Monday, July 19, 2010

OK, the descendants of Spanish Conquistadors say all white people need to go back to Europe.

Brown Beret unintended irony.


Defender said...

She's got courage.
Courageous, hateful idiots have plagued mankind since the beginning.
All Arizonans are asking is that foreigners obey a law. When WE don't obey a law because we consider it senseless or overbearing, WE suffer for it.
Arizona is one place I would consider relocating to.

Dakota said...

Why was she allowed to enter an area that was not hers. At the beginning the person said your cohorts are over there .... yet the cops allowed her into this area???

Also a knife to the cord of her bull horn and she is silenced ....

Defender said...

How come fedgov only acknowledges state's rights when the state is acting unconstitutionally, as with federal noninterference with "home rule" such as local gun control, but when a state acts in self-defense as Arizonsa is, the feds say "Sovereignty? What sovereignty?"
I know it's because the Obamanoids need more socialist voters, and that's what the illegals knew in Mexico. And that's why the proposed amnesty.

Anonymous said...

Brown Shirt, Brown Beret, Why do fascists zombies always wear the same uniform? Well, at least it makes em easier to spot. Arizona is the front line in what could easily become the second Mexican War.


DB said...

So, after trying for six minutes to decipher her broken english I finally figured out what she was saying. "This is America! Your too white to be Americans! Go back to Germany! Go back to Europe!"

Does she realize she is a racist? If that is what her organization believes then they are the "Mexican version of the KKK" as the guy with the camera so astutely put it.

Anonymous said...

"Don't drink the water!"

........I guess she should have listened....

Anonymous said...

do they not know we killed lots of indians to be here?

Gaviota said...

The one point of commonality between the NAACP and La Raza is that they both base the philosophical reason for their existence upon two false premises:

1) Everybody who is white is racist.

2) Everybody who is not white is not racist.

Any organization named by skin color, and the members recruited according to skin color, that IS, by any rational definition, racist.

Greg in Allston said...

Whoa...Seems like she's been dippin' into the peyote buttons and the ideology a little too hard. Very rich irony.

legal alien said...

Another angle on Racism below

Listen and learn.

you cannot argue with that. Black people cannot be racist . . . . classic

Dedicated_Dad said...


...anyone who would label an organization named "The Race"...

...whose members are - and MUST be - of one particular race...

...and whose main goal is to ethnically-cleanse a particular area of all other races... "a racist organization"...

...absolutely **MUST** be RACISTS!!

G*d - my head hurt just TYPING that!

Surely Potok could help us understand!!


M. Bryant said...

Quite an interview with supposed Arizona Citizens Militia commander.

Michael in MS

Anonymous said...

When was the last time SHE looked in a mirror?
She's as "white", if not whiter, then many at the rally.
Latina KKK indeed.
What an idiot.

B Woodman

Bad Cyborg said...

1st off, Anon @ July 19, 2010 4:51 PM said: "There is evidence that those evil Europeans were on this continent before the 'Native Americans' and the 'Mexicans' "
that evidence includes skeletal remains and the fact that the Clovis stone technology used by the american indians more closely resembles European technology than ANYTHING ever found in Asia.

2nd, Dakota I hope you are not surprised at the fact you mentioned. I certainly were not.

My message to all immigrants:

If you are in this country legally -

If you are in this country ILLEGALLY -

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

This is about Karl Marx, not immigration legal or otherwise.

Any and every Marxist revolutionary of any stripe, are coming out of the woodwork because they believe it is time to take this country down. It's really just that simple and no, you won't hear about it on the news. In fact, your first indicator might be your favorite newscaster, wearing a red beret on their newscast one day! They all know what is going on and they're all in on it.

The socialist party (they're always one grade worse than you think they are) know it and are using it, and the scared sh*tless socialist-lite party well, they're scared they'll have to fight or something, and that somebody might say something bad about them.

They've traded in their tusks and downsized to a quivering chihuahua. Apologies to courageous chihuahuas everywhere who were born chihuahuas but never let that stop them.

Defender said...

It's so obvious that, intellectually, they are outgunned. Sean Hannity just had a caller who proudly identified as a member of the New Black Panther Party, calling to complain about racist signs and language of the Tea Party rallies and government officials.
Pressed for an example, he said "You know, that Senator who made that racial slur."
Pressed further, he said he needed to do more research and call back.
Hannity and other talk hosts had described how the Tea Party movement is not a unified group but many causes under one banner and how bad elements can slip in at public events.
The enemy is quaking because we are on the march.

Anonymous said...

Who's freedom of speech do we limit? Let her run her mouth. She is quite adept at making an ass out of herself.
Seriously do you all really think that shooting someone is the best solution to all situations? When our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and sons, neighbors and relatives are divided and killing each other, will you still feel the same. If a civil war comes then we all will suffer the horrors of it, Be careful what you wish for. If we have to fire our weapons we have failed.

Happy D said...

Ignorance of history is a leftist specialty.