Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember how Edward R. Murrow broadcasted from London at the height of the Blitz while German bombs fell all around him?

"This is London . . ."

Well, this guy is not a devotee of the Edward R. Murrow school of broadcasting. I found this while searching for the clip of Kim Jong Il turning into an interstellar cockroach in Team America. What a hoot.

Compare and contrast with Murrow here and here.


kenlowder said...

the nice thing is that when the SHTF he won't last very long and be in the way

Defender said...

Many Authorized Journalists pay their dues as weather people and traffic announcers first. Explain anything?
If you like this one, you'll love , "Lizard jumps on anchorman." A personal favorite.
Don't be drinking anything.
To this day, he can't watch Geico commercials.

Dennis308 said...

Screaming little, oh well not even worth a bullet or dulling a knife.The sissy won´t last five minutes. Disgusting as far as I´m concerned. Hell my bitch dog is of a man than this piese of ....
Murrow would shot the twit.


Dan III said...

Why are some "men" afraid to be men?

And Defender, that clip was damn funny. Thanks.

Dedicated_Dad said...

And they wonder why normal people have such aversion to homosexuals...

This thing is a disgrace. I don't think I know a WOMAN who would react in this way while in the middle of a broadcast.

God help us...