Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Massholes strike again.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. -- Proverbs 22:6.

They teach 'em early in Boston.

They know better than the Founders, or so they think. No wonder they're called "Massholes."


Witchwood said...

They can call themselves Massholes. I'll continue to call them Yankees.

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to describe the shame I feel. The Peoples Republic of Assachusetts has been over run after the magnets of marxism, our institutions of "higher learning" have pulled the liberal/totalitarians from your A.O into ours.
Signing off from deep behind enemy lines.

Yippeya III said...

Well, living next door to MA, I can tell you, Massholes are proud of that name,and they should be,they've worked very hard to earn it.

Scott J said...

I learned from the Glenn Beck show that Mass was the only state to have a state Church at the time of our founding.

So thinking they could do things different from The Constitution goes way back there.

8Notch said...

It will be overturned at midnight the first time that a Republican looks like he will win the popular vote.

Eric 'Scrote' Holder said...

Well, judging by the rapid grassroots growth of Tea Partiers, RKBA activists, militia, anti-illegal and anti-tyranny people and movements, I say, sure, let the people vote as individuals =
and within one year, we will be free of illegal aliens in the White House, free of career politicians and Wall Street / Congress bedmates, free forever of Barney Frank, the Clintons, the IRS, the BAT-FU, Jimmy Asswipe Carter and Jesse Jackson will be deported to France and every kid over eight will be given a .22 rifle , a child's version of the Rifleman's Creed, the Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance, and a small American flag - and instructed in the proper use of each.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

"It will be overturned at midnight the first time that a Republican looks like he will win the popular vote."

Thats no shit.....just like they did with the situation where the governor appoints the vacant senate seat.

In 2004, the Massachusetts General Court withdrew the authority of the governor to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy by appointment, to prevent the then-Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican, from appointing a Republican to fill the remainder of Democrat John Kerry's Senate term, if Kerry were to win the 2004 presidential election. The legislation was enacted over Romney's veto.

These bastards want to just change the rules as they go, as long as it benefits their candidates and their agenda.

Fuck'em!! When the shit hits the fan in this country, Massachusetts and the others who have chosen the path of "mob rule" should be starved to their knees by the rural fly over states that produce all their food.

Anonymous said...

What can you say about a state who has given Amerika the likes of Barney Frank, the Kennedys, John Kerry, and that poseur, Scott Brown? The only thing left there that's worth a darn is Smith and Wesson.

Anonymous said...

That photgraph is very disturbing. The Good Book tells us in Matthew, Chapter 18 what happens to those who give scandal to children.

Old Pablo said...

Thus they dig their own graves.

Anonymous said...

They'll repeal it the first time the state votes for a Dem but the electoral votes go to a Repub.

Anonymous said...

I know how the kid feels! I draw both guns on the TV, daily, when the kids aren't around and one of "them" is on.

Wish I was only concerned about a baseball game.

Charlie said...

I think these are the folks Sam Adams was referring to when he said, "may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

rexxhead said...


I can hardly wait until Massachusetts elects a candidate of party A and the national vote goes for party B. Their new law will have disfranchised a majority of their own voters, and the legislature will quickly be called back into session to make sure this never happens again :-)

As for 'Presidential candidates now "ignore wide swaths of the country"...', if this becomes law, any guesses when Wyoming will see another Presidential candidate?

They can't get this through as an amendment because 13 states can prevent any such amendment. List the 13 states with the smallest Congressional representations and I'll give you long odds against ANY of them voting to commit political suicide. So this ploy of having the states impose this regime upon themselves is really the only way to de facto abolish the Electoral College. 'De jure' is not inside the envelope of reality.

It will have to be tried, I suppose, but if it is it will be abandoned the instant a substantial number of 'participatory states' find their EVs going to a candidate they would really rather not see in the White House.

Female III said...

They do this because they have felt the massive American resistance to their unlawful takeover tactics and they fear that above all. They are now determined to use every method of deceit in order to avoid being taken down by a tsunami of American rage at their evil deeds as they murder our nation. If they can lie, cheat and steal to ensure their political coup remains intact they can avoid a sound and FINAL defeat by American citizens. The NWO devils can't afford that shame. From assisting the Mexican invaders to suppressing the military vote to manipulating our Constitutional laws, it is all towards that one purpose. Oh how they want to avoid tripping our triggers that we might unleash our just wrath upon them.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the boy has been photoshopped. The orginal photo is one of a Dutch soccer fan.

