Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praxis: The Guerrilla Sniper Rifle Project.

From WRSA.


Dakota said...

Great concept, and well thought out. The 308 would be the maximum needed for the purpose stated. I tend to believe that an 18 inch barrel is about as short as I care for in 308 or 223 for that matter. Muzzle blast gets to be a real problem in SBRs unless you have a "can" on them. There is also the matter of loss of performance ... especially in the pipsqueak 223 round which has been the topic of discussion now for decades by those that fielded them. The loss of velocity is I believe part of the problem with reports of poor killing results.

Dennis308 said...

Savage mod.10 FLP in .308 and Sightmark scope 8x24x50mm w/mil dot rect. works just fine keeping right at 1/2 min.of Angle with 168 gr.hpbt and the whole set up cost less that a grand with a hard case. Not done with tweeking bullet load gona try 165gr. Barns and Varget powder. Hope to get it down to 1/4 min. of angle.


Unknown said...

Good. Add a bipod and you're good to go.

Allen said...

I can picture a T/C contender in this role.

take a contender pistol and get a folding stock for it. be sure to have at least one over 16" barrel on hand and keep that on when you have the folder least, while anyone's watching....

buy a bunch of barrels. they can be had in damn near any caliber you can think of so not only can you shoot what's appropriate to the mission at hand, but what's available.

also, as far as folding stocks go..the remington 870 shotgun stocks fit the stock socket of an Enfield rifle. you need to plug the extra space in the socket and get a longer bolt that fits, but it works.

Anonymous said...

related topic - how is the sks project coming along?

Bad Cyborg said...

Found a nice little piece on what someone calls the "Top 10 Sniper Rifles". Not knowledgable enough to know if they're right but some of the videos are right fun to watch.

Here's the URL:

Bad Cyborg X