Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonder who this neo-Nazi asshole's FBI control agent is?

No doubt another example of your tax dollars at work.


Defender said...

Classic agent provocateur. And gee, thanks, Daily News, for giving the impression that anyone with a gun helping guard the border is a freakin' Nazi. The Minutemen and other arch-anti-socialists won't appreciate it.
Friend of mine formerly in the journalism racket said New York City's papers do very well, because people have so much time in cabs and the subway and need something to read. No other reason he could think of. Too bad it's tabloid trash.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief!
Put a pair of mirrored shades on that face & you'd have Sherrif Beuford of Anytown, Southern States, USA.
And as for the (Neo-)Nazi name calling, let's wait and see what this group actually does, how they perform out in the field (other then their mouth).
At least they're willing to step into the breach & actually patrol our US-Mexico border. Unlike our lame-excuse Nat'l Guard. And I can't blame them, they're only following the O-Bamo's orders.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Black panther/White supremacists,
I could care long as they're willing to risk they're lives to do the job that the feds are not doing, and won't allow an American citizen to do and even the border patrol agents ! remember the TWO AGENTS THAT ARE STILL IN FED. PRISON ? BUT NOW ALL A THE SUDDEN WHITE SUPREMACISTS GROUPS ARE BEING ALLOWED TO PATROLL OUR BOARDERS ARMED ! YEAH RIGHT..
I agree with Defender, its pretty obvious that if the feds weren't orchestrating(civil unrest/racial tensions) then this wouldn't be happening..where are the loud mouthed Black Panthers ?? OH yeah ! they only intimidate elderly White voters in pairs with clubs !I guess they feel a lot safer than to mess with an armed don't see any Black Panther cowards patrolling the border do you..thays jus doin day jobs ! in accordance with the DOD mandate to NOT prosecute ANY BLACK AGAINST WHITE VOTER INTIMADATION CASE ! want to see more proof of the biased Fed/Gov. run media ? google the murder/torture/rape/mutilation case of this young WHITE couple by SEVEN BLACKS IN TENNESSEE THAT YOU NEVER SAW ON YOUR GOV. RUN TV.. Murders of Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom - Wikipedia ...
more crapaganda being spread an fed to the American sheelpe, the ignorant Black AND White ones.
Signed PrickLeePair.

Unknown said...

RIP Mr. Rob Krentz!
Google him.

Christian, family man shot in the back on his own ranch by border jumpers. Likely drug smugglers.

Anyone shoots at this big guy, he'll seriously light your butt up!

I honestly don't know whether to condemn or congratulate this guy.

Chuck Martel said...

"We sent a comrade to drive the surrounding roads and even the main highway."

Since I am not down with the patois of Neo-Nazis, do they really call each other "comrade"?

I thought that was a Bolshevism -- one of which I think would not normally be entertained in Neo-Nazi circles.

Dutchman6 said...

"Since I am not down with the patois of Neo-Nazis, do they really call each other "comrade"?"

Remember the tern Nazi is shorthand for "National Socialist German Workers Party." The German term is "kameraden" or "comrades." And yes, that's what they call themselves.

What he calls his FBI control agent is another thing.


Fred Mertz said...

But like our Mexican guest workers - these guys are just 'doing the hard work that no one else will do...' Right?

idahobob said...

I noticed that they got that little fairy, Potok, squealing like the little girlie boy that he is.


Anonymous said...

Is this the beginnings of a false flag op to give the Feds an excuse to crack down on militias? It seems as if that is a very likely possibility. Think of the official narrative: "Evil white racist militias are attacking poor migrants just looking to improve the lives of their children and help the US because those evil US citizens won't do those jobs." The perfect excuse to crack down on us 3pers and pass illegal alien amnesty at one time.

Anonymous said...

Ok .02 no where in TEXAS will you see a vid about someone other than a nut job posting a video about border security that they are implementing.
Texas border area is way too wide spread and most of the people are busy counting rocks, white tail mulies or cattle or all the above.

If buy chance they spot an illegal they are so far away from a BP that the remote environment will dictate how the situation will be handled.

Kinda laugh out loud about the NG to go to the border.

Recon-one said...

Crack down on us 3pers? That is the last thing they want to do. They might think they can eradicate us but they are sadly mistaken. How many Henry Bowman(s) do you think are out there? For that matter how many Mike Vanderbough(s) are there? One hundred heads per each. Someone should do the math for them, they probably aren't smart enough to do it by themselves, maybe they would get the idea if someone explained it to them real slow.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

This guy is J T Ready, a known neo-nazi.

I don't think he directly gets tax dollars.

Will Grigg over at Pro Libertate has written about this guy in the past.

Jay21 said...

JT is an A-hole...period. He wants media attention. While there are a few positives in what he is doing, they are overshadowed by his ignorance. Guess which is played up as the media makes him the "citizens patrol" poster boy.

MikeH. said...

"These are explicit nazis," said Mark Potok... "These are people who wear swastikas on their sleeves."

I guess we are to assume then that "these people" with exposed swastikas are far worse than the skulking about in the shadows type, like Potok, who have red stars or hammer and sickle designs tattooed on their hearts and minds?

Both are worthless but hold equally high positions on my list of hated groups.