Dan III said...

Hold on now...
We're not all like this!
Outnumbered, yes, but that just means it's target-rich when the lights go out!

Dedicated_Dad said...

There exists - somewhere in the vast expanses of The 'Net - a mathematical treatise proving beyond doubt that one single vote has a much higher probability of turning a Presidential election under our Electoral College system than it would under a pure "popular vote" system.

There's simply no way our Founders (PBUT) could have understood the complex mathematics behind this proof.

This is to me yet another of countless examples of the influence of Divine Providence on their work.

Here is one treatise on this fact: - but it's not what I was looking for.

Here's a less-painful treatment of the subject - - still not what I was seeking, though...

It would be GREAT if someone could find and post Natapoff's original paper for the more geekophilic among us. If I can locate it I'll post a follow-on comment.

The simple bottom line is this: If we elected POTUS by a pure popular-vote count, then candidates would only need to turn the most populous states -- in reality *CITIES* -- in order to be elected POTUS.


Let's just think about this for a minute...

What sort of people tend to congregate in such big cities - and for which of the branches of The Government Party do they tend to cast their vote?

And - while we're at it - which branch's adherents are the ones screaming for abolition of the E.C. in favor of a pure popular-vote?

Coincidence? I think not.

This - more than anything else - is reason enough to oppose this treason.

The one weakness in our E.C. system is the possibility that Delegates to the E.C. could potentially cast their vote in opposition to the will of the state (s)he represents. This could result in the election of the losing candidate.

I am not aware of any example of this in our 235+ year history, but it could happen. If it did, then I would personally consider said "Delegate" to be a traitor, and subject to the proper penalty of his crime. Further - so empowered - I'd ...


On second thought, Prudence dictates that I keep my own counsel as to what else I might support in such a case.

Still, this weakness DOES IMHO support making one change to Our Founders' (PBUT) system - the elimination of human "delegates" from the E.C., and the rendering of the E.C. "voting" to an automatic result.

In Our Founders' (PBUT) time, it was necessary for someone to travel from the far reaches of the frontier to Washington - to deliver their vote(s), participate in the E.C. and return to report on same to the folks who sent him.

Today we have no such necessity -- results can be transmitted around the planet in a few milliseconds, and global news is available to nearly every human 24x7x365 within minutes of any given event.

For these reasons alone, the "human Delegate" is no longer needed, and is thus an opportunity for tyranny through collusion and fraud.

OTOH, it also provides a safequard of sorts - however slim - against the opposite sort of fraud, as a Delegate sent could potentially reverse the result of a fraudulent vote-tally as well.

Bottom line? Like everything else Our Founders (PBUT) wrought, we mess with this at our peril - and any attempt to change it should require following the arduous process of Constitutional amendment.

The current blue-state effort to undermine our system - an end-run around the Constitution - is IMHO treason, and should be rewarded as such.

God help us -- and God Save Our Republic!!


Dedicated_Dad said...


I REALLY hope my previous comment went through...

If not, please see these articles:

Defender said...

My perception is that some in the Electoral College are corrupt, have been bought off. Typical that rather than investigate and fix corruption, they will try to do away with a carefully thought out check-and-balance against the tyranny of the majority.
If it gives those in flyover country more say, the Massholes won't like what they hear from them, I'm sure.
By the way, I had to explain to some Authorized Journalists what "flyover country" means. But you knew that.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Is it too late to give them back to Britain?

Dennis308 said...

One this would require a Constitutional Amendment a simple Mass-of-two-shits Law would be ineffectual at best.

Second I have had the pleasure of knowing five people from Massachusetts. Two of that five were people that I would associate with other than in a work environment. One of these men is a Norwegian Immigrant and the other one moved his family to Tennessee.
He calls this one of the smartest things he has done in his entire life. I have to agree.


Anonymous said...

Born there, raised elsewhere, college there, friends & family still there (overwhelmingly liberals, but one cousin is a serious gun owner). Conservatives are an endangered species there, but if the SHTF, most people there are doomed.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution is nothing but an old asswipe rag to them.

I can't see how it will happen, but I'd love to see them choke to death on it if and when they suddenly have an epiphany, and realize the error of their ways.