Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obama BS Removal Kit.


sofa said...

Supply, Demand.

When there' so much demand, many products jump into the market. Here's another:

typeay said...

I've noticed that Obama bumper stickers have literally "ceased to exist" in the past 60 days on ANY cars in my (North FL) area, anyway.

As in NONE. Zero. Zip.

To this day I can't find anyone who will admit voting for Jimmah Carter, either.

History is kind of funny that way.

Bad Cyborg said...

Consider yourself lucky, typeay. I live near what at one time would have been called "n****r town" and they are everywhere. Saying anything bad about the Prez around here can earn you a drive-by or maybe just a little "come to Jesus" session with several fellows with a REALLY dark tan and trouser waistbands around their knees.

Bad Cyborg X