Friday, July 30, 2010

How to train -- hard.

Khazak military prepares for bus fare increase.

The comments at GearScout accompanying this video:

Here’s a video showing how to train. Hard. The unit doesn’t appear to flinch after a little drama is added to their training display.

It’s clearly a show, but are the Kazaks trying to kill or capture the occupants of that bus? More importantly, who measured the line charge being used by the assaulter and what Gulag did they send him to?


kenlowder said...

Remind me not to get trapped on a bus there. That was no flash bang, That was a BOMB! How the poor guy who used it didn't die is a mystery. Anyone in the back of the bus was toast.


pdxr13 said...

Stop over at WRSA and contemplate Matt Bracken and his CW2 cube.

Urban busses are really the place to not be even during well-fed times. Our fares are going to $2.05 for 2-Zones (of 3) from $2 even. Riots in pdx? Naaaaa, we don't protest except on every Saturday, then it's all Peace-n-Lovey with the old hippies.

Deflation means prices go down along with being unemployed/broke, right?


Slobyskya Rotchakokov said...

The hostages were in the back of the bus. They made this video based on the Hostage Rescue Protocols of the FBI Waco Division and Lon Whoreyhootchie's HRT Tactics. The motto of the HRTs is, Kill the hostage pre-emptively, and the terrorists will have to surrender!

Chuck Martel said...

Here's a video from the front of the bus. The blast knocks the man down then he gets back right up.

Jimmy the Saint said...

The bad news is that there may be a slight ringing in your ears. The good news is: you won't be anywhere near them.

TPaine said...

What about the driver of the bus? I didn't see him evacuate prior to the blast. And the exercise continues - was this really planned to go down this way?

But a really good way to stop a bus!


TheGuyWhoThrewTheLineCharge said...


Dakota said...

Jesus .... remind me not to train with these dumb asses. The guy that threw the bomb was damn lucky he wasn't a casualty from flying bus parts and glass. And then there were actually people on that bus ... I would love to see the After Action Report and see how many were treated for injuries.

Realistic training, but .... I would never get involved with an exercise with that type of potential for permanent injury.

Anonymous said...

Those clowns deserve time in a gulag for that debacle.


Concerned American said...

Best handle and comment evaaah:

TheGuyWhoThrewTheLineCharge said...


July 30, 2010 2:05 PM

Dedicated_Dad said...

Chuck Martel showed the "view from the stands" -- the overhead's even more impressive -- see

I know what a "line charge" is, but I must confess that I have no idea how it relates to this situation.

I thought the guy was trying to break out a window, but apparently that wasn't the case...

Are we saying that he swung ~10 feet of line charge which exploded on impact and shredded the bus like this?

Help me here...

(1) What use would it be to use a line-charge in this situation?

(2) How could the line charge - the majority of which was outside the bus - have caused the entire bus to explode as it did?

Seems to me more likely that the bus was rigged with explosives - intending to simulate terrorists detonating their bomb as the cavalry rode in to the rescue, and THIS charge was much larger than it should have been...

I thank you in advance for the ehjuhmuhkayshun!!