Thursday, July 22, 2010

What caliber was that hot-house lily?

"Gimme yer money or I'll fire up your allergies."



Anonymous said...

Call me sick, twisted and perverted, but I think the idea of a charming, bouquet-carrying bandit and a smiling victim is cute.
And I'd be ROFLMAO.
But really. Could you think of a better, easier way to get money? (I hesitate to say "earn" a living) Your sheeple victims are already unarmed and conditioned to be compliant to your demands.
Yes, it's wrong to steal others' hard-earned efforts / money.
But it IS excellent entertainment, as the inkompetant Keystone Kops chase this charming Gentleman Bandit around town, attempting to catch him. I wonder how long it will be before he's caught?

Color me . . . amused.

B Woodman

doubletrouble said...

He should have said,

"I have a pistil".


Anonymous said...

I recently watched a video of 7 Russian soldiers getting their throats cut by Chechen rebels. I must say it really pissed me off. But the thing that pissed me off the most, was the fact that 5 of those Russians were not bound. Their resistance amounted to nothing more than nothing, to pleading, to covering their necks. I was pissed for the most part because not one of them tried to at least escape ... except for one, whose throat was already cut. Sure, they may have been shot anyhow while running, but at least they would have tried and certainly, it would have been better than passively letting your enemy cut your throat like some sheep.

You are not obligated as a human being to passively let your throat be cut by anyone. Whether figuratively, or for real.

After the video was released, a Russian SF's team hunted these men down and killed them all.

Dennis308 said...

If he come into the branch where I do my banking he will have the flowers for his Grave.


Skip said...

@ Dennis
So true, last I was in the bank line I saw at least three other 'prints' plus me.