diagrams for every usage is enclosed. Weighs 4.5 pounds.

Used, excellent condition, brown on one side, OD on other, without tent bags, mosquito nets, poles or stakes @ $20.00 each.


Qty 1 Body Armor, Interceptor, Early Pattern, Used, Excellent, Size XL (No SAPI plates) Coyote Brown @ $150.00.

Qty 8 BDU pants and shirts, various sizes @ $2.00 each average.

Hey, lefties, are you REALLY pissed off yet?

Oh well, blew my roll for the month. Worth it, though.


Unknown said...

Excellent! I have made no new purchases. I am a zombie. I won't defend myself or family against anyone or anything. Just kidding! Picked up some 75g .223 to work up loads with. The 55g VMax I've played with recently are fricking awesome! Tack drivers! Hope to do as well with the above with RE15, Varget or Bl-C(2).

Pericles said...

Those were some good scores....

drjim said...

Good for you, Mike!
At least you're getting some of YOUR money back from the Commies-In-Control!

John Richardson said...

I'm jealous! I have a decent local surplus store but I've never seen any of that stuff there. Congrats on the scores!

Do any of your surplus stores do mail order?

Anonymous said...

Very Good price on those IFAK units. Local purchase? You could double your money on Ebay with those

pdxr13 said...

"Hoarders" who buy stuff cheap/used, then clean and repack into deep storage are the Quartermaster Corps of future freedom fighters. It might be irregular, but it'll keep a man dry, warm, fed, and concealed in a swamp, mountains, or woods.

When Swing-A-Way can openers are on the free table, I don't hesitate even with 2 in the kitchen and 4 in the travel trailer. FREE is the first source of supply, supplemented by trading unwanted FREE items for wanted, then heavily-discounted cash purchases.

A 5 gallon/20L plastic bucket can carry a deluxe kitchen kit for the field. Nearly any non-arctic sleeping system with cover and ground cloth/tarp will fit in a bucket. Cache well.

Hollywood said...

I need to go shopping with you, those are majorly good deals


Dakota said...

I have not ran into this first aid kit. That seems like a good buy and with a few additions it would be excellent. Where are these available for those prices.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I'd like to know where in hell one finds a thrift-store with such goodies.

Mine are filled with 1970's "vintage" clothes and junk being sold at 2x its original price...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother them when somebody spends their kid's welfare money on booze and cigarettes. None of them complained when we figured out that welfare debit cards were being used for cash withdrawals at casino ATM machines in California. No, they're only well and truly pissed off when someone won't vote for them after giving them money.

Fornicate them.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Yes Mike, tell at least me which store you found those in my SS just came and the VA will come soon. I know I don't live that far from you, well ok about 50 miles. Is that a surplus store or thrift store? All of that look like some excellant buys.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Had to go look again at your pictures. Good stuff. On those BDU's any 4x?

Anonymous said...

"Y'all know how it sends the left-collectivists nuts that I am getting some of my almost 40 years of Social Security contributions back in the form of my $1,300 per month disability check, right?"

You aren't getting your SS taxes back, that is false. SS is a Ponzi scheme, and there is no pot of savings. Your SS taxes were paid out to SS recipients in the year they were collected from you. Your current SS disability checks are funded by someone paying SS taxes this year. If tax collection stops for some reason, such as the hyperinflation risk that the Congressional Budget Office just issued a warning about, then your SS disability payments stop.

ScottJ said...

Payday is this Friday for me.

Have to pay through the nose to overnight my SP101 to Ruger to have the barrel clocked properly.

Has been off the whole 18 years I've owned it but it never bothered me until I started training at longer distances with the snubs recently.

If any spare is left in my play budget I'm shopping for a good leather gun belt in the 50-75 dollar range.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you scored big time on that Ecotat, the only link I could find that had one for sale was $325. Twenty bux - whoo hoo, time for a helicopter dance.

Right now, I'm trying to find rip stop cloth military pants in my size at flea markets / SA stores. Brand new, $35 - $40. Can be found used for $5 - I can afford that much better. Camo is far easier to find, but really sticks out - I look for khaki and OD solids to blend in better. Even Navy Blue is found for cheap.

Good finds there.

Anonymous said...

$20 for an Ecotat!? I can't even get a damn decent poncho for $20 around here.