Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Black archaeologists" and their encounter with Russian & German Ghosts of World War II

I have always been fascinated by the battlefield relic stories coming out of the former Soviet Union. For example, this one about a Russian T34-76 tank pulled out of a bog after 56 years with GERMAN markings on it. (The Germans wasted little in terms of captured materiel. It is too bad that most of the improvisers died later in Soviet camps so many of the details are lost to history.)

Looking for something else in the archives, I stumbled onto this story from last year entitled, "Tomb Raiders Digging WWII Graves Witness Inexplicable Phenomena."

A few years ago the so-called 'black archaeologists,' people conducting independent excavations in the places of World War II battles and looking for precious war trophies, were extremely active. Sometimes during their search they would encounter very strange phenomena.

Bonfire hanging in the air

In 1997, a group of six people headed to Luban in the Leningradsky region, where the ruins of Makaryevsky monastery destroyed during the war rest amidst the swamps. Nearing the ruins, the group noticed bonfire flames. They were shocked to find out that the bonfire was hanging right in the air. As soon as they approached the ruins, the bonfire disappeared.

The "black archaeologists" fixed a camp in the ruins. Throughout the night, they were bothered by wild human screams originating from the woods. None of them rushed to help.

Next morning, one of the archaeologists went to the woods and got lost. He came back three hours later, with his clothes dirty and insane look on his face. He never told his friends what happened to him.

Mines in Myasnoy Bor (Meat Pinewood)

One of the most famous anomalous zones connected to World War II is a marshy valley Myasnoy Bor located 30 kilometers away from Novgorod. Many warriors of the Soviet Second Attack Army, divisions of German Wehrmacht, Spanish “Blue Division” and other troops perished in this area during the Lyuban Offensive Operation of 1942. Many unburied remnants are left here.

Galina Pavlova, head of the group “Search” from Engels city in the Saratov region told about an incident that happened to her in 1997: “The woods of Myasnoy Bor are scary and mystical. As soon as you are left there by yourself, the woods start making sounds. You can clearly hear yells “Hooray,” as if restless souls of the perished warriors still carry out an attack. The day we found the mines, I was behind the guys on a trail. I stopped at a spot that was excavated many times before. Suddenly, I saw that trees were leaning towards the same spot although it was not windy at all. I called the guys, and we found a decomposed wooden box and old mines.”

Alexei, a "black archaeologist" who used to excavate in the woods near Bryansk where Russian front was located in 1942-1943, told an interesting story.

“We excavated the bodies of six Russian and 11 German soldiers, four of which were Wehrmacht soldiers in a swamp trench shelter. We cut the logs and discovered decomposed German boots with bones sticking out. Then we began a more careful excavation, and found pelvic bones, a spine, and ribs. Little by little we dug out remnants of four people. It was getting dark. We left the skeletons at the trench and camped out on a meadow about 200 yards away.

At night something happened. We were woken up by Valera, a guy on duty. He told us that something weird was going on. We got up and started listening carefully. We could hear German speech, songs, laughter and clatter of tracks. It was very scary.

In the morning we went to the trench. It looked the same as when we left it. But when we walked a little further, we saw tank ditches and, most amazingly, fresh tank tracks.”

There is an anomalous zone Zheltoyar, better known as Novokhopersk anomalous zone, in the eastern part of Voronezh region, near the town of Novokhopersk.

Members of an expedition of the Voronezh committee for studying anomalous phenomena led by a famous researcher Genrikh Silanov managed to take pictures of people clad in soldiers’ uniform near tents. A plane phantom appeared on one of the photos. The researchers believe that these were the pictures of World War II. One of the pictures showed a silhouette of a Czech soldier. Later the researchers found that a Czech division that was a part of the Soviet Army used to be located in that area.

Silanov believes that the pictures were typical “chronal mirages” created by the so-called “memory fields” connected to dramatic events that occurred in the past.

Margarita Troitsina


Jimmy the Saint said...

2nd SS Panzer "Das Reich" had an entire battalion of captured T-34s. Probably took serious guts to be a crewman, since most AT/tank gunners fired based on silhoutte, not markings.

Dr.D said...

The universe is fare more strange that we will ever know.


Anonymous said...

That one should have had a "cue the Twilight Zone theme" notice.

The souls of the dead don't return to earth to haunt people or places, so these odd phenomena must be the work of demons re-living their glory days.

MikeH. said...

Once again, I kinda think someone got themselves a little too well lubricated on a liter of that Russian potato juice. Or, figure to cut down on competition from locals by telling ghosty stories and playing on their superstitions.


Defender said...

Stalin has reportedly returned in the form of a statue associated with the World War II Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. Some group is saying he helped the Allies invade Normandy and liberate France. There's a movement rising to get that awful thing out of there. Ack!
As far as ghosts, I believe that we are more than the bodies we ride around in, and that some people, through great emotional trauma or loving attachment, can remain. There's also mindless, soulless residual energy that does repeat such experiences over and over triggered by human witnesses. In short, intelligent and nonintelligent hauntings. Look up Gettysburg. There's more evidence fer it than agin it.
I also believe in demons in human and noncorporeal form. It would explain a lot.

Skip said...

What gun for ghosts?

Anonymous said...

Amazing story. Makes me want to visit the place!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good way to for 'black archeologists' to keep meddling amateurs from interfering in their work zones.

Neat stories though.

Brian said...

"must be the work of demons re-living their glory days."

I am thinking the only demons at work are of the vodka variety.

Anonymous said...

And they would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you kids and your stupid dog!

Seriously there is more evidence for sprits than most will acknowledge. I would love to investigate these areas or at least get GHI to do a show on it.


Anonymous said...

Skip said..."What gun for ghosts?"

in theory, spirits use environmental electrostatic energy to manifest.

a chain of leyden jars, sucking up the energy, and then converting it to heat and light in the form of a spark, which arcs to the next leyden jar, ect ect...should remove most of the electrostatic energy.

of course, it's just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Well, Actually, Spirits seems to be made a kind of material, i would say.

I say material because all materials, including energy of any kind and source

(including us, all seems we are made of materials), even the light, pulses in

a determined atomic frequency.

To narrow it down, if your body can't go through a wall, it just happens

because your body atoms are pulsing in the same frequency as the wall atoms.

So, in the universe there are biliions of diffent frequency going around.

At the same time, we are all like antennas, we can capture all frequencies,

but we are programmed to process only some predetermined ones,like your TV or

Radio does. This way sometimes, for some reasons we can't explain, we can

process some other frequencies and we are able to see or feel certains events

that we wouldn't commonly be able to do it.

This way, perhaps, a Medium works like an antenna that is able to capture

these frequencies and decode them and get in touch with spirits in a pasive,

active or full duplex way. I mean, sometimes a medium can see a spirit and be

seen by one, sometimes he can see it but can't be seen by it and sometimes he

can't see it but can't be seen.

Now. just to make things worse off, sometimes, it seems that we are just able

to peer into the past. I mean, you can see and hear what was going on at that

moment in the past but nobody was dead because that moment was past for you

but present for them. It's like watching a movie on tv. It's has already been

recorded but you can see it.

It seems that human spirits energy can be stucked to a place and time

depending on what happenend to him there. The majority of the happenings that

make spirits to be stucked in a place and time seems to be a sad or bad one.


Unknown said...

Since Czech were occupied by Nazis, how did a division of them wind up 1500km east, and 3 years later? Sci Fi.