Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lairds of Fairfax sell out liberty to no purpose. Like a little more ketchup with that turd, NRA "pragmatists"?

"Son, you can eat a turd if you have enough ketchup, but I don't recommend it." -- Grandpa Vanderboegh.

Senate gags on the plate of excrement that the NRA was happily eating. Of course, the NRA bargained for some ketchup to eat with their turd, so they were content. Now their sellout of liberty appears to have been all for naught, leaving NRA members with a bad aftertaste that even Listerine won't cure.

You know, shit-eating for a purpose is one thing. But gratuitous, incompetent shit-eating to no purpose? What's up with that, General Sebastian Snowflake?

NRA's premier Internet salesman of turds with ketchup.


Janet Incompetano said...

I think Mr. Sebastiard's explanation was quite concise and erudite - to wit, the NRA cares about one thing and one thing only, which is their own role and their own well-being in Second Amendment issues which can benefit them; and the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, other Constitutionalists and indeed, the rest of the world, can all go straight to Hell, as far as they are concerned.

Anonymous said...

"...leaving NRA members with an aftertaste..."
Or in my case, EX-members

Defender said...

Obama calls the DISCLOSE Act "common sense." Gee, most things that restrict individual liberty seem to be called "common sense," don't they? Will Gen. Snowflake and the other NRA coprophages urge themselves to obey existing common-sense political speech regulations if DISCLOSE does pass? Nope. Safely exempt. Got theirs, not so sorry about ours. Too bad they're the only gun rights organization most people ever hear of. If half the membership would get behind GOA and JPFO, we'd see a tsunami of change.

Brian K Miller said...

I really don't understand what you folks are so upset about. The NRA did not "carve out" special protections, it was offered to them on a golden platter. I have worked to oppose DISCLOSE through personal correspondence, a half-dozen NGOs, and phone calls to interested parties. I am an NRA Endowment member and I, for one, want them to remain a single issue organization.

You know, if GOA, Buckeye Firearms, JPFO, or anyone else wanted to take advantage of the same exclusion, all they would have to do is recruit a million members. If they already have over a million, then they are already covered, so what's the fuss all about